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  1. Central Coast Fisherman

    Nymboida River help

    Hi all, I am planning on taking my family camping to Nymboida River next week. What can I expect to catch in this river and what techniques should I be using to target fish in this area. Also can you catch freshwater yabbies / crays in this river and if so how? Cheers, Central Coast Fisherman
  2. Central Coast Fisherman

    Where to go next week

    Hi everyone, My wife and I are going to take our 3 kids camping next week but we don't know where to go. I am on the Central Coast and we want to go north and inland no further than around Coffs Harbour (we want to keep the drive to around 6ish hours). My fishing preferences for this camping trip is freshwater and somewhere I can use an opera house trap to catch freshwater yabbies/crays for a good feed. We don't have a 4wd so it needs to be easily accessible however I am happy to go on dirt roads. Does anyone have any suggestions? Cheers, Central Coast Fisherman
  3. Central Coast Fisherman

    Glenbawn Dam

    Hi Everyone, I am taking my wife and 3 young kids camping to Glenbawn Dam this long weekend. I have never been there before but I hear its one of the best freshwater fisheries in NSW. Is anyone able to provide any advice for fishing from the shore at Glenbawn? I will be taking my kids fishing most days but I also want to have a decent crack by myself a couple of times too. With the kids I was thinking of taking some worms from my worm farm at home and just throwing a bunch of them out and let the kids hold the rod. Will we catch anything on worms this time of year there or should we be trying a different bait? Also can anyone recommend any locations to try? With regard to lure fishing, what's the best bet? Plastics, hard bodies or spinner baits? I'm not to fussed on targeting a specific species, we will just be happy to catch a few fish. Also, are there yabbies at Glenbawn, and if so can you catch them for bait / eating? Are you allowed to use opera house traps there or do you just use a handline with a bit of bait and get them close to shore then net them? How do the yabbies go for bait? Do you fish them live or do you cut then in half? Any help will be greatly appreciated as I think the kids are expecting big things and to be honest I haven't done a great deal of freshwater fishing. Cheers, Phil
  4. Central Coast Fisherman

    Saturday 7th Broken Bay

    Hi central coast 795 The rod your missus caught didn't happen to be a pflueger Trion 1-3kg rod with the shimano Sedona on it did it? Cheers, Phil
  5. Central Coast Fisherman

    Hook Advice for Trevally

    Hi everyone, I've recently been concentrating my fishing efforts on fishing for silver trevally as they seem to be around in large numbers at the moment. My technique for trevally is pretty straight forward and seems to be effective. I burley with pilchard cubes and within 5 minutes I have a school of trevally feeding. I have then just been using un-weighted pilchard cubes and I get bites every cast. I have been getting some good trevally up to 48cm, however my problem is with my hook selection. I started off using a mustad 1/0 long baitholder hook (my favourite hook for bream, whiting, trevally, etc). With this hook I was getting an ok amount of hook ups, however I seemed to be pulling the hooks on a lot of fish due to their soft mouths. I spoke to my local fishing shop and they suggested trying a 1/0 circle hook as this would hook them in the corner of the mouth and would solve my problem of pulling hooks. I have now tried the circle hooks for the last few sessions and although the trevally I have caught have been hooked in the corner of the mouth, my hook up rate has dropped dramatically. I think the 1/0 circle hooks are too big for the small mouths of the trevally. So my question is, which hooks do people find most effective for the small soft mouths of trevally? I am starting to get very frustrated having a school of trevally feeding and not being able to catch many. Thanks for your help. Cheers, Phil
  6. Central Coast Fisherman

    Brisbane Waters 27/04/14

    If you don't mind me asking, where at Ettalong do you pump the nippers? Cheers, Phil
  7. Central Coast Fisherman

    Advice needed - New Large Spinning Reel

    I'm looking at getting a new large spinning reel and am interested in the following reels: Daiwa Saltist 6500 - 6.1:1 - 15kg drag Daiwa Exceler DA 6500 - 4.7:1 - 15kg drag Okuma Salina 3 16000H - 6.0:1 - 24kg drag All three reels are roughly the same price. I'm going to be using it for chasing big fish off the beach, rocks, spinning and the occasional boat fish. Can anyone advise which reel they would go for and why? Cheers, Phil
  8. Central Coast Fisherman

    Point Plomer

    Hi everyone, I'm going camping up at Point Plomer next week. Does anyone have any reports on how the fishings been up that way lately? Also, are there any suitable locations around the headland to do any LBG fishing? Can you catch live bait easily off the rocks? I know Hat Head just to the north is renowned for its LBG so I dont see why the same species wouldn't venture a bit further south to Plomer? If anyone has any jew spots they'd like to share please let me know. Is the fishing off the beach at night very productive? Or is it too shallow? Sorry for all the questions. I've been there quite a few times when I was a kid and used to sit on the rocks watching my dad and grandfather fishing for tailer, bream, blackfish and the occasional jew so I know the place fairly well. This is the first time i've been back in 10 years so i'm itching to get up there for 4 full on days of fishing!! Cheers, Phil
  9. Central Coast Fisherman

    4 Fish in 4 Casts

    I was fishing off the rocks in the haven. The tide was pretty high so I could only fish about half way out to the point. I was just throwing out between the point and the furthest boat. I went for a quick spin for frigates yesterday arvo but no luck. There was atleast 25 people spinning for them and I only saw 2 caught so it was a pretty slow afternoon. Luckily ive still got a few fillets in the freezer for bait. Cheers Phil
  10. Central Coast Fisherman

    4 Fish in 4 Casts

    Last night my wife and I managed to some how get the kids to bed early. The wife decided she was going to do Uni work for a few hours so I thought "stuff it i'm going fishing". I got down to Terrigal around 9. When I got there an old bloke was just leaving. He had only caught one Tailor so I wasn't too confident. I was targeting bream using strips of Frigate mackeral I had caught a few weeks ago. In an hour of fishing this is how it went: First cast: I cast out and within a few minutes I feel bump bump and then bang i'm onto a good fish. I was using 10lb braid with 20lb leader just incase there were tailor around. After a short battle/scull drag I pulled in a 38cm bream which was very fat. I was pretty excited as I haven't caught a bream that big for a while. While carrying the bream back to my gear he kicked and his gills cut my thumb right down to the bone. Ouch that hurt. After applying pressure for 5 mins there was no sign of the bleeding stopping so I quickly went back to the car to get my first aid kit and sorted myself out. 20 mins after catching the bream I was ready for cast number two. Second cast: I cast out and again after only a few minutes I feel bump bump and then bang i'm on again. After another short fight I pulled in a 29cm bream. Third cast: Same thing only this time I pull in a 34cm bream. Fourth cast: Again after only a few minutes im onto another good fish. This time it was a 35cm bream. This bream had the hook very securely in the corner of his mouth. As I got it out I bent the hook slightly but thought it was still ok to use. Fifth cast: Cast out, after a few minutes got some big bumps but didn't manage to hook the fish. Upon inspection of the hook I realised I hadn't hooked the fish due to it being bent. So a quick change of hook and I was ready again. Sixth cast: It took a little longer to get a bite this time but when I did I hooked the fish and it took off on a big long run. I thought I may have hooked something really good. After a 10 minute fight I finally got a look at it.. a big sting ray. Bumper!! After that the tide had come up to far to keep fishing so I decided to call it a night. It was one of the most exciting fishing sessions I've had for a while. I caught 4 good bream in only 6 casts and in one hour!! If only all fishing sessions were that good! Needless to say I went home with a big smile on my face. Sorry no pics. Cheers, Phil
  11. Central Coast Fisherman

    Narooma squid?

    Does anyone know where to catch squid landbased at narooma? Cheers, Phil
  12. Central Coast Fisherman


    Hi everyone, I'm going on my annual family trip to Narooma over New Years and will be doing lots of fishing. Has anyone fished Narooma lately and has any reports of what has been caught? I will be mostly fishing Wagonga Inlet but will probably go on a charter outside too. Cheers, Phil
  13. Central Coast Fisherman

    Kings at Swansea Bridge

    Are there any yakkas around Swansea bridge? And which side of the bridge is best to fish from land based?
  14. Central Coast Fisherman

    Somersby Falls

    Hi All, Just wondering if you can catch bass at Somersby Falls? Or can you catch them anywhere near Somersby Falls? Cheers, Phil
  15. Central Coast Fisherman

    Freshwater Fishing Day Trip Suggestions

    Thanks FFJ. As I've only fished for trout once, can you tell me what are the ideal weather conditions for TCD? I'll just keep an eye on the weather over the next month until the right conditions.