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  1. CR@ZY OS@M@

    40cm Bream

    i caught one just before tom uglys on the weekend in just half a metre of water with a peeled prawn and it was 42 cm , i had just casted it in the water as my line started peeling.
  2. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Downrigging for Kings

    top read penguin,wish i was there to see peg fish, woulda been a crack up.seemed like a fun days fishing,
  3. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Botany Bay Friday 7 Jan

    well done penguin,looks like you had a good time, i need to get out there
  4. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Jigging Off Terrigal

    good stuff pilchard, well done
  5. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Botany Bay - 10/07 - Great Day Out Fishing

    good job mate,good to see the bay doing ok in the winter.
  6. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Sydney Harbour 30-4-10

    good stuff penguin.well done mate
  7. CR@ZY OS@M@


    went fishing last saturday morning with my inlaw on the hunt for snapper,left at 6am,by 11am we bagged out,we caught over 14 snappers most ranging around 3.5 kilos to 4.2 kilos,caught on sp,s ,squid,whiting and pillies. will send pics to penguin to put up for me as im having troubles with my cmptr
  8. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Syd Harbour Hoodlum

    Good stuff penguin on getting yourself a hoodlum. Something definately worthwhile boasting about hehe. Well done on the quick thinking of bill .good team effort always goes a long way.well done mate
  9. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Sydney Red!

    Top stuff.thats a nice snapper,what area were you fishing at
  10. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Fishing Nz For Kingies

    nice solid kings,would definately been a blast on soft plastics.
  11. CR@ZY OS@M@

    The Boys Are Back In Town

    top stuff ,nice kingy,nice size to break in the saltiga
  12. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Happy Birthday!

    no probs,thanks a lot guys for the b day wishes,getting ready to go to canada this coming week as my wife is regnant and is due early next month,wow im going to be a father, ,might do some fishing over there if i get a chance.
  13. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Fishing In Darwin

    well done penguin on getting that jew ,good to get away and do some fishing elsewhere. top stuff,your kids had a ball by the looks of it.
  14. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Botany Bay Monday 13/7/09

    nice feed.we went out to the bay on saturday arvo ,not much around,water temp was low,tried tom uglys,we scored a 80cm flattie and released it and scored a few more around the 60cm mark they were caught around 10pm
  15. CR@ZY OS@M@

    Browns 26-6-09

    what a top fish,good stuff mate,well done. nice gems. gotta be happy with that