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  1. Hi all, Found this while looking for some charcoal for smoking I don't have Facebook but link via "Simply Charcoal" to get more info. Hamilton Street(between Victoria and Perth Sts) Riverstone NSW Saturdays only 11am-4pm till 20/6/20 or sold out. Bags approx 18kg for $12 (no financial interest) just a good bargain regards Jim
  2. I'm doing surprising don't know what you don't know Jim
  3. there is a lot to said about looking out the window when weather forecasting Jim
  4. I thought Barracouta were given a new common name of Gemfish to make them commercially acceptable. I don't think this is correct and if not what fish was given the Gemfish identity? Jim
  5. catching....anyone caught eating....whiting,snapper,kingfish
  6. and if you get spiked by the spines near the gills of flathead rub the affected area with the slime on the flatheads belly area.....don't know why but it relieves the sting/pain somewhat... Jim
  7. usually good conditions for rock fishing especially live baiting with balloons etc. however need to be careful in the mornings as you often get a ground swell which comes back towards the coastline which can be a trap. Once the westerly wind kicks in during the day the swell usually flattens out... Jim
  8. westerly swell well basically flat along the coast but as you travel eastwards swell gets bigger and bigger....then when you come back in you are travelling into it. ( I'm not a boaty but from my limited experiance) Jim
  9. 8144 MT would be better especially if lifting good size fish is required. otherwise 7144MT is a bit lighter for long sessions but if 4 oz snapper leads and a good size bait is the norm then taking about 9 inches or about 200mm off the tip will help with casting heavier payloads Jim
  10. thought I may have had one but finally checked today and it is a plastic spool not cedar..model looks like 50 AIE7 but yes is a very good luderick/bream reel which I use with my Butterworth 4144MT Jim
  11. just had a go....Q10 a bit cryptic Jim
  12. 50 x 30kg jewies in a day....I recall something like that being on the front page of the Fishing News paper when I was young(late 1970's?) from off one of the NSW mid north coast river walls. They hired a refigerated van to take the catch home ........... Jim
  13. just imagine 6 months of undersized fish not been taken. That has to bode well for fishing post Convid-19. This might be a way Mother Nature is trying to get the balance better. Jim
  14. one thing for sure...if you don't have a line in the water you won't catch fish 🙂 Jim
  15. jot

    Reel service

    If you do a full pull down take photos as you dismantle it so it will help when you reassemble Jim