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  1. Yeh I think your right. I have my jew rod set and ready to go and I was thinking of taking my 8ft for some lighter work maybe on pillies or prawns but not to sure on what rigs to use on the lighter gear. What do you think on rigs for the light rod?
  2. Hey Raiders, After putting plenty of research into it I decided to set myself up with some beach gear .... Now I am ready to hit the town! Im finding it pretty hard getting info about decent beach spots or rock spots that arent too dangerous. I have a few places in mind with jewfish at the top of the list. If there are any tips that some seasoned beacho's could pass down to me would be awesome aswell as tell me your opinion on the following beaches: Narrabeen .... What is caught from here? Stanwell Park .... What is caught from here? Wanda Beach .... What is caught from here? If these places are not really the right spots to be than if you could point me in the right direction or offer any advice it would be greatly appreciated ..... Ill keep you posted with any future sessions I have too. Sorry if I ask to many questions, but I wont know unless I ask. I hope for some feedback. Cheers Kev
  3. Hey Raiders, After some good rockwall action I have decided to invest a beach rod to target mulloway using mostly live baits. The rod I have decided on is the SHimano AerWave graphite composite 12ft 6-12kg. I am bit unsure on what reel to use. I havent got a massive budget to blow. The FinNor Rampage 8000 is on sale atm for $69 but I dont know what Spinning reel would suit this rod. I definately dont want an Alvey and I would look to spend around $150-$180 at the tops. What is your set up, how does it perform and what is your opinion on my suggested set up??? Any input would be great. Cheers! Kev
  4. Hey Mick, Caught these boys last night with a mate in a couple hours down at Yowie Bay .... Just drifting over the weed beds. We found the best time there is about an hour after the wharf light turns on until it turns off again. Goodluck Kev
  5. Hey Slinky, Thank you for the in depth info mate. Much appreciated. Yesterday after work I went down and purchased the sienna 4000 to match up with my pflueger trion 3-6kg. I than purchased a 2-4kg shimano ummmmmmmm I think its called a platinum I will double check this morning. Its a 2-4kg graphite rod which I matched up with the sienna 2500. I took it for a squid yesterday and between me and my mate we managed a dozen or so squid in the hour down at yowie bay. I think I am set with rods for a while to come now ...... Just have to start catching some fish haha. Any good lures you can recommend for a beginner on the light rod and heavier rod? Cheers Kev
  6. Hey Joseph, I was thinking about going as light as you mentioned. My thought was though I wanted something that I could balance having light options and a bit heavier all in the one rod. But I was very close to getting the 4lb braid and 2lb leader. I havent touched any of it yet and havent decided if I will go swap it or not. I just wanted as many opinions as I could get.
  7. Hi Slinky, Thanks for your feedback mate. I was hoping to have this rod as an all rounder soft plastics. Some ok sized fish and some bigger sized fish. The trion seems to be quite whippy so I thought it might be ok in regards to the lighter stuff but I dont know all my stuff obviously .... Do you think a 2-4kg rod would still be able to handle itself with fish a little bit bigger. Also they matched up the 4000 reel to the rod but it felt a bit too heavy. It hasnt been spooled yet so I wanted some raiders opinions wether to change it over or not. I have a 2-4kg outfit already but its just a glass blank. Its a shimano aquatic 6'6 which has done me well but I have never tried SPs on it.
  8. Hi Raiders I would like to start of by saying that even though I love fishing and try to get out as much as I can. I have always found myself on the end of an empty session. I do all my fishing landbased with bait. I have recently decided to give a go on SPs. I purchased the Pflueger Trion 7ft 3-6kg and matched it up with a Shimano Sienna 2500. Its spooled with 11lb braid with 8lb leader. Opinions from all people would be greatly appreciated. Do you think this is all suitably matched up or is there something that should be changed??? The gear is mostly going to be used for SPs targeting breams, flatties, whiting but I wanted it to be able to handle itself if something with a bit more grunt came along. All opinions will be welcomed. Were heading up north for a new years holiday so Im looking forward to testing it all out. Cheers Kev
  9. Hi B Thank you mate, If we have any hassles Ill be sure to be in contact. I think it may costs us more than what I first said too LOL .... Ill definately keep you all posted on here out of interest Thanks again. Kev
  10. Wow, I never thought about the restrictions. I'll have to look into the width when ingot into work tomorrow. Yeh I did some research and most of these boats came with a 150hp. Mine has a Suzuki fuel injected 225 hp. It's a 2003 and has been in repo for a long while. The prep on it and all the leads even just the actual motor looks brand new. Fingers crossed about the width I'll keep you posted Thanks for the heads up mate
  11. Hey trung, I'll definitely keep you posted on how it's all going. Cheers Awesome congrats mate! What kind of boat you have coming? From US too? Mines still waiting for me, I paid half yesterday and the remainder next Monday. Who's doing your shipping?? I'm getting mine shipped from an American shipper and just getting a local freight company to customs clear it. I was getting quoted ridiculous amounts from companies here so I'm going with a guy in US. Do you have any photos of yours coming in, send some thru if you do I'd love to check it out Thanks mate, even if you end up selling it for another one with the prices in the US compared to here you can't really lose.
  12. Hey guys & girls I haven't posted on here in a long time ... Unfortunately I haven't had the time to go fishing in a long time. So without holding it back I thought the only way to force my self to get away from work and in the fish again is to buy a boat lol I just wanted your much more experienced thoughts on it. Im buying out of the USA. Its a fish master 21ft centre console 2002. 225hp Suzuki Motor 2003. It was a repo from someone who couldn't make his repayments. It comes with the trailer pictured. I have many more photos but thoughts for now Ill just upload the one and get your initial opinions. Beautiful condition. I picked it up for $9,500 USD but by the time I pay for shipping, customs etc etc Im looking at around $16,000. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. I hope to get out on the water as soon as it arrives and gets to my place smoothly!!! Take care Kevy
  13. Hi Clemo ... So I managed to get it out of her, and I was off completely. Were going to Port Stephans .... Have you been there by any chance lol
  14. Hi Raiders, So the missus is planning a surprise weekend away for us as a late birthday pressie .... She has dropped a few clues and I am thinking we are heading to Port Macquarie though I have never been a good detective. I have been doing a bit of research but nothing is better than self experience so I am asking my fellow raiders for some knowledge. Have you ever dropped a line @ Port Macquarie and if so would you mind helping me out on a few places, Ill be going after the usual bream, flatties and if I can get out of the romantic get away Ill be going for jewies. Any help would be great guys and I hope that I am right about our destination or I might have to go to a pet store, buy a gold fish and throw a line in the bowl hahaha. Thanks. Kev.
  15. Go Chris .... Thats a awesome Bream mate.