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  1. Hey raiders. For the fellows out there with anchor winches and using reef anchors I got a good news. Now some of u maybe using SARCA anchor but they are not 100% snare free on reef/rocks. And when u stuck one that's a $200 anchor plus 8m of chain plus some of ur rope gone. That hurts! There are manufacturers that makes a SS spring that slots over ur reef pick with a disc that keep ur reef anchor out for self launching... that just make ur reef pick stick out too much on ur bow spit and its extra $60-80 bulks and extra thing to go wrong. So I use 'Delta' style anchor when I'm 100% sure its sand/mud/weed bottom and install reef pick for any offshore reef fishing or any uncertain bottoms. To change anchor offshore is hard work as it's so far forward from the hatch and dangerous in rocking sea. I use reef pick on sand too as the 8m of chain is more than enough to hold the boat. Problem is the reef pick doesnt self launch it just lay down flat on the bow. Filling it up with lead doesnt help as the weight is on the bow not over the bow spit. Last 2 times out I found this mad method. While having ur reef pick tug inside ur bow roller. Drive at speed and do a sudden stop (warn your passengers before attempt) when doing sudden stop press down on ur winch that will eject the reef pick out of ur bow roller and be hanging down. Done that few times it has very high success rate 3/4 attempts it shoots out of the bow roller. Very easy way to self-launch your reef pick. I havnt tried on others boats but winch roller system is pretty standard. I even tried to have the winch release a little so the chain is loose and do a sudden stop and it worked. Just be sure ur passenger is ready πŸ˜‰ Try it next time ur out and thank me for the result πŸ˜‰
  2. Hey guys I'm going TAS this weekend. Only available Saturday 30/3 when miss Tried many fishing charters and are hopeless. Can someone in the area take me on their boat fishing? Can travel to eaglehawk neck or other ramps. Will pay for all ur expenses
  3. hey guys lately i've been LOVING salting my pilchards, buy fresh pilchards in bulk, and 10kg of pool salt for $5, salted them for few days and they're hard as rock. extremely good @ staying on the hook, and i use much less pilchard that way.... after 2-3 days of salting the pilchards are pretty dry and hard, and they don't go off!!! now i have a vacuum sealer at home so i separate them into 500G packs. final question is should i put them in the freezer/fridge? will they go off if left in just a cool/dry area?? i mean defrosting is easy inside vacuum bag, either defrost on the drive to ramp or dump in sea water for a bit, so just wondering if freezing is necessary??? my only problem is if i make them in bulk they take up alot of room in my freezer πŸ™‚
  4. i use little beach cos i stay at halifax, and i do it solo as i got the boat catch, but beware of little beach, at low tide tide u will 100% get bogged. because it's a ramp that build into beach. the ramp is wide enough for 4 lanes, but as 2 side of the ramp is beach.. at low tide u can only use the center 2 lane for a lesser chance of ur trailer wheel in sand. in middle lanes i was able to pull a 17ft glass boat out with a FWD but it requires some skill. not sure about shoral bay but soilders point is the best and more modern with floating pontoon while the little bay is not floating pontoon. anyway but if ur fishing near the head or offshore. soilders point is a long run especially when it gets rough
  5. Well. I got 2x adult type 1, 1x small adult 40-60kg type 1 and 1x type 2(watersport) all non inflatable. If ur in sydney I wouldn't mind a swap. I cant see myself carrying 6x non-inflatables take up all the room! Ps I'd probably have more than 2 people twice a year on clam waters. Chances of using them is zero just need to show to police.
  6. hey guys, so i have 2 'AUSTRALIAN Standard' inflatable life jackets onboard, they are the ones u get from a shop for $70-100, and 3 regular life jackets and 1 watersport life jacket (PFD Type 2, or 50) for waterskiing. i rarely ever go on the boat with more than 2 people, on top of that those life jackets probably never be used in your entire life, so i figure that i buy all inflatable as they are taking up HUGE space in the cabin/side pockets. lately i just purchased 4x cheap $25 each inflatable life jackets, only to relise they do not have the AS4758.1 printed on. they are rated L150N, i inspected those life jackets and take the air bladder out. and compare to the one WITH the ticks from a shop, they are exactly the same to the millimeter. the outside shield is also the same. quality of material seems the same and does not leak, the inflate mechanism even got the SAME CE/QC number on it! so is this just australian government charges u $50 to punch their stamp on it or is it really? from what im seeing i really don't doubt the functionally and quality of the plain non-brand, non-standard life jackets. problem is when waterpolice check life jackets, will they get u a fine cos they are non-ticked? i almost never have more than 2 people on boat, and boat is safe honestly im sure 99.999999999% i'd never need a life jacket in this life on this boat. but hey what do u guys think? cos on newyears eve id have 6 people on boat and if police check life jacket may fine u? would u go with non-ticked jackets or pay the $200 TAX for the tick?
  7. heya guys the other day im trying to do some reel maintainence. because my Penn spinfisher 850ssm is line roller is making noise, only to found that one of the 2 bearing is gone making noise. i think last year when i accidently hooked a marlin on my snapper rig and it made runner burn my line roller bearing in matter of 10 second then snap the line. now i've measured the bearing size and order new bearings. i found that if ur reel has carbon drag washer, or u can repair/replace the drag washers, line roller bearing, rod tip... the rest of ur rod/reel will almost last forever. those are the only 3 that will brake down!!! anyway, then i go ahead and try to clean and re-grease my other reels. only to find that in my smaller bream reels, Shimano Sedona 2000FE and Diawa Laguna 2500-5bi they both NOT have line roller bearing, it's just a plastic collar over the shaft and then the roller outside, NO WONDER when those reels are under load, the line roller don't spin! but the manufacture claims that they do have Line roller bearing.... Shimano claims 3+1 while Diawa claims 5+1 but they do not have ball bearings inside line roller... i mean they are alright bream reels for the price but thats false advertising. get my money back? ???
  8. just wondering, i always just drive half way onto the trailer, leave the engine in gear and winch the boat up. but im considering the boat latch system that u just drive the boat all the way to the winch post. but i seen other people do it and it kicks up alot of dirt and sand in some boat ramps. illegal isn't it?
  9. hey fellow fishers, i'll be heading down to jervis bay from 24th to 27th this month. will be going with my boat and staying at husky. 2 of those days i'd be fishing(most likely 26 and 27). anyone local or travelling wanna hook up for some fishing? if u know your way maybe u can guide me to glory so i can brag on facebook? drinks and petrol are on me!
  10. hey guys, i have a haines Sig 530 and im running a lonestar drum winch on it, because the anchor well is not deep enough for windlass. the biggest problem is the hatch of the anchor well is sooo damn small that i simply cannot fit that drum winch in it. the well itself is big enough just the opening is NOT. so i end up putting the winch right on the bow, and had my bow spirt all the way forward, because i have no space for a curve roller, when i reel it in all the rope goes into center. very annoying. has anyone fitted an drum winch on Haines Sig 492/493/sixteen, or 520c/530c/530SF boat. they have pretty much the same anchor well design, decent sized anchor well with tiny lid. designed for hand-pull anchor only. i know i can completely cut off the area around the lid, but thats gonna be UGLY!!!