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  1. Hello Looking for a keen fisherman that is heading down to Batemans Bay or lives down that way for a bit of off shore fishing, Head out of Hanging rock ramp normaly But am up for other options (Bottom and trolling for anything that comes up) Would prefer somebody that can back a trailer easier for loading of boat, but can work around that. Boat is a 6.1m plate Live in Canberra so head down that way often Shoot me through a PM Cheers Ian
  2. Ian J

    Motor losing drive

    Sounds like a fuel problem, how old is the fuel ? check filter and breath on the tank.
  3. Ian J

    Bearing Buddies

    Could not agree more stainless steel is the go. As for filling, if you fill to the hole you will find when you get to the ramp there's grease all over the place. As the bearing rotates it heats and expands the grease pushing it out the hole or worse pushing out the rear seal, you need to leave enough room in the bearing buddies for the grease to move in and out with the spring, that's why so many people have problems with them. Once the bearings and buddies are packed you really only need a couple of pumps with a good quality gun. (Or only bring the nipple out half way in the housing) Done it like that with my work trailer for the last 12 years or more and never had a problem (with a average of 100km a day it works for me)
  4. Nothing like a bit of inside trading. Isn't thing like this illegal
  5. Ian J

    Super Trawler issue

    Well done to Vic counterparts with the protest, made it on the 5 O'clock new, Still cant believe out Government is so stupid to let this happen, the damage is going to take years to recover, have a look at where its been you idiots, f me all they can see is the money, Their just Pigs in the feeding trough, Make me sick.
  6. Ian J

    Lowrance HDS 5

    Well it looks like your replies have reassured me of what I have been thinking, may have to dig deeper and go with the 7's. Those trim tabs will have to wait that bit longer. Cheers Ian
  7. Ian J

    Lowrance HDS 5

    Thanks Geoff for your reply At the moment I'm finding that I'm constantly changing screens from sounder to chart so hence the two screen set up, Was thinking that I would go a 7 and a 5 in the plotter, or should it be the other way? with the over lay that you can do with the HDS, etc Was thinking the platinum card. Decisions decisions cheers Ian
  8. Ian J

    Lowrance HDS 5

    I need to up date my sounder and plotter to something that works Looking at the Lowrance HDS 5 with the 5m as the second screen plotter. But just unsure on screen size don't want to spend the money and not be happy, have check them out but sitting on the fence at the moment. The question that I have, Do you find the screens OK, not to small and resolution etc With the structure scan is the screen to small to fit all the info on left and right down. Would love to jump up to the 7's but by the time you throw in a good card, structure scan, transducer its starting to push the budget. Boat is a 6.1 plate so should have enough room to fit both After the separate screens so if anybody else could recommend anything else that also would be appreciated Cheers Ian
  9. Ian J


    Sorry Gazza can agree with that comment, heard it used in many time relating to many different thing and it means jack, You might as well say if you have a licence you can afford and Ferrari etc etc etc Its like all sports, every bit of extra costs hurts $20 hear $20 there at the end of the day it all adds up and stops people doing what we love. But like every thing the Government is wringing everything out of people, only time will tell where we end up. Now back to the story, don't do anything stupid to your boat.
  10. Yep Labour has F55ked everything its touched, THIS will be NO different. Totally disgusting And good on you Unions short sighted or what, what about the thousands of jobs that you will be destroying when there's no fish left.
  11. Ian J

    Fishing for Yellowfin

    So with the water now getting colder at what point is it to cold to fish for Y/fin ? Is 18-20 deg starting to get to cold for the last run. Cheers Ian
  12. Ian J

    Fuel tank breather?

    Have a simular problem, which seem to be the norm with boat fuel tanks. To fill I take off the breather line and blow back the fuel that ends up in the line then I can fill with no problems. (Its that much of a pain I normally fill with jerry cans at home ) I would try dropping the front as much as possible to let the tank breath when filling
  13. Ian J

    Jeep grand cherokee -

    Now this sounds very familiar, right down to the warranty work.
  14. Ian J

    Jeep grand cherokee -

    I bought a Jeep once, had the 2.8 diesel in it 6 speed auto leather all the gear fitted it out with a heap of after market product right up to twin diff locks, cost me a fortune and lost me a fortune on it. Traded it well before end of lease just to get rid of it. Just have a look at the resale value, that should tell you how good they are. Over heated when towing up hills if there was any sort of warmth in the air, heavy on diesel around 17l/100km and right up to 25L/100km on the sand not towing, gear box failed after 3 years power steering failed around the same time, and the suspension is shit. Keep on asking around you will find the answer to your question. I know of at least 5 people that have had a Jeeps right through from standard to heavily modified and its always the same answer. Good luck if you go that way, you will need it....
  15. Ian J

    Bearing Buddies

    It sound like most people are pumping way to much grease in them. The spring is designed to allow the grease to move outwards as the hub/grease gets hot, then when you back your trailer into the water and the hubs are cooled the spring pushes back the grease instead of the hub sucking in water hence equalizing the pressure again, and so the cycle repeats it self every time you tow and launch your trailer. So if you are loosing the buddies you are putting to much grease in them. Hub get hot the grease expands and pushes off the bearing buddy or pushes out the rear seal. I have used buddies in every trailer that I have, including my work trailer that would travel around 80km per day carrying around 1.5tonnes and have never lost one. Just one other thing don't use the ones from Super **** waste of time, grab some proper stainless steel ones you wont look back.