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  1. Hi guys anyone know of a good aluminum welder who works on boats around Penrith area im looking for a mount to be welded for a eletric motor and rail to be cut and rewelded something like the pic ive added
  2. That's insane top effort & congrats on the fish
  3. My fav kind of fish to eat what a by catch
  4. Well done champ got to love it when a plan comes together
  5. Well done mate could be wrong but looks like Foster to me or there abouts, on a hard bodied lure what a champion congrats
  6. Nice report the little dollies are every where its all about having fun & if you catch a feed even better
  7. Good to hear champ I did catch a single king should of taken a a photo of it cause it would of been lucky if he went 20cm the smallest king I've ever caught
  8. Hey guys went out to both Botanys FADS yesterday got a tank full of livies trolled all the way to botany wide only picked up a one tuna of some sort just be fore the peak. Got to the fad dropped a livie bang on small dolphin fish 57cm & my mate got one 56cm same drop. Kept dropping a few more livies for about the same results even if we went 35m deep so on goes the plastics the Fad was riddled in small dolphin fish didn't mater what we threw at them they ate it metals,plastics,xraps,we tried all sorts of lures a lot of fun the only thing we couldn't catch them on was poppers. We just couldn't get any bigger fish than 58cm the same story at Sydney east Fad the little buggers were everywhere had a top time on them they truely are a top sport fish jumping and carrying on. The water temps were 23.5 at the wide Fad & a bit warmer at the closer one 23.8 so guys go get in to them a lot of fun even if we didn't get to keep one cheers Raiders.
  9. Congrats on your first kingie mate you can never go to light on em
  10. Well done champ tried all the usual haunts yesterday inside the harbour but not the heads with all the goodie baits even had some bloody bird stealing my slimies while trolling at dobroyed head so well done on your hoodie
  11. Better than catching nothing at all (a bad days fishing is better than a good day at work) hope you get what u want next time
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