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  1. Nice job on the snapper. The other fish you caught is called a sweep not a dart. Dart are found along shallow beaches where sweep are common and form big schools over kelp and reef.
  2. thumper! chewie it went 79cm. Was in good condition.
  3. Thats a big red for Sydney! What did it measure? We've been getting a few recently too.
  4. coffs has been firing with the gamefish so anything is possible at Port. Almarks a long run. I would make sure there is not too much current out there before heading out. maybe ask the local tackle shop. Ive made it out there to find it unfishable if there is too much current.
  5. Thats awesome. definitely a pearly.... hopefully a thumper marlin and mahi season after the average tuna season. time to deploy the FADS
  6. Hit the water today at a gentlemanly hour as its been to long off the water. Dredog was my partner in crime and it didnt take long before we started battling these bruisers! They were coming in thick and fast, loosing as many as we landed and left them biting. Awesome winter session! good size too!Now one is in the Oven! Tight lines!
  7. you must be doing something right with a haul like that! well done
  8. Bretto, Drummer hunt and hang in the caves, crevacises and under the foaming whitewash layer. While not a surface fish, they will readily take burley from the surface if there is a good trail going. My rig consists of 20lb to about 10 feet of 20lb flouro straight to a hook, or if i am really struggling to be in contact with the bait a tiny ball sinker at the hook. The hooks i use are 2/0 mustad hoodlums, they are super strong for their size and as the drummer have tiny mouths they get a better hook up rate. You dont need big baits when targeting drummer, if you fish too heavy with your sinke
  9. Dont despair, you will soon tangle with these rugby balls! fish fresh baits, burly with bread, sand and weed. fish as light a sinker as possible. even better none at all. My best advice is to cast into the whitewash, Drummer love super shallow water, not the deep stuff which seems more appealing to fish. i'm talking 1-6 feet of turbulance. If you want to catch your first drummer try pot holeing crevacises, rockpools and the wash edges with a handline, drummer love hiding in that tight washy structure.
  10. gotta love those conditions off sydney! Nice job on the beakie, i bet you're over the moon!
  11. What time of day are you going? They are easier before the sun rises too much. also the slimies school near the reefs not right on top usually. we usually make our way to the reefs then sound around in big circles till we find the slimies higher in the water. often the schools are scattered a few hundred meters away from the structure.
  12. Champion effort mate and well deserved!!! I was looking at the pic of it jumping vertical and Uyen said.. "Wow! Frame that one! I said " that's the second one he's hooked solo this season.." She said I'm jinxed! Next time I'll be there for the bill shot!
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