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  1. fredflathead


    I don't think the RAAF was pinching your fishing spots or checking on your catch. I live at Richmond NSW and Hercules fly over my place every day about 600 ft. I hunt so I check my GPS (3 in total) regularly so that I have them working, this is done by putting them on the table in the backyard and leaving them for the day this way I check that they are recording the same position, planes fly over all day however they are not like Mascot with the jets. Believe it they are quite.
  2. fredflathead

    Prawn net replacement

    I buy the normal prawning nets and replace them with a longer net that I buy at Toukley. You remove the pop rivets or cut just below the crimp thread the net onto the aluminium frame and put the two ends into the handle you flatten the handle end so the two pieces go in and pop rivet it. I then put insulation tape around so there are sharp points. On the end of the net I thread a 3mm cord with a cord clamp (can't think of the name) so when you have your prawns in the bottom you undo the clamp and they fall into your bucket remember to do the cord up again, this is the easiest way I found to get you prawns out. The prawning gurus at The Entrance showed all of this they are great bunch.
  3. fredflathead

    Crab traps in Berowra Creek

    Thanks was correct with the old info.
  4. fredflathead

    Crab traps in Berowra Creek

    Would love to have the email they send you and will laminate it when I go. Thanks to all for the replies.
  5. fredflathead

    Stapo are you there?

    Donna PM sent ….. Norm
  6. fredflathead

    Crab traps in Berowra Creek

    Sea Ranger that is the piece I was looking for and had read. I agree the DPI sight is hard to read think I will be right through the week. Thanks to all the replies Norm
  7. fredflathead

    Crab traps in Berowra Creek

    Rebel I read it too and cannot find Berowra Creek. Tried to ring DFI fisheries and can only leave messages.
  8. fredflathead

    Prawn Scoop Nets

    Sent PM
  9. fredflathead

    Crab traps in Berowra Creek

    Thanks for the reply
  10. fredflathead

    Crab traps in Berowra Creek

    Please tell me if I have it correct. You can trap crabs with traps or witches hats in the Berowra Creek during the week and not of a weekend. I launch my boat at Berowra and only fish during the week so would like to try the traps. Hoping during the week there is less chance of people stealing them. Thanks Norm
  11. fredflathead

    Prawning - where to go near Moruya?

    I go Moruya camping at the Headland near the airport quite a lot and will be down there probably from the 22nd Jan if the wife does not have to go to the Doctors . I am attending a wedding in Rutherglen Vic and travelling back up the coast and Moruya is a favourite spot the Doctors appointment will determine if I stay or come straight back home. I also go to Durras Lakes south as well, Durras Lakes is good for fishing and prawning however the lake I think is not open to the sea at present, was down there about 4 months ago it was locked off by sand. A seal had got in there and played havoc with the fish so I did not get anything. Durras Lakes unlike The Entrance is shallow at the sea part however further up the lake it get the about 7 metres . Go on YouTube and see North Durras Lake camping he has video on the lake which quite good. Hope this helps Norm
  12. fredflathead

    Pelican Itch Prevention

    I lived at The Entrance from 1948 to 1956 as young boy and got Pelican Itch can't remember how we got relief, when I go prawning up there now I wear waders don't care how hot they are it better than Pelican Itch.
  13. fredflathead

    RFI - The Entrance, shore-based

    On the Nth side of The Entrance there is a picnic area with car parking and a wharf for you to fish off.
  14. fredflathead

    Smell from plastics

    thanks I have put them in a plastic container and will get a good one that clip locks.
  15. fredflathead

    Smell from plastics

    I started using plastics, opened up a packet of pumpkinseed plastics. Now found that the smell has gone through everything all I did was closed the zip closer. What do others do too stop the smell from coming out of the packet.