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  1. Should loosen the drag up a bit holls, let the fish run further so they take the bait down so the circle can do it's job. Great for lazy fishing, or with kids who get distracted by crabs. They can pay as much as they like while the rod is in a holder and then when the drag kicks in they come running back to grab the rod.
  2. Hi Raiders, Just thought i'd let you know that 4X4 magazine has gone totally digital and is completely free to read....forever. Loaded with the usual 4X4 things with thrown in photography, fishing, explorartion of our great country. Issue 1 is out now. Happy reading while you are stuck at work/doctors/wishing the rain clouds to go away for the weekend/or just plain in need of a good read. Regards Trung
  3. OUCH!! Poor first fish and the whiplash he'll have
  4. LungFai


    I use my old iPad 2 3G as a GPS when i go offroading, 10 inch screen with long battery life....can't go wrong
  5. LungFai


    Phones have built in GPS nowadays which don't rely on Phone coverage (3G/4G). Sounds like you have a GPS built in phone. Not to be confused with a GPS enabled phone which will require a GPS receiver to operate as a GPS. Most will use Mobile Towers to determine your location faster (Assisted GPS) but can also lock satellites on it's own when there is no signal. So if you have an APP like navionics/navigon you can use your old/new phone as a GPS in cases where your OG GPS runs out of juice or dies.
  6. Salmon during the suggested times by Tackleworld of Spring Summer and Autumn, you'll find you will be able to hook up easier than you would in Winter due to the frantic feeding times during the warmer months so they suggest you target them during those months. Winter for Wollongong targeting Salmon is more a sit on the beach freeze your butt off for a few hits here and there, slow going but less traffic congestion. So basically the Tackleworld suggestion tries to increase your hit rate on the target species and not a indication of when they are available.
  7. You can solve that Peeing problem by getting an Aqua Skin 2 piece, google Aqua Skins WT80 Top + Shorts
  8. Hi Kane, I'm not in the neighbourhood at present but am working towards moving back down in a few months. Hopefully i get some time between the switch to wet a line, if so i'll PM you. If not then it'll be mainly night time fishing once i get set up down there. Winter is probably the hardest time to take a kid fishing, cold temps and finicky fish makes for a grumpy kid Try Tallawarra Power Station, Mullet Creek (bit of a walk to get to the better snaggy spots) or Under Windang Bridge for Bream. They are usually fat and ready for spawning so if you find them they will give the kid some fun. Bass Point is also another spot you can take the Kid, the rocks there provide Tailor, Bream and Blackfish this time of year. If you google map with satellite view you'll see the car park and a split between the rocks. To the left is the Tailor and Bream (stick to the left of the second white wash you see in the map) spot and to the right is the Blackfish spot (in between the 2 white washes). The Tailor/Bream spot is a popular spot for Bonito and Kingfish during summer and is also a great drift for flathead if you had a boat If rock fishing is a no go for the kid you can try Windang Caravan Park, there are little breakwalls set up along the shore there that provide blackfish, bream and whiting. Also if you are fishing a run out tide during the near sunset you can try spinning for tailor (undersize but fun). Best of Luck Trung
  9. Sounds like the Wild River Backpack It has built in LED's for the compartment and flap that opens up for rigging lures. Those trollies you see, my old man made one using a collapsible trolley found during council cleanup day and an old suitcase. Ingenious ideas come from those old blokes who refuse to fork out cash for commercial products Worked a charm until it fell into the wash and floated to New Zealand
  10. Should really post this on the Fishing Chat area, would get more hits from members
  11. <p>The Albackore 3 was the one i was hoping to get to, going to continue to search for it and hope to find some surplus stock somewhere in the vast world <img class="bbc_emoticon" src="" title=":)" /></p> <p> </p> <p>The Albackore 5 was the latest addition to the family before they closed up shop, so i'll be searching for the 3 the 5 and the Altunative. </p> <p> </p> <p>I'll keep you posted.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p>Edit : Have you taken a look at the Wild River Nomad Backpack?</p>
  12. A Car with a Boot, can be moved to and fro without much strain on you. If fishing from a boat park it close and remove needed plastic trays. If Land based, park it and remove needed plastic trays. Holds more trays than you will ever really need. Exterior bag comes in the form of a backpack which can be removed from the boot and has plenty of pockets on the bag and on your pants Rego plate can be changed to TKLBOX My Current Tackle Box is a RAV 4 and comes with rod holders and a bait esky Edit : But in all seriousness, I use the Shimano Blackmoon and am thinking about upgrading to the Albackore which seems to be discountinued, bugger.
  13. I'd suggest targeting Tailor with lures or pilchards as they are pretty easy to catch for anyone who does not fish often. Areas in Sydney i'd suggest would be RUSHCUTTERS/DOUBLE BAYS - Pelagics, everyday table fish and Jews BRADLEYS HEAD - Tailors, Salmon, Luderick and Bream VAUCLUSE AREA - Parsley Bay jetty for John Dory, can't go wrong with a dory. CLARKES POINT - Good spot for a relaxing day out with the family. Areas near Liverpool would be CHIPPING NORTON LAKE - Plenty of topics on this place so search for it. GEORGES RIVER - Once again alot of topics. If you are really wanting to get him onto fish find a bridge in an estuary that is lit up at night. Grab some whitebait put it under a float with a long shank hook threaded through the eye and midway down it's body and drop the rig off the bridge. It'll get smashed by the undersized tailor that usually hang in this location and who knows, a Lazy Jew might take a swig at it also.
  14. If you are targeting jews with hard bodied lures i suggest lures made for Barramundi, size and weight depends on method of fishing and what time of day/night. For example, lure fishing for a Jew from a breakwall/rocks i would go for a 120mm Minnow.
  15. Can you provide us with what tackle you have access to? Will help with the advice you'll get in regards to locations.