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  1. Also once this is all over the best thing people can do to help is go back to your favourite spots and spend some money there. The more the merrier, putting dollars through the local economies will help them rebuild and continue on. Donations to appropriate charities will help to a point but supporting the local businesses puts money back into the local populations pockets which in turn will be put back into local businesses and so on. Every dollar intoduced from outside will potentially turn around up to 10 times.... Jim
  2. Attached is a shot from my Mums Bridge Motel in Batemans Bay on New Years Eve. Motel is OK except there was no power or Communications for a while and most businesses were closed because they either had run out of supplies or could not service customers anyway. A convoy of fuel tankers were escorted into BB today so people could get some fuel to be able to leave as has been requested by authorities. Fri and Sat are going to be a couple of bad days again. Lots of crossed fingers and toes and anything else. Jim
  3. Mrs parents ran the convenience/subnewsagent/sandwich shop opposite the main gates of the hospital on Anzac Pde. I was in year 11 at Matraville High....going down to the several spots around Little Bay was always a good relaxation time while studying and working in the shop...the fishing now is a lot different and fish are getting scarce Jim
  4. Ah Little Bay in the late 1970's to mid 1980's...many a time I would stumble "literally" across a tanning body or 2 moving around the spots between the Gutter and Greeny...back in the days when Prince Henry Hospital was open and the nurses accommodation was open. As it turns out the nurses building has been replaced by an over 55's apartments where my Mum happens to be living now. We lived on the main drag when we first moved to Sydney in mid 70' she gone full circle now...... Little Bay Beach amd surrounds has become very family orientated now also... Jim
  5. I don't want to appear dumb but when I go to a shop looking for life vest for rock fishing there is a rack full of vests of all shapes, sizes and colours but nothing to indicate what is suitable for which situation, in my case rock fishing. The best vest is the one you will always wear so it has to be comfortable and fit for purpose. So what is a vest suitable for rock fishing and what colour . Regards Jim
  6. Started my 1st business and the family company in 1981, 40 odd years later starting to wind things down and hand over the reigns to the youn'uns, Jim
  7. I lived just opposite the main entrance to Prince Henry Hospital at Little Bay during my latter high school years. There was a group of us that fished around the Little Bay area- Julie-Ann, The Gutter, The Jump, Doctors Rock, Greeny, The Trap, The Shute, This next spot we climb down a short ladder to a large low level platform, the Shakey and Cape Banks and Browns Rock. These were all walking distance. Some of the names in the group were Craig T, Gary P, Scotty ?, Jim T, Phillip C, and our Tackle shops were Mascot Bait and tackle which became Matraville B&T, South Syd B&T with owners over the years being Chris G, Phil A, and Peter Z who was a big Slavic boy who saved me from a fall while climbing down to Julie-Ann one early morning during a club rock comp. This was around the mid to late 1970's. I had moved out to Parramatta area but always head back to these fishing areas which I knew and could almost always get a feed no matter what the weather conditions were. However, the numbers of fish caught difinitely has dropped as the years have gone on. Most memorable vision I had over the early years was when the "Paragon" was washed in during 1974 storm. This was the first really big weather event after the Breakwall for the container terminal was first built. Swell patterns all changed in the Bay and the rest is history. They ended up building little breakwall thingies out from Yarra Bay to mitigate the swell which is deflected by the Breakwall. I think during this same weather event a huge rock like 4m by 4m by 4m was moved near where we would leave our gear when fishing The Gutter. The power of a really big sea is immense. Regards Jim
  8. somewhere in all this hook up some solar panel/'re out in the sun anyway,utilise this free resource ( well sort of free-have to buy the infrastructure first) Jim
  9. Love the Kookaburra on the light in the scene shot
  10. yes Mr Hornet's photo/rig I was totally agreeing with the concept
  11. Single hook rig is the way to go either 1 or 2 like in photo above Jim
  12. flathead carry their own "antidote" for spike injuries. Try rubbing the affected area on the slimy belly of the flathead. It eases the pain and swelling somewhat. Jim