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  1. Central Coast Fisherman


    G’day Rick, I’ve had the same experience the last few times from the skillion at terrigal. Spinning for a few hours for nothing. I tried off the point a few weeks ago in Terrigal Haven when the swell was up and the tailor were on big time. I only fished the last 30 mins before dark in the wind and rain and caught 10 tailor and dropped plenty at my feet (kept a few for dinner and chucked the rest back). I was getting hit every cast. Cheers, Phil
  2. Central Coast Fisherman

    Botany Bay Calamari Morning

    Great job on the squid. I’ve been catching a heap of them up here on the Central Coast. A couple of weeks ago I caught 5 in 5 casts right on sunset with the biggest going 33cm hood length. We have 1-2 meals of squid per week. What I do is clean the hoods then butterfly them so they are one big piece of squid. In the morning on the day you intend on eating the squid, I mix up one mashed kiwi fruit with one cup of milk then pour this over the squid in an air tight container and put it back in the fridge for around 10 hours. Then before you cook it for dinner give the squid a really good wash under fresh water to get all the kiwi fruit and milk off, dry it really well with paper towel, score the squid in a crisscross pattern then cut into strips and cook however you like your squid. My wife and I had quite a few goes at different tenderising methods and I reckon this way is best. To cook we prefer flour, egg then crumb and shallow fry. The kids absolutely love it (and dogs when there’s left overs). We also eat the tentacles and candles. All the squid I have been catching have been big so I guess you can reduce the tenderising time depending on the size of the squid. Cheers, Phil
  3. Central Coast Fisherman

    No joy squiding but a bonus for snapper

    Hey mate. Nice to meet you at Avoca the other day. I didn’t manage to catch anything that day. I went for a squid this evening from 4.30 to 6.30 on the north side where I told you I get them. I got 3 decent sized squid and on my last cast got a big cuttlefish. Luckily I had my 9 year old son with me to net the cuttlefish otherwise I wouldn’t have landed the big fella. Cheers, Phil
  4. Central Coast Fisherman

    Snapper off the rocks

    I tried Avoca yesterday afternoon. I didn’t get there till after 4pm. The swell was still rather large so I fished from a high ledge round near the island. First cast I got snagged and broke off. I then moved about 50m back towards the beach and must have been throwing over sand as I didn’t get snagged on the bottom again. I was using squid strips and salted bonito strips. I hooked up to what felt like a snapper but as the swell was pumping I couldn’t get down to the lower ledge to land it and I got caught on the reef below and broke off. I got bites most throws then just before dark I got a good bite then just dead weight. I managed to land the biggest red rock cod I’ve seen (38cm). So while I didn’t land a snapper I think I’ve found some good ground and I’m going to try again today. i believe red rock cod live in reasonably deep water so I assume where I was fishing was quite deep. Also for those of you who regularly catch snapper, do you often catch red rock cod as by catch? I’m wondering if by catching the red rock cod it’s confirmation I’m fishing in the right area? Cheers, Phil
  5. Central Coast Fisherman

    Snapper off the rocks

    Thanks for the responses so far. As I said I normally fish the rock ledges around Terrigal for pelagics but it seems too reefy/weedy to fish the bottom for snapper. I will give Avoca ago. Also I was thinking given the big seas we’ve just had the point at terrigal haven might be worth a try throwing out towards the surf club. Do you think it’s best to burley or just throw out a bait on a paternoster rig? Cheers, Phil
  6. Central Coast Fisherman

    Snapper off the rocks

    G’day everyone, I fish the rocks on the Central Coast (mainly around Terrigal) and now the pelagics are all but gone I am going to concentrate on fishing for snapper. I have a freezer full of squid and salted bonito fillets so I’ve got good bait, I just need some advice on how and where to catch them off the rocks. Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Phil
  7. Central Coast Fisherman

    Sunday arvo squid session

    There are a few around at the moment. I got 5 in the same area this evening in the 30 mins before dark fishing in the rain and wind. They were all big. I parked near the skillion and a spearo had just got out of the water with a 27kg cobia. And last Tuesday I saw another spearo that had gotten a longtail which looked around 10kg. There are some good fish about at the moment!!
  8. Central Coast Fisherman

    Port Stephens- Toona time!

    Great job. There have been a few caught down here on the central coast over the last week too. Can you let us know what pound line and leader you were using and what size and type of hook?
  9. Central Coast Fisherman

    Avoca rocks

    Was the longtail hooked on lure or live bait?
  10. Central Coast Fisherman

    Tailor Hookup Rate Help

    G'day everyone, I've been consistently catching kings and bonnies off the rocks since December last year spinning metal lures. Once hooked I have barely lost any kings or bonnies and I reckon my conversion rate of fish landed once hooked has been around 95%. However over the last few weeks the kings and bonnies have seemed to have thinned out and the tailor seem to be moving in. However I'm having difficulties in my conversion rate of tailor landed once hooked. I reckon at the moment my conversion rate is only around 50% at best with most fish jumping, shaking there heads and spitting the lure. Very frustrating to say the least. Yesterday evening I went for a quick spin for the last 30 minutes before dark and the tailor were on from my very first cast. I managed to hook 4 however only landed 2 and had plenty more hits that didn't hook up. I am using the exact same metal lures that I have been using the catch the kings and bonnies so I'm not sure whats going wrong. I use metals from 20g to 65g however the lure I seem to catch the most fish on are the 40g surecatch knights. These lures have fairly big treble hooks. I also tried a 50g metal lure from a different brand with smaller treble hooks but had the same issue. Am I doing something wrong? Can anyone give me any tips for increasing my hookup rate and landing conversion rate on tailor? Yesterday I lost the biggest tailor I have ever seen as it spat the lure as I was about to lift it out of the water. I thought I had hooked a king as it didn't jump and had some serious weight to it. I reckon it was around 60cm and was devastated when it spat the hook!! Cheers, Phil
  11. Central Coast Fisherman

    Beach Rewards

    Well done. Was this North Entrance or actually the entrance beach?
  12. Central Coast Fisherman

    LBG Locations

    Hi All, I am planning to do some weekend trips away in the coming months to target some pelagic fish off the rocks such as longtail tuna, Spanish mackerel, cobia, etc. I have no idea about where to try though. I am based on the Central Coast and am willing to travel up to around 6 hours north. I have heard of a few spots such as the Iluka breakwall, Hat Head and South West Rocks. Is anyone able to give me some locations that I could try, and some pointers on what months would be best to fish, tides, time of day, etc? Whilst I have been catching lots of rat kings and bonito off the rocks here on the Central Coast lately I think it's going to be a whole new ball game chasing these larger pelagic species. Cheers, Phil
  13. Central Coast Fisherman

    Popping Rod for the stones

    Hi Everyone, I would like to start throwing poppers from the rocks for kingfish. I have an Okuma Salina 3 16000 high speed spooled with 300m of 65lb Daiwa j braid. However I don’t have a rod to match it with to throw poppers from the stones. I have been looking at the Daiwa saltist hyper 962 spin rod - line rated max PE6 and cast weight of 60 - 150g. The cheapest I can find this rod is around $300 online plus postage. I was wondering if anyone knows of a cheaper alternative to the above rod but has similar specs? I would ideally like to only spend around $150-$200. Or should I fork out the extra cash to get the Daiwa saltist? Cheers, Central Coast Fisherman
  14. Central Coast Fisherman

    Nymboida River help

    Hi all, I am planning on taking my family camping to Nymboida River next week. What can I expect to catch in this river and what techniques should I be using to target fish in this area. Also can you catch freshwater yabbies / crays in this river and if so how? Cheers, Central Coast Fisherman
  15. Central Coast Fisherman

    Where to go next week

    Hi everyone, My wife and I are going to take our 3 kids camping next week but we don't know where to go. I am on the Central Coast and we want to go north and inland no further than around Coffs Harbour (we want to keep the drive to around 6ish hours). My fishing preferences for this camping trip is freshwater and somewhere I can use an opera house trap to catch freshwater yabbies/crays for a good feed. We don't have a 4wd so it needs to be easily accessible however I am happy to go on dirt roads. Does anyone have any suggestions? Cheers, Central Coast Fisherman