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  1. Yeah, Tef1on, they do go hard. Caught a few big Salmon from the same spot using the same rig but pillies instead. Around 60cm-70cm, but I reckon the bonnie went harder, especially closer in.
  2. Dregs of society these people are, Jim. I feel your pain mate, losing that old Alvey. That's just sad. 2 Alveys of mine were taken, and an old Penn that my Uncle and I used to go fishing with when I was younger. For what? A hit of crack most likely. By the way...does anyone know what that tiny thing I caught is - in the first photo? I'm guessing it's a juvenile Mullet or a Pilly?
  3. Haven't posted in quite a while.. Unfortunately just before Christmas I had all of my rods (7 in total) and reels stolen from my "secure" storage cage in my apartment building. Every fish I've ever caught was using one of those rods, so the sentimental value pissed me off much more than the monetary loss. The only positive was the timing...being in retail I never get much fishing in over December or January anyway, and I had an easy choice for Christmas present requests! So anyway, new rods and reels in tow...I finally got a chance to hit the rocks yesterday for a full session. I was fishing in close for drummer, using Cunje and prawns. It was very slow going and neither bait was really tempting them out. I had another rod out further, using a 4 ganged hook under a float with a whole garfish on. I managed a 38cm pig, in between countless Kelpies and Wirrah cod. I even hooked my SMALLEST ever fish!! Not much action happening on the second rod for hours, but then it starts screaming. I grab it and set the hook, and immediately I think Salmon - as I'd caught plenty from this spot before, same rig but with pillies. After a shortish fight, I get it in close and was still going hard...ducking and diving down low. I finally get it up and it's a big fat Bonito! Definitely the biggest I've managed. The only others I've caught were in the mid to high 30's. It's good to be back fishing!!!
  4. Nice fish! Were you using prawns or Cunje?
  5. I like to use Schneider. ..20 - 25 pound. Hasn't let me down yet
  6. Good haul mate! Cunje always does the trick.
  7. Good stuff Roylo! Sounds like great fun
  8. Drummer...or Rock Blackfish
  9. Good luck elferoz! Give em heaps
  10. Thanks mate. Always fun, especially if they start jumping out of the water!
  11. I hit the rocks on Thursday with two rigs, one to fish in close for pigs and bream, and a second to cast out further for Salmon or Tailor. I had absolutely no luck this week with the pigs, which is unusual as the conditions seemed good and the spot is usually pretty reliable. I managed to land a decent Salmon, which are great fun of the rocks and tend to come in good numbers when it's this cold. I was just using 3 ganged 5/0 Mustads with a whole pillie under a float. The drummer were nowhere to be seen...bread burley, Cunje or prawns didnt do the trick. No bream either, just annoying bait stealing Kelpies! A couple of small leather jackets too. At least the salmon showed up for a while!
  12. Thanks mate. Yeah, Kurnell 99% of the time! Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  13. Thursday was a cracking day... Great conditions and plenty of bites Landed a a good 48cm pig and a few pan size keepers. I met a nice guy on the rocks who was fishing for blackies, and he'd never tried drummer on the plate before, so I traded him one of my pigs for one of his blackies. All caught using Cunje Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk