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  1. Awesome advice from Derek and Co ive done the electric motor side and rear mount on my Yak not worth the drama, time, cost and extra weight. Spend the $ on a better yak in my opinion. Good luck whatever way you go.
  2. I must be spoilt i get encouraged to buy gear .
  3. Well done mate, the bigger ones will come just keep persisting. Youll have your work cut out for you on the 2-4kg gear though not sure how big they get in Manly dam, where i fish ive tangled with them up to a metre long. Berley with the corn sporadically use the minimum weight sinker, the bite can be very subtle even from the biggest fish so be on your toes and never leave your rod unattended i learnt that lesson the hard way losing a brand new baitcast outfit to a hungry carp. Lately ive been using circle hooks i reckon there the go. Good luck on the big one.
  4. Great story Big Neil. Crows can be be quite determined saw one a few years ago in a rail yard locked in a long and ferocious battle with a massive rat the crow prevailed.
  5. Hi mate should have no trouble with the squid there in the harbour, even i can get them as a matter of fact its the only place i seem to be able to catch them. Have got the usual small pelagics and a few bream too. Good luck.
  6. Outstanding reports and well done all round love my western Sydney Bass fishing as well. The Taylor made are a great lure you have motivated me to dust of the head lamp and have a night time session. Thanks for sharing.
  7. 2 kilo Mowie under Windang bridge same day mate got a small Mangrove Jack. The Mowie went great on the light bream gear.
  8. Chartreuse a winning lure colour i find there. Mate Ive hooked carp up to metre long, there pretty much un-beatable on the light gear they run you into the bridge, also lost a brand new baitcast outfit i foolishly left unnattended. I use a six kilo outfit, light running sinker and quality no.6 circle hooks. Tin of sweet corn for bait throw a small handfull every half hour and thread some up the hook leaving barb exposed. Watch the rod carefully the bite is subtle when i detect the bite i lower rod when the line starts to take off I lift and set the hook and the fun begins. Enjoy and have fun.
  9. Hey Jbrace. Fish that spot a lot when ive got a few hours to spare. Have hauled in some good bass and monster carp which are great fun on light gear. Its even better from a kayak. Seem to have most success on lipless crankbaits and at times have cast for over an hour before hooking up. As mentioned above watch for snakes had a close encounter with a red belly once. Good luck hope you get amongst them.
  10. Fresh water rinse and air out for 1 week for all terminal tackle (sinkers included) and lures. Also store used items seperate after fishing in small container until rinsed. Never had rust issue ever in my tackle box following this strict procedure. Keep a few silica gel packs in your kit as well.
  11. Hi mate Green Hornet is spot on tried it myself and also caught pan sized reds close to the rocks as well as the usual beach species.
  12. Its a great place my last time there 3 days of nothing the last day decided to head out until midday to try and salvage something ended up leaving near dark the bite was red hot all in sight of the park thats fishing i guess.
  13. Awesome love bass fishing too, plenty of nice locations around western Sydney easy access and a good chance of a fine scrap with these underated natives all you need is a few lures.
  14. jordy

    NAV Lights

    Certainly learnt a lot about lights and wiring on the way too . Its why i love fishraider.
  15. jordy

    NAV Lights

    Thanks again for all replies . Dis-assembled both lights cleaned them up came back an hour later re-assembled and presto all is good working fine.