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  1. lillie

    Advice on old tinny

    if you use silicon use one that has neutral cure written on it thats what I got told to use.
  2. I have Broken bay, sydney heads and bate bay. I Only used the Bate bay one as I fished out of Port Hacking all the time. In your above picture of the Bate bay chart there is a reef we called boomerang reef due to its shape on the chart, you can only see part of it in your picture it is outside the two smaller reefs east of the port hacking, we caught good reds and other reef fish there by anchoring and berlying or just drifting. The charts show Jibbon reef, osborne shoals, the wanderes, the merries, the hole off wanda beach (sand) and other reef stucture. Again not shown on your above picture is a couple of sand gutters that run into the reef off Cape Bailey lighthouse, this area was our go to spot as long as the current wasnt racing. We would anchor and fish floating baits with minimal lead and we pulled numerous snapper from there, if we didnt get a 5lb fish we had a bad day. The biggest from this spot 13.5lbs and on that day we also got a 13lb one. Some days we would get several good fish. We used full pillies with a single 4/0 hook with the small sinker running to the hook. We didnt berley as this attracted the sweep which were then a pain.. Sorry for carrying on but the above picture brought back some memerios. I dont fish outside anymore as I sold my seafarer viking which I still regret about 8 years ago. I reckon it would still fish the same as when I fished years ago (we fished this spot for around 10 years). Also hooked a thresher shark there which I think are rare catch. Cheers all Glenn.
  3. check out dinga tackle sites new sponsor
  4. lillie

    Cliff Fishing

    alvey are good reels for this fishing they act like a winch
  5. I have been told its an injury from a net, where they have escaped.
  6. noelm is on the money, follow what he says worked for me
  7. follow slinkymalinky he knows his stuff regarding reel maintenance
  8. That will get the water flowing for you
  9. lillie

    E10 Fuel

    off the subject a bit but e10 makes lawn mowers, wipper snippers etc run hot which can cause problems. This is what I have been told
  10. What boat ramp did this happen at. Kick them into the next week
  11. Have heard of this before so there maybe something in it have heard people put in painful joints (knees/elbow) for pain relief. I think I will just use it on the car etc.
  12. 30 odd years fishing outside at anchor in 5.7m to 4.3m boats all good no sharks going the prop. Seen many sharks whilst fishing during this time. Have seen the videos of big sharks coming very close to boats and mouthing their props, I am lucky this hasnt happened to me or any one I know. Just fish and enjoy it.
  13. The cod looking one is a wirrah known as a old boot. The other one looks like a sergeant baker. Glenn
  14. Sure you just need a chart for the area you are boating in and I bought mine from a ship chandler shop. Glenn