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  1. Back into it today, got a king! Lots of boiling water today around the marker. Tried flicking poppers and metal lures thought they would get smashed with the way the way the water was bubbling. But not so.. Got the one king on yakka and made the last few trips worth it! Guy at the ramp said he was getting monsters last few days but wouldn't say where... possibly long reef?
  2. Hi guys, My mate and I fished two full mornings down sydney harbour between xmas and new years. Went to our usual bait spots, clifton, tarronga and back up middle harbour and couldn't find any lives.landed a few squid at clifton another day and put them out looking for. Kings at south head and wedding cake. No love.. my question is where where is all the bait nd kings at the moment? Usually see heaps of yaks but didn't see 1! Any one else having same trouble?
  3. YEp sure was... they eat pretty much anything in the water over there.....
  4. Agree with pretty much everything that youve said above... Only thing is, the fish was bronze when it come to the boat and was in the boat. It hen went electric blue after it got knocked on the head. This made me think it was a blue marlin as i heard they are bronze when at the boat.... Is this true ? or is that typical for all types?
  5. While on my honeymoon in fiji thought I would leave the new mrs behind for just a few hrs to get some fishing in. Staying on Viwa island ( Part of the Yasawa group), I went out with the resort owner Glenn. Didnt head to far off the island as the water gets very deep pretty close to the reort. Not having caught many large scale fish before I was excited to hear that there were many large dolly's around along with tuna and that they had previously caught a few marlin. After a few hrs of putting around, much to my excitment the line started spooling off the real like a flash and there was all sorts of comotion behind the boat as I set sight of a marlin that had just latched on. In Fiji they eat just about everything so it wasnt tagged and released. Was dragged in to the boat for village dinner. Measured 2.3m, Not sure what it weighed. Have ahd multiple comments on it being blue or black.. Not a 100% sure. What are your thoughts? Made for some great excitement and a great story for my honeymoon. Very pleased to be in the Marlin club! King Hunter
  6. Hi all, Was intending on heading down to the banks off Currarong in a couple of weekends time to try get a hold of some big kings. Was wondering if anyone has been fishing down there or near by Jervis Bay. If so would love to hear some feedback on how you went and whts around. I have never fished 'The banks' ( I believe is called "sir John Young banks"), but have heard that this is a real alive spot for some big fish. Look forward to hearing how fellow fisherman have been going down there. thanks alot
  7. Fished Sydney harbour all morning this morning with yakka. Didnt get any interest all day... Any body have any luck?... whats the deal? we fishd all the markers near the heads... Might give Piwater a go tomorrow!
  8. HI Guys, Heading down the harbour this weekend to try and land some decent size kings. Reading around the site, sounds like there are a heap of Rats at the moment. I caught my first king a couple of weekends back and while it was only 60 odd centimeters I have been hooked on trying to catch some large Kings since. Couldnt believe the power in these fish. Got mine on yaka, though I notice alot of you talk about using squid. Is squid a better bait? wondering if i should be trying to have a crack with some squid or to go with the yellow tail livies again. Where would I go about catching some squid to get the kings im dreaming of? I've read that its all about the weeds, but dont have a clue where to start.... Would love any input. Help is much appreciated! thanks guys...