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  1. G'day Dangas, awesome feed buddy. Hey gemmies are there as we bagged out last week deep dropping and saw other boats doing the same.
  2. Dave G

    Where to buy?

    Mo tackle, anglers warehouse , ray and Anne's, dinga fishing... They are all great with price service and advice. Small local stores are going out of business not because of not being online but because they didn't plan for their future and understand the market. This is what happens in a free market. Why would I shop at my local if they are 20%+ more expensive. The best priced stores are usually the largest ones and they normally hold more stock than smaller stores. Delivery takes only 1 day and you can order at the click of a mouse and have it delivered to you tomorrow. Is prefer to have that 20% in my pocket to spend on other goods I want to purchase.
  3. G'day mate, I use a set up consisting of twin sim rad nss7's with a 1lw transom mount transducer and it works a treat at browns. I've used most other brands and find simrad exceptional and easy to use. Good luck with what ever you choose.
  4. Dave G

    Shimano v Okuma

    G'day mate, after trying every brand out there from whiting gear to game gear, shimano is a real standout. Spend that little but extra and go with them.
  5. Dave G

    Rose Bay

    Never seen one that small awesome getting a pic of it
  6. Oops typo. Meant to say "stonka"
  7. Good work and a great fish. Getting harder to come by this time of the year too.
  8. Great to see the yellow fin too mate. Awesome catch
  9. That's an insane dolly. Great catch mate