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  1. My boat is 27 feet so does need to be slipped. I have only just began looking and spoke with Port Stephens Moorings and they were over double the price for a mooring installation compared to Lake Macquarie so looked around for other mooring services but still can't find any. Might be a better quality mooring device, don't know. Will need a good mechanic and slip yard as well. Any recommendations would be great. Cheers Rod.
  2. Hi, I'm looking at possibly moving my boat from Lake Macquarie to Port Stephens and wanted to hear of any good or bad points/experiences to help me make up my mind. Does anyone here have or had a boat moored at Port Stephens that could assist with a fair mechanic in the area and a mooring contractor as I can only find one mooring contractor for Port Stephens and they are over double the cost of the mooring at Lake Macquarie. Is it going to be a lot more expensive having my boat at Port Stephens?? Any info would be much appreciated. Cheers Rod
  3. That looks great. I will use a slide, just wasn't sure if it would vibrate and not give a clear reading but if yours worked a treat that's good enough for me. Cheers
  4. Hi all, I was after some advise for transducer placement on a moored boat. I have recently purchased an old Riviera 27 Flybridge and will be placing my Lowrance Elite9 Ti2 on it with the Active Imaging 3in1 transducer. Now has anyone placed this transducer on a slide so that it will come out of the water when not in use? Cons and pro to this method or should I just bite the bullet and get a new through hull transducer. Would these through hull transducer's work or would I require a double transducer if its through hull. Any help would be appreciated as trying to keep cost down for the mom
  5. Yes, I do agree with you. It is a catch 22 with these more comfortable vests but not always as safe. Cheers Rod
  6. Hi, Please correct me if I'm wrong but I've always been told and also read it in the instructions to never partially inflate an inflatable life vest as the cannister with the compressed air has the correct amount of air to fully inflate the jacket, hence if the jacket is already half inflated when you pull the cord to release the compressed cannister air it may burst the air bladder in the jacket due to the rapid over inflation. The manual valve is for topping up in the water if required. I guess if you partially inflate it then you must remember if you go overboard to manually finish blowin
  7. Hi, I have a number of these manual inflating jackets of different brands and the date on the air cannister is the manufacturing date, not the expiry date. I don't really know if they have an expiry date, I would think at least 10 years. You should also find a date of manufacture on the jacket itself and it should be simmilar to the cannister date. Cheers Rod
  8. Hi, Thanks for all the info, much appreciated. I currently have a 20ft half cabin SeaRay with a 4.3lt inboard so I have quickly become aware of all the extra costs involved but I guess if it is to do with boating it's not going to be cheap. I was not aware of the heat exchanger in fresh water engines but I guess it is necessary as they don't have fresh running air through them like in cars. I'm also a great believer that if something requires repairing it needs to be done now and not later as you are correct they will only get worse hence more required from your back pocket. Thanks for the
  9. So 6 weeks makes her very dirty. You must have to take her out for a bit at least fortnightly or so. Ultrasonic antifouling sounds like a great idea as well. Cheers
  10. Cool thanks, that sounds alright for swing mooring the slipping and antifoul doesn't, but I guess it needs to be done. How often do you antifoul, yearly? Do you know how much is slipping on it's own? Cheers Rod
  11. Hi Ben, Yes I have, but not sure yet if I will be swing mooring or not due to the high fees. What are the fees like at Brooklyn? and have you any prices on antifouling? What made you pick a Riv? Just that I have not decided on make yet. Cheers Rod
  12. Thanks, that's what worries me with an older boat. I know it can still happen with a newer boat but chances are higher with the older ones. I will have to get it surveyed and inspected by a good reliable mechanic. Cheers
  13. Great, thanks for all your help. Cheers Rod
  14. Thanks heaps for all your help. I will have to look at some Mariners, probably both 31 and 34 footers as I don't know the difference besides size, and obviously some smaller ones as well. I have also heard that Berties are good as well. BTW how long did it take to sail from I'm assuming Brisbane Waters to Darling Harbour and how much fuel did she use. I mainly boat in Botany Bay and Sydney Harbor as she is on a trailer and easy to move about but when I get a larger boat she will be moored in Botany Bay and I would still like to take her to Sydney Harbour. In Google Earth I measured from Brok
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