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  1. Shanemills

    Fish id (Southern/False) Fusilier)

    Thanks for that
  2. Shanemills

    Fish id (Southern/False) Fusilier)

    Please help id this fish. It was caught on a reef off Wollongong thanks.
  3. Shanemills

    FISH ID PLEASE(Yellowfin Goby)

    Grinner fish I think
  4. Shanemills

    Yellowfin off Sydney

    We managed 5 hookups 3 landed all not far from browns all around the 30 to 40kg range cubing. The long liners were out in close to so plenty of fin around. Hope it lasts a while.
  5. Mate scent blazer lures are pretty good I have some and they are worth it especially with the raider discount. They have a great action in the water to. Keep the pics coming guys great shots to.
  6. Shanemills


    wow what a sight that's a lot of dollies.
  7. Shanemills

    Anglers Almanac

    yes it it the same app on iPhone
  8. Shanemills

    Vhf radio?

    No I'm mostly out west to and it doesn't work. If you had 100m aerial. But then that would be a helicopter hazard.
  9. Shanemills

    Vhf radio?

    I've got an old stereo / radio that picks up VHF but he probably works near the water and has an aerial and VHF radio set up heaps of people have them at home to.if the office is high up should get very good reception
  10. Shanemills

    Mercury in gem fish

    And you can save on your power bill if your glowing green Don't need lights.
  11. Shanemills

    Jewfish in the hawkesbury report

    I had a mate a few years ago used to own a tackle shop. He told me the paper used to ring him for reports and he told them duck creek was fishing well and they wrote it. So not always correct but sometimes it's credible.
  12. Shanemills

    Young kids on sharks

    Not sure what it was and It was the girl that lost it. I just heard on the radio on the way back in
  13. Shanemills

    Young kids on sharks

    Yes lost it 50m from boat at about 6:30
  14. Shanemills

    My 1st Bluefin

    Can't be his first or he's very tired. He's smiling but not from ear to ear as you do when it's your first. Well done congratulations and same to reef magic for getting the boys on the fish.