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  1. Outstanding fish well done, I reckon the kids will remember it for a long time.
  2. Just had the pleasure of 3 days at Wyangala with 3 like minded fishos. Fishing was tough to say the least. Trolled and spun all manner of lures all over the lake and river arms. bait fished worms and yabbies even tried some Big Neil inspired cheese fishing. We landed one small cod lost a carp boat side hooked on a stump jumper. Whilst the guys headed into town for supplies thought i would try my go to estuary tactic. Soft plastic on the 3kg gear straight out from our accomadation spinning a pretty flat bank with a bit of weed growth and landed a nice golden perch of about 40cm who put up a go
  3. Hey Little Flatty love a beer myself and since the advent of Carlton Zero etc, I havent had a real one in over 12mths. Also found health and general energy levels have improved which motivated a healthier diet and regular exercise. IMO they are a real game changer all round.
  4. Hi ive seen trout up at Camden in the Nepean after big rains and Warragamba spills. They were in poor condition i might add.
  5. Know a guy up the central coast uses fresh salmon for jew bait particurlarly the head section. He swears buy it.
  6. Well done keep at it its a proven technique.
  7. Give the wire keeper a net a go used them all the time of Jetties they will do the job with no fuss, Yakkas stay in prime condition.
  8. Done the night fishing fair bit with the kids its a big deal to them a real adventure. The pre made rigs and cut baits great idea. Float fishing unless you add a glow stick sort of defeats the object of a float being a visual aid but if it saves constant snagging it is an option. As Noelm said bream will be the big go we have most success with them, Tailor as well. Not much of a squid fisherman so not my area. The kids will love head torches but in my opinion a lantern is a must as well to light the general area for safety also pick a safe level area with minimum trip hazards make sure no hook
  9. I know a guy who swears by salmon heads as great Jewie baits, Have to be freshly caught though. He gets impressive results.
  10. Very cool indeed. Time to raid the young blokes lego. Sure a lot of people have tried some offbeat tactics. Cheese, Bacon rind, hot chips and a jelly baby have all caught for me. Hit the canals on the gold coast one night with BBQ chicken skin and scraps on light jigheads the bream went beserk.
  11. Thanks for the great tutorial. Squidding something i really struggle with ive practically put it in the too hard basket. After reading and watching im ready to go again.
  12. Awesome advice from Derek and Co ive done the electric motor side and rear mount on my Yak not worth the drama, time, cost and extra weight. Spend the $ on a better yak in my opinion. Good luck whatever way you go.
  13. I must be spoilt i get encouraged to buy gear .
  14. Well done mate, the bigger ones will come just keep persisting. Youll have your work cut out for you on the 2-4kg gear though not sure how big they get in Manly dam, where i fish ive tangled with them up to a metre long. Berley with the corn sporadically use the minimum weight sinker, the bite can be very subtle even from the biggest fish so be on your toes and never leave your rod unattended i learnt that lesson the hard way losing a brand new baitcast outfit to a hungry carp. Lately ive been using circle hooks i reckon there the go. Good luck on the big one.
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