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  1. Are u sure it was 5kg mate ? I doubt it I’ve got kings in the 90cm mark and there pushing 5kg at times maybe ur scales need to checked lol
  2. Just fished the Hawkesbury Thursday night for Jews . No luck only managed a couple of bream and to my surprise 2 hairtail on squid baits. I was shocked ... I thought these chromies were only around in the cooler months , just goes to show u never know what the Hawkesbury can throw at ya .. Happy fishing
  3. Hi guys just curious to see which weather site fellow raiders use before heading out . I usually use sea breeze but at times can be wrong . I've hears BOM weather is good any thoughts ? After all safety out there is paramount cheers
  4. Hey raiders I heard sum bad news earlier this Arvo regarding the blue fin off Sydney . Some guy apparently landed a 130 barrel of heatens the fish was sold to Japan for for $100 a kilo . But here is where the sad story starts apparently I super trawler got a whiff of these capture and went out wide and landed tonnes and tonnes of bluefin east of heatens and they caught that many that they could only sell the fish for $8 a kilo . Can anyone confirm this or has have u guys heard anything regarding this report . Hope these bastards haven't wiped our bluefin population out
  5. To trung and all the other Anti bait fisherman out there . Here is one for the guys who prefer baits over lures ! I'm not saying lures don't work , they do , but I like to think of them as another option perhaps. ... U guys mentioned stinky servo prawns . Well I don't know anyone who uses them but I use prawns bought from a supermarket FROZEN mind u and my PB breams are 46cm 2.3 kg, , 44 and 43 cm , not bad for a so called sticky frozen prawn hey!!!! Also caught several Jewies on these babies in the bay biggest reaching 6kg. Kingies, flathead and everything else have succumb to these so call
  6. Hi raiders looking to add an auxiliary on my boat I own a savage lancer 565 aluminium hull , just seeing if its worth getting a back up just in case my yammie 4 stroke gives me grief on the deep blue . What a 9.9 get me moving? Was looking at at a 15 or 25hp but they are a bit pricey in the 4 stroke range . Don't want to bother with 2 bangers as carrying pre mixed fuel or spare tank is a pain. Also how often will get is used that's the other question ? Just want to get ur opinion on what u fellow raiders think . I think the 9.9 would move the boat and atleast I would be in control rather then
  7. Sorry to hear about that paddy. To many heroes in the bay I'm sick of the idiots there especially those pesky jet skis... I wish maritime would limit them to the George's river only . The other issue is the chaos at the 2 big boat ramps in the bay . Kyeemagh and foreshore on weekends. People have no respect and common sense, sumtimes watching people reverse trailers and backing in is like watching a circus . I've always thought and u guys mind agree that when u get a boat licence it should be compulsory to do time on the water. Especially reversing a trailer unhooking and loading a boat onto
  8. Hi bede just replying back in regards to the big splash. I heard the same thing last week when I was fishing the George's and it happened around 2am massive splash sounded like a big beakie crashing down after trying to spit the hooks out . But sounded louder cause it was dead quiet and calm. Was fishing around como to , bull shark perhaps? Or the lochness monster hehehe cheers boys
  9. Hi raiders, keen to catch sum poddies in the George's river east of como bridge. Can anyone help me out where a good place is to find the little critters cheers guys
  10. Did they come with a rigging kit? Usually consists of line, tag lines, snubbers, release clips ? U can buy a complete set black Pete make em
  11. Hey nick try and get urself a copy of the video "going for gold " its a old film with starlo in it filmed in bermi. Shows u how to cube for fin. And there is a monster 90kg yft caught in the film. It's a great watch . Pm me if u can't get a hold of it
  12. Hey Pete , what waterway were u fishing ? And bait type if u don't mind me asking ?
  13. Great report Dan. good fish! As far as cleaning up the bay is concerned well if people didn't dump there rubbish in the water then we would have a garbage problem in the bay. Heavy rain does bring fresh water in the bay which makes it murky but mate its people in general who is pulluting the system . Maybe the government should impose heavy fines for littering and people should take care of the environment more cheers
  14. G'day raiders heading out wide this weekend, how are the dollies tracking ? Anyone had any luck in the last week or two with em?
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