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  2. It might be dead at the moment but there's a well known (fly fishing) guide who's getting clients onto kings up there 5 days a week.
  3. This is bs. It's an absolute travesty that they can harvest such a great sportsfish for the sake of a cat's dinner.
  4. I wouldn't even want to consider casting any slapstix off a fly rod. Not unless it was a 16 weight or more Too bloody heavy, even the heaviest flies would come in under 4 grams. Instead a long clouser does the job. 10cm on a 2/0 SL12S is a reasonable copy of a slapstix.
  5. 3 kings on fly!! Waaahoooo

  6. Forgot to mention about flies and so forth. Will depend on the style of fishing. If say you're fishing St Pat's then its likely you'll be fishing blind, so probably double fly rig with a nymph and dry. All the usual ones royal wulfs, royal humpy, stimulator etc as the dry and pheasant tails, hair and copper, seals fur nymph as the dropper. On clear blue skies and lakes the usual technique is polaroiding to seen fish. So a 9ft leader, accurate casts and a nondescript dry, red tag and shaving brush are popular. On windy and cloudy days loch style fishing can be a deadly technique either 2 or 3 flies. Loch style patterns include the carrot, possum emerger, bob's bits. Its probably best to head to a specialist fly fishing store for more info, I can recommend the essential fly fisher in launceston. Good luck, I'm heading down in December but with my girlfriend so won't be dong too much fishing. Edit: Keep on re-reading it and need to add more info. For fly gear a 5 or 6 wt will keep you covered for most fishing, as long as the rod is at least 9ft. A 6 might be overkill on some of the smaller streams, just depends on what you're willing to take.
  7. I've been down there once, and my dad many times. Where you go will depend on a number of things including where you will be basing yourselves, whether you have access to a boat, what type of fishing you want to do and whether or not you get a guide (I would thoroughly recommend this for at least one day). If you had the choice I would stay at Launceston over Hobart. Close to Launceston you've got the meadow/slow flowing rivers such as Macquarie river, South Esk, Meander River and Brumby's Lake. I believe there's a guide that does rafting trips on these rivers. There's also the faster moving streams in St Patrick's river and North Esk. Launceston is also closer to the central plateau which is where all the lake fishing is, and is what Tasmanian trout fishing is famous for. When I was there I fished Arthur's lake with a guide when there was a fantastic mayfly hatch on, we were fishing loch style with a team of 3 dry flies. Arthur's is full of fish, I might be wrong on this but I'm pretty certain when I was there Arthur's actually had a bag limit more than the rest of Tasmania and they would actually encourage you to take fish so the average size would increase. It may have changed since then. Other popular lakes include Great Lake, Little Pine, numerous others, you could basically throw a dart at a map of the central plateau and fish would be there. If you're staying in Hobart there's still places to fish, just further and not as good. Let me know where you're going as I have the new edition of Trout Waters of Tasmania by Greg French which is an extremely comprehensive book and worth the buy if you want to make the trip regularly.
  8. I forgot to add. Once I have enough data I'm going to add some kind of search/pivot table function. That way it could be used as a predictive tool too. After all isn't that why we use diaries in the first place?
  9. I use a spreadsheet. In the past I put too many variables in and found myself not entering data. I still have a lot of variables but they're easier to enter. Each row of my spreadsheet is a fish I caught, or someone with me caught, rather than a day's fishing. I found this way its easier to see how you caught each fish. Some people may find this excessive but I will continue with these variable until I find there's no pattern (it doesn't help that I majored in statistics!!) date, time, target, species caught, waterway/location, method (bait/lure/fly), pattern, retrieve, moon, tide, cloud cover, swell (if applicable), rain, water temp. then a list of weather variables that I copy and paste from the BOMs observation centres. If this doesn't make sense I'll show you a screen shot. For moon I have days since last full moon (this is the way i found of entering it as a numerical data) and with tide its hours since high tide. Overboard, maybe, but I was once a statistics student!
  10. Tying up some mega clousers, hoping for some kingie action tomorrow

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      how did you go mate?

    2. kurtisjohnthomas
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      Didn't try the fly option, but as kurt said, 9

  11. After seeing the countless reports of blackfish over the winter my interest in these fish has reached boiling point. My goal, however, is to eventually get them on fly. This will mean I have to put in the hours getting them on real weed before I try tempt them with the artificial version. Am I going to have to wait until Autumn comes around, or can you still catch the estuary fish though spring/summer? I've located a couple of spots to collect stringy weed, so that's a start at least. So has anyone on these forums fooled these fish on fly?
  12. No harm done. We did find salmon elsewhere in the harbour but of course there weren't nearly as many, or as eager as the first school!!
  13. I think what kurt was saying is that the whole transit zone is from blues to opera house, not that we were in those places. We were east of kirribilli the whole time. I wasn't trying to be a smartass in my post, just saying that, on the whole that area does get a lot of traffic, and perhaps they should extend the transit zone to get rid of the grey area that we found ourselves in. If it were to be extended to fort denison say, there wouldn't have to be any ambiguity.
  14. Yeah fair call, we did move after we were told. I would have been majorly pissed if they had of given us a fine, but as it happened, they didn't. It is frustrating the amount of times fish bust up in that zone!
  15. If you look at maps the transit zone stretches from kiribilli point to the opera house. At all times we were outside (east of) this zone. So legally we were in the right. We did move out of the way every time, maybe they should think of extending it to Mrs macquarie's?