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  1. Hey mate. I'll pm you, is be keen to get one off the guy you know. Also happy to take you to my secret place I go catching muddies. Probably a month away from any success as yet and very little gear required.
  2. Cheers Jon, This will all be land based, so near the rocks for me (Unless i drag out the yak). Any advice on types of pots? Cheers
  3. Hi Everyone, Been a while since my last post. I was keen to see if anyone has had any luck, or tried dropping a lobster pot around Pearl Beach / Patonga way. I've got my mud crabbing down pat but was keen to see if i could get a lobster for the wife as she is not too keen on muddies. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Chris
  4. There should be plenty in Tuggerah Lake and Lake Macquarie. Just look for some mangroves.
  5. Hi there champ,  

    saw your post was wondering if you could tell me where about in Brisbane water you get the crabs, your advice will be greatly appreciated I will be heading down to the Central Coast on Monday night just for a prawn session with some fellow fish raider member, might stop by and give it a crack if you could give me some advise as location and time to hit the water.


    many thanks 


  6. All by hand (well prawn net). No traps allowed in Brisbane water.
  7. indeed, was a great run. Brisbane water, on the central coast
  8. The muddies came out after the rain. Got these on the weekend in under an hour and saw many more as well. Fingers crossed the season continues like this although knowing my luck it was just a teaser of a weekend.
  9. By the way, that wasnt traps. Torch and a net wadimg through the mangroves.
  10. Sorry missed the post. Brisbane water for me. Was slow the following week but saw more the weekend just gone and a decent 1.7kg buck. Ill get pictures up when im back in the office.
  11. Nice catch mate! I think its going to be a good season for muddies. Got 5 in under an hour the other week!
  12. I thought you weren't able to drop them in ocean waters. Please correct me if im wrong (As i never hear back from fisheries) and never take my nets to Norah.
  13. Ive seen some there also, I generally take them out when i do see them. I hate when people break the rules. I personally havent had much luck with blue swimmers myself but do much better with the muddies.
  14. Hi Everyone, I do a little bit of crabbing in Brisbane water (NSW, central coast) by hand lines for blue swimmers and mud crabs but also have some traps at home (Lift and 4 entrance crab traps). Does anyone know the rules regarding using traps in the ocean and how effective they can be? Im talking perhaps the likes of terrigal, avoca, Norah etc. It looks like the lift ones are a no go but doesnt say anything about not using crab traps in the ocean. I was just thinking when out on the boat, dropping some out takes a few seconds and may mean some additional catches. Any advice appreciated.
  15. Hi All, Just wondering if the bonnies are about at Terrigal at the moment? Been a while since I've been out there but hoping to get the Yak out after xmas? Anyhow, I wish everyone a safe and happy xmas/new year! Chris
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