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  1. Here is a lure I made with 3d printer. I've skipped making look nice and gone for function. I think the bubble jets will be awesome. Video of it ob printer won't upload. Can't wait to tow it and try some other colours and designs.
  2. kitto77


    Just become a teacher and fish when you want too.
  3. Scratchie has locked in seat for both days. Cheers
  4. 1 spot to fill on my boat this Friday and Saturday. Chasing Marlin, no virgins please, I don't want a spewing passenger. No gear needed but bring it if you have it. $60 for the day will cover your fuel looking reduce costs on an expensive weekend travelling up from Sydney. PM me, your number I'll call to arrange.
  5. Got a Fin on Sunday, heard some action on the radio near Browns so headed over got 5km south seen some birds working and a couple of boats circling. Seen a couple of barrels busting and swimming in front of the boat. Water was green and full of algae 22.5 - 23.0. Hooked on a lumo skirt. Find the birds find the fish. Had a slow run back after dropping a motor 2 minutes after boating the fish. Could of been worse having a fish onboard eased the pain.
  6. Hi guys Just to add to this I was out yesterday with fellow raider Don.a, we set lures wide of the Gong, headed east seen birds working around lunch time. Worked the area for around an hour birds disappeared as quick as they appeared. Then out of nowhere free jumpers, head straight for them and shoty goes off. 35 minutes later we have a 1.5m yft under the boat doing circle work for 10 minutes trying to gain that last 10m then snap, crimp pulls on the leader. Don's crimp, Don's fish and Don not very happy. Set the lures again about an hour later big run on the shoty again this time after 15 mi
  7. Sounds similar to the day I had, minus the 35kg fin on the deck. Great whale and dolphin watching day with a number of bait schools and the occasional bust up (short lived) with no action. Good day considering I was too sick for work.
  8. Hey Bluelabel Iwill be on 21 from 7 heading out to 500 fathoms happy to share info. I'll be out with another boat I'll give you a shout out you can get me on the handle Kitto.
  9. Hey domza Were you the guy that was at Browns asking for help because you only had a 27Mhz radio? Then had to be towed back in by rescue after running out of fuel even after being given fuel by another boat. People should learn the range of their boat before heading to Heatons on their maiden voyage wide. You don't know how lucky you were another boat had their 27 on I rarely turn mine on when out wide I am sure others will agree.
  10. Forshore is closest to the head Sylvania is next best if oil spill has still closed Foreshore. As for Hacking ramps Gunamatta is shallow as shite if u can get parking, Grays point is miles from the heads. Heading from south have a crack at Sylvania.
  11. Hi Guys Took up an offer today from another Raider Greg, to head this arvo and pull some lures around. Plenty of stripies caught today, no YFT or BFT but can report that BFT were being caught on the mountain about 30 minutes after dark on the cube 30kg was the number that was being thrown around on the radio. We had just pointed for home and didn't head back.
  12. Hi Mitch Text me and we can sort out the details. Cheers Ryan
  13. Hi Guys Just sold my boat, waiting 4 weeks for new one. Can't believe tuna turn up the week it's gone. Anyone who would like to head out, I have all the gear. I am on holidays, any day is good for the next 2 weeks. Text me 0418495480.
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