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  1. how fast do they grow? Jim
  2. If the Estuary Comp was after sept 8 then I was 18 because I was inside to receive trophy...also remember being a bit light headed after having a beer and being thirsty and no doubt a bit dehydrated
  3. I received this trophy in 1977 , from memory it was for largest Luderick in Estuary c/ships. Don't remember if I was a junior or senior. Would have been 17 then. I do remember catching it in the Cooks River on a Botany Bay wriggler. A group of juniors fished the river from start on Sat overnight to end on Sun. Being reliant on our feet for transport we were in walking distance from weigh-in venue at the Fisho's Club on Bestic St about a Km from where we were fishing. I was in Mascot Anglers Club as it was called then. Jim
  4. ...was watching one of those big truck documentaries where a kangaroo was injured by a vehicle and when a trucky saw this animal in distress he ran over it to "humanely" end it's suffering. It's what has to be done sometimes. If you physically approach a roo you are likely to get sliced to pieces if you try to man handle it to get to a vet or similar and will most probably put down anyway..... Jim
  5. Having been inspired by the talk of cooking octopus I made an Baby Octopus and potato salad for dinner tonight. All gone!!!!! https://www.sbs.com.au/food/recipes/spanish-potato-salad-grilled-octopus Jim
  6. Years ago I remember seeing a cement mixer full of Octopi being "tenderised" at the fish shops at the Sydney Fish Markets. Another tenderiser is mixing a few Kiwi Fruit mashed up with the occi in the fridge for a few hours/overnight then wash and cook as required. Jim
  7. Not working ATM....crook back...combination of sports/fishing/age/work related injury...basically worn out. Getting a Spinal Chord Stimulator (SCS) put in next month...had a 1 week trial with very encouraging results so here's hoping I can get back to a more normal life...on top of dealing with Covid Jim
  8. If this @#$% doesn't believe in Covid then what are they treating him for in hospital. An imaginary disease?? Let him out and let him choke on it then let's see how imaginary his symptoms feel. May seem harsh but people like him are making it very difficult for the general public.... Jim
  9. Having vaccine doesn't guarantee you not catching Covid-19. The vaccine teaches your immune system to fight the virus as soon as you get it so it doesn't take off in your body and you get really really sick. With the vaccine you may not even feel any symptoms or you get a mild sickness usually. Just like with influenza though, if it mutates we may need to get boosters each year to cover you for the different variations. Jim- your friendly pharmacist.
  10. I've had my 2 jabs, 2nd one yesterday, NO side effects felt worse with flu vaccination Jim
  11. try this place out they have lots of stuff Nepean Bolts SEVEN HILLS Unit 2/1 Tucks Road Seven Hills NSW 2147 Email: hsales@nepbolt.com.au Phone: 0298 388 300 Fax: 0298 388 322
  12. Have a relo up in Casino and he always speaks of Browns Rock up near Iluka on the Clarence. Easter was the gun time for bream. Jim
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