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  1. jot

    Lost containers - Nelson Bay

    paper mache
  2. jot

    Maratime warning for NSW Coastal waters

    kingies getting free from their pens and now containers jumping ship. What's in the water up their???
  3. jot

    Disposing of acetone

    Plus most councils have a chemical/other bad things for environment clean up days a couple times a year.Just check your councils website for details Jim...
  4. jot

    Disposing of acetone

    add to your cars fuel tank when full, filtering out any particulate matter of course
  5. jot

    Rock Spin Rods

    Butterworth 8144 and 7144 and 4144 in my collection all bought and built by myself( and still going strong) when I was a younger lad (40 years ago) and paid for by selling fish caught to the local pensioners near where I lived at Little Bay. Jim...
  6. jot

    Fishing at Magic Point

    Mistral Pt Maroubra....use to fly R/C Gliders there especially in a good nor'easter Jim...
  7. jot

    Coffs advice (met bergy)

    Looks fishy there, doesn't it....high tide on dark is the go Jim...
  8. jot

    Coffs advice (met bergy)

    There is an island off Sapphire Beach just north of where you are staying and due west of that island there are some rocks/reef along the beach. Have almost always caught some fish there when I've been travelling through and My cousin who lives in Coffs has seen a Jew or three come out of there as well..... Jim...
  9. jot


    current big seas should clean it up a bit
  10. jot

    Port Stephens on fire!!

    I thought there for a second that Port Stephens was "on fire". Well done on the fishing ! Jim...
  11. Coffs Creek near Melittas Ave holds Mangrove Jacks Jim...
  12. watching BOM at the moment 10.30pm. Big line of slow moving storms heading our way...Parramatta Jim...
  13. jot

    Road trip to Cairns

    What fishing licences are required for NSW Inland, Qld Inland, Qld Saltwater. Thanks in advance Jim...
  14. jot

    Coffs beaches

    my cousin lives in Coffs...says the same thing Jim
  15. jot

    Barracuda eating quality

    looking at Dr Google images this looks like a barracouta also known as Gemfish or Hake. Has a long fin along the top. Barracuda has 2 distinct fins on top. Jim