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  1. Cheers, perhaps changing to a paternoster will help my casting distance. Currently using a running sinker
  2. Do you normally put your bait on a running sinker rig or paternoster?
  3. Thanks folks, i'll probably invest in some 20lb line then and save some cash. Out of interest what rig is everybody using off the beach for jewfish?
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm mostly after sharks and mulloway off the beach. Would 20lb line be too light for that purpose?
  5. I am thinking of investing in a long cast surf reel like the one pictured below. Currently using a Pfleuger Salt 60 with 40lb braid for my surf outfit but sometimes find my casts fall a bit short of my intended distance. Anybody have experience with these reels? Are they worth it? How much more distance do they give? Any recommendations of models? Cheers
  6. They make great shark bait. I'm indifferent about the taste of them, perhaps a little on the fishy side for my liking but i do have family members who love them. I am a little reluctant to eat any fish from the beach because after thorough washing i can never get all the sand out
  7. Short report today. Been months since I've picked up a rod and reel due to work commitments so decided I'd hit the beach on my day off. High tide at 6pm, 0.6m swell and light winds. 3 salmon caught on pilchards on gang hooks just after high tide. Bite time was short and died off pretty quick. They weren't huge but it feels amazing when you haven't caught a fish in ages. My cats also love them 👍 See you out there
  8. Fished the lake today. I suggest you find the time to prospect your own quieter spot as it gets very busy this time of year. Managed to pull this flathead out. Perfect time to test the new lip grips too. It's my first time owning one and much better than getting your hand impaled by a flathead spike! She was released to harass more mullet. Missed the hookup on 2 more. I haven't found a big difference to the fishing as to whether the lake is open or closed at the ocean end this year. I've been successful in both circumstances.
  9. I've been successful on flathead just west of the Ocean St bridge the past few weeks. Land based on plastics and poddy mullet
  10. That is a decent budget and will get you a high end rod and reel combination. I have a penn prevail rod and pfleuger salt 6000 reel for my beach combo. Total cost was about $300. In terms of the 'hilux' gear you've described, this combo will probably last me many years to come because I take care of it and get the reel serviced regularly. The Shimano Ultegra reel the guys have spoken about is a superb reel, don't get me wrong but it is a $400 reel. You've described that you want as good a reel, but pay less. You will definitely get a better reel for $400 than $150, hence the $250 difference but if you take care of the $150 reel it will also last you a long time to come. It won't be as 'good' par se, but if it is your first beach combo, will you notice the difference? It will still feel nice to use. In regards to your target species, if you're throwing pilchards you are probably going to be targeting tailor/salmon. A rod rated up to about 12kg will be suitable and will also be sensitive enough for bream/whiting. You will inevitably hook a shark one day on pilchards. I caught many sharks on my previous 12kg beach rod but you will probably lose the bigger ones.
  11. Ugly stik for rod. Go the platinum if you can afford it, else go the gold. The Penn Spinfisher will be the Hilux of reels. It feels heavy and a bit clunky but it is HARD to kill and it works. Alvey is shutting down, but you may still be able to grab one and will be exceptionally durable. I would be looking at spending $200, minimum. Any less and the quality of gear will limit its life expectancy. If you use it regularly enough, the constant salt spray and sand is hard on your gear and will soon find you back at the shop looking for an upgrade because your reel has seized. What are you targeting? Whiting/bream? Tailor/salmon? Big sharks? No one combo will do it all. You'll need to purchase your gear according to the type of beach fishing you want to do.
  12. balmoral is just around the corner and is reliable for yakkas
  13. I've been making a transition to using circles more and more in the past few years, mainly because I've become lazy and can't be bothered to time setting the hook and because circle hooks have a decent hookup rate and rarely gut hook fish
  14. Maybe a bit spooky in the shallow water. I bet they'd be more likely to take a bait than a lure
  15. Short and sweet report Was at Manly Beach from 7.30-10pm last night. A lot of tailor around who kept tearing up my livies without hookups. Eventually managed to land two - one around 35cm and the other my PB at 60cm. No photos as it was getting late and I was hungry. Bait was live and butterflied yellowtail and fresh tailor fillets. No big predators caught this night, but I know they're around. I'm starting to suspect that Manly Beach has too many lights and 'activity' (music, cars, people traffic and even fireworks last night) on this popular tourist beach, even at night and this puts off jewfish. At the same time, I know they've been caught on this beach. Thoughts?