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  1. Moving to lake Macquarie ( valentines point ) and have never fished the area before . Got a 14ft tinny If anyone has any general information about that area of the lake or what species are caught Preferred baits Any information would be highly useful. Feel free to pm me Thanks raiders
  2. Anywhere Berowa end of the river to get a feed? Cheers boys
  3. Heading out from Berowa tommorow , haven't fished it for a few months and very desperate for some decent information ! If you need to chuck me a pm But would like to come home with a decent feed , will r out all day so I have time to try out a few spots , techniques Interested in anything such as flatties , bream , whitting , squid , crabs , mullet , jewies Any information would be very good as I got the relatives over and would love to come home with a nice bag to show off thankyou in advance !
  4. Under the road bridge at Brooklyn if seen and caught myself quite a lot of flathead and fair numbers of jewfish just from the rocks opposite the mooney mooney boat ramp . You can get here by taking the first exit on the left when crossing the bridge from gosford side . And there's a little deadend to park your car and walk around the bend untill you find a spot your happy to fish , it's a safe spot .. You will loose a lot of tackle here though if you can pick the right tides of get far enough out , But give it a go if you would like , and you must make a berley mix to take without , the tide can rip through here so try fish smaller tides and at the end of tides and fish the turn of tide for best rests Hope this helps mate ,
  5. Wondering what new features I can add to my tinny for this summer? Anything and everything would love to be heard , especially things that you can make at home and put into your boat. Love doing the project of a little tinny , Would really appreciate to see what you guys have done to your Tinny's so I could grab some useful ideas Thank you in advance ! Bring on summer
  6. Haven't been out in a few months , Just wondering what's on the bite , baits that are more effictive with the water warming up and what depth are the flatties at? ANY advice on any species in the area would be fantastic , Thankyou
  7. Keegz

    hawksberry help

    Do you know the beach next to bar island? Across from the mouth of berowa creek? It has the toilet on land , Thanks mate , helps me a lot
  8. When camping on the hawksnerry at night at one of those little beaches , what can you catch ? worth squidding ? or do you just get the bream flathead , odd jew ? just wondering casue i dont wanna be up all night with no point and bored cause im not getting anything , haha cheers anyyyyyy help would be top thanks
  9. Keegz


    Top spots that have produced for you over the years , Best baits , best sessions , best catch , what gear you use , depth , If anyone is keen to tell a few berowa tips or stories id be stoked , cheers boys
  10. Good work mate , youve really got the system worked out well
  11. Pflueger Contender Pro PFLCP601B 6'0" (1.8m) Action: Light (4-8kg) Boat Reel: Shakespeare Tidewater T20L is this a good reel rod combo to have ? what would it be suited to catch and what pound line would i spool it with ? cheers guys would appreciate this alot