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  1. Its a great place my last time there 3 days of nothing the last day decided to head out until midday to try and salvage something ended up leaving near dark the bite was red hot all in sight of the park thats fishing i guess.
  2. Awesome love bass fishing too, plenty of nice locations around western Sydney easy access and a good chance of a fine scrap with these underated natives all you need is a few lures.
  3. jordy

    NAV Lights

    Certainly learnt a lot about lights and wiring on the way too . Its why i love fishraider.
  4. jordy

    NAV Lights

    Thanks again for all replies . Dis-assembled both lights cleaned them up came back an hour later re-assembled and presto all is good working fine.
  5. jordy

    NAV Lights

    Thanks again for all the great advice its a tinny and all wiring less than two years old and a pro job. Power going to the switch board as all other electricals are fine and each switch has its own led indicator which lights up for the nav lights. Im very confident ill nail it down tomorrow on my day off. Cheers Raiders.
  6. jordy

    NAV Lights

    Thanks for the feedback guys connected the earth of the tester to stainless steel fitting on grab rail and applied positive to positive wire on nav lights. Thinking bad earth (neg) on starboard and as you guys mentioned bad positive on port light as no voltage showing there, where as a good reading on starboard light but as mentioned earlier starboard light goes off as soon as I remove tester. Day off on Tuesday will launch a thorough investigation and possible re-wire on the cards. The type of tester has an earth cable with alligator clip in rear and a probe for the testing with a series of LED lights along the units length indicating voltage strength. Thanks again.
  7. jordy

    NAV Lights

    Thanks for the replies when i tested the lights switched on main switch and tested circuit directly on the led contact. no rewiring or by pass performed .
  8. jordy

    NAV Lights

    HI hoping a clued up raider can provide a quick solution to a electrical issue. Tuned up , cleaned up and charged up the boat its all ready. Bilge pump, bait tank, anchor light, cabin light , sounder and 12v accessory socket all ok. Nav lights wont work checked the starboard first and when I put the circuit tester on to check to see if getting power it lit up the light, remove the tester off it goes. The port light dead and receiving no power. They are LED type. Any ideas appreciated before I do total re-wire. Thanks in advance.
  9. After seeing a few monster carp at my local Bass spot and losing a brand new baitcast combo to one of them, been trying for about a year to crack one on the light gear. Several bust offs and frustrating near misses finally landed one after a pretty awesome tussle of about 10 mins . I know many will say its only carp but it was pretty satisfying to succeed in the end. Learnt along the way that ive no doubt missed many bites as the take was subtle also my first fish on the owner circle hooks and new savage gear combo . Next ill target one on lure then fly. On a sad note a heap of rubbish left near the waters edge including beer bottles filled the rubbish bag again.
  10. The rod holder sounds great certainly better than the natural tree branch one i picked up on the walk in.
  11. With footy season coaching all over, finally have some time for fishing.First trip decided to test out new fathers day baitcast combo on some local giant carp.Rigged and baited up, all quiet for the first hour so decided to rig light spinning outfit with a bass lolly to kill time.After 10 minutes casting turned around just in time to see the carp outfit load up.I was about 15 metres away and took off only too watch in horror as the brand new outfit launched like a cruise missile into the drink and torpedo away into the murky depths at a fierce rate of knots.Valuable lesson learned .No sympathy expected.
  12. Recently went out with a pro fishing guide and part of the trip was targeting flatties on SPs,the above article is spot on.Miketheangler nailed it. Its a great learning curve and casting into ultra shallow tidal water and seeing that swirl of mud behind the lure and anticipating the flatty slamming your plastic was fantastic fun and has changed the way ill target them in the future.Well written Mike.
  13. jordy

    Boat Mod

    Thanks for the reply will take it on board so to speak.happy hunting at Wyangala too,
  14. Fish there a bit myself find lipless crankbaits in chartreuse during the day is proven technique for me.
  15. jordy

    Boat Mod

    Hi all just bought a nice older quintrex fishabout 4.88m just looking for an opinion on moving the centre bench thwart seat which has a top weld and centre support.looking at bringing it forward and getting rid of the front pedestal seat arrangement.Two reasons why first I find the current helm position not ideal very cramped and also to open up the fishing room a bit.A checker plate floor would then be added.Dont want to risk the hulls integrity at all.Ive spent hours researching on line and the juries out,just looking for some up to date advice.This boat is strictly estuary and impoundment use no open ocean.