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  1. re your ps. the GPS deemed your new ave velocity was to be a lot less hence it was going to take you a lot longer even though you were closer ...... or something like that Jim
  2. more Wollongong than Sydney-near Sea bridge at Coalcliff
  3. only one good place for these carp,,,,Charlie Carp Factory-garden food Jim
  4. jot

    Bate Bay

    flounder ...just dust with flour whole and very shallow pan fry Jim...
  5. even being up on higher ledges where you think you are safe doesn't always work. Remember fishing the Gutter at Little Bay one night with a group of mates and curled up on the higher ledges above the spot and still got rather wet with a large swell that snuck up on us. So quiet all night except for that one lone wolf... Jim
  6. illegal also means not covered by ANY insurances as well!!!
  7. another fishing spot in the making maybe... 1974 storm was no bigger than other east coast lows but the crunch factor was the new breakwall for the beginning of the container terminals......swell came straight in through the heads, hiting the wall and then ran northwards hitting Yarra Bay and swirling back around towards La Perouse where the wharf and the Paragon Restaurant was as well.....kids had a field day the next day picking up all the cans of soft drink etc which was washed up Jim
  8. I recall years ago slimies were usually around the harbour in Aug/Sep when westerlies were howling. Use to get them off Neilson Park Wharf and Clifton Gardens Jetty. Are they around ATM?? Jim
  9. jot

    Number plate games

    AGR1V8- on a turbo 4 cylinder Gemini Ute ANIM8R- cartoonist CEM 15T- pharmacist owned FARMACY TOY 07A
  10. also remember as a juniour we would go on bait gathering duties for the seniors-cunje,worms,yakkas etc depending on comp on hand. I was a Mascot Anglers member. My favourite comp. was a club challenge which was held around Jervis Bay. We would stay at Currarong Caravan Park and usually fished Beecroft Head or The Tubes....saw many decent sized kingies and tuna and a couple of marlin and some big sharks landed at The Tubes too. Jim
  11. from memory the blackfish were spawning, sort of remember August westerlies was the time I think...so that would be about this time of year now...wonder how some bloodworms would go in the river now.....is there such a thing as Botany Bay wrigglers around these days? Anyone know?? Jim
  12. I managed largest Luderick for a junior in an Syd Metro Estuary Comp mid 1970's. Luderick were taking Botany Bay wrigglers in the Cooks River. Weigh in was at the Fisho's club on Bestick St- just around the corner...so for us juniors we were in walking distance and fished the river breakwall/bridge all night. Jim
  13. jot

    Wharf fishing

    good to see our taxes being put to good use
  14. well done to all....during and after the fact Jim
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