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  1. dsanchez1982

    Favourite Sashimi?

    Snapper is the ducks nuts And all the usuals
  2. dsanchez1982

    Wilson rlf14 or rlf28

    Anyone used either for livebaiting off the rocks ? Pairing it up with a tld 30 and either running 30 or 40 pound thanks in advance
  3. dsanchez1982

    New caledonia

    Can only take a 2-4 kg 3 piece rod as that all I have that fits in with in the guidelines of what I can take on board so should be fun if I get something decent taking plastics and metals Cheers for the tips Hopefully I get something decent and will post pics when I get back
  4. dsanchez1982

    New caledonia

  5. dsanchez1982

    New caledonia

    Heading on a cruise on wed to noumea isle of pines mare and mystery island Now the question is has anyone been before and fished from the shore ? And is it allowed been looking for info everywhere and can't seem to find any. Also does anyone have info on charters at any of these places besides noumea
  6. dsanchez1982

    Lizards awakening

    Hey kel were you in a yellow boat ? Went out on tue as well caught couple of bream early on tried for Flatties in our usual spots but had no luck
  7. dsanchez1982

    Botany Bay Sun morning

    Heading out tomorrow hopefully we have better luck
  8. dsanchez1982

    Bluefin off Sydney

    I'm up for a Monday
  9. dsanchez1982

    Whats wrong with Botany bay this year?

    Went out today got 10+ flatties one trevally and a couple of whiting had to move around abit but they are around
  10. dsanchez1982

    Newport land based

  11. dsanchez1982

    Newport land based

    Heading up to Newport for the weekend for a wedding staying near the Newport arms dont know the area at all. Just wondering if anyone knew of known spots up that way just taking a flick stick with some plastics
  12. dsanchez1982


    Wicked day out yesterday heaps of fun on the plastics
  13. dsanchez1982

    Looking for crew

    Pm sent
  14. dsanchez1982

    Rod Suggestions

    Got the same reel with 5 pound power pro and berkley tiger 2-4kg now i just gotta get out once this weather clears up
  15. dsanchez1982

    Botany Bay Boat Ramp up grades finished

    Spewing we always used that side one