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  1. jot

    Salmon off the beach down south.

    when the weather is bad for a prolonged period of time down south ie Narooma/Bega the pro fishers can't get out so a lot more salmon and other similar fish get a chance to get up the coast further like to Sydney and even up to Coffs etc I remenber about 25 years ago we had several east coast lows around from May throughto July and the salmon were thick as all along the coast that winter and even through the next summer Jim
  2. jot

    Kings on the beach

    Many many moons ago I was fishing at Pt Plummer beach when I saw some activity close in the shore break. There was a surfer close in amongst it all then he dives in and starts wreastling a fish ashore which had almost beached itself chasing baitfish. After a few tense moments we come out with an ankle slapper length kingie. Yes caught by hand. This was around 1980. Jim...
  3. jot

    Will electric outboards replace petrol?

    Ammonia is the new tech. for hydrogen....much safer and cheaper to do....I think Toyota is doing a fair bit in this direction....also those of you that are company share tended....Australia has a lot of ammonia manufacturer capability so investing this way would be a good idea going forward.... Jim
  4. jot

    Will electric outboards replace petrol?

    hydrogen motor technology and plenty of water to drive it....won't need a tank....your floating in one....
  5. jot

    Will electric outboards replace petrol?

    and if he is charging at night....all those panels are not doing much for him batteries then even more $$$$$$$$$$$$'s
  6. jot

    REMINISCING- Silver Trevally

    use to get 2-3kg trevally in the Cooks River around August as I remember the strong westerlies were blowing too. Would also catch Luderick up to 2.5kg in the river as well in Aug. using a green bait that was a cross between a prawn and a yabby. Gathered them at low tide from around/under rocks under Bridge (Gen Holmes Dr) Jim
  7. jot

    REMINISCING- Silver Trevally

    fishing in the 70's....I had the opportunity to do "fishing" for sport around the Little Bay area during year 11-12. We had a very understanding Sports Master at school when we presented our case. Jim...
  8. jot

    Oil spill scenario from a surfing perspective but applies to our fishing as well. Our collective fishing voices must be loud as well.... Jim
  9. jot

    Insane Yellowfin session

    I think we gunna need a bigger bucket??
  10. jot

    Morning kingys off stones

    applied or ingested
  11. jot

    LBG - Jervis Bay

    Saw lots of cracking fish landed and lost at The Tubes in my juniour fishing days circa 1970-80's. We as juniours would burley up and catch Trevaley around the 1-2kg mark to be used as live bait. I remember watching a huge Hammerhead Shark zeroing in on a large livebait under a balloon with it's dorsal fin zig zagging in on the bait then disappearing and then laumching itself fully out of the water and then the fight was on. 45 minutes later it was along side the rock platform all 3 metres of it. Those were the days. Rocks I can't do anymore. Beecroft Head was also good for live baiting and spinning with lots of good size Kingfish being lost up close as there seem to be an underwater cave right at our feet. Also off the high end of Beecroft as you use to walk onto the spot was good for big Snapper but 80-100m casts were necessary. I remember being there over Easter when an East Coast Low system came down the coast. The seas were HUGE !!! Some of our club members had camped in the cave at this spot. We walked in ,in the morning and just watched the ocean. Like I said it was HUGE. No good for fishing so we met up with the campers and were all sitting and chatting and having coffee then out wide we could see a really big set building up and up and up.......a couple of the more senior guys became very quiet as we watched then the water level at the shoreline just started to drop and drop as this massive swell out wide just kept growing. We all then started hastilly moving to higher ground. The next couple of minutes was the biggest water I've ever seen moving in all over Beecroft Head even well over the high point. The "splash" ended up higher than the cliff face. All the gear in the cave was washed out into the ocean, takle boxes, sleeping bags, tents and tarps. anything that was loose was smashed into pieces, rods, reels, BBQ's. Everybody was safe and unhurt. To this day I still think about what could have been if our group decided not to go out to the spot. There was every probability that the group in the cave would have still been in there. Been back many times since and caught many good fish but the memory still lingers. Jim...
  12. jot

    Whats your dream boat

    whatever as long as I catch fish and I DON'T get seasick
  13. jot

    Blood Worms - Sydney

    also along the beach near the runway in front of the old control tower Jim...
  14. jot

    Murray cod

    sadly there are hundreds of dead ones in the Menindee Lakes area Broken Hill. They have to let water flow more freely through the Darling River System. What about pumping water from the great coastal rivers eg Tweed/Richmond/Clarence/Macley/Manning over the Great Dividing Range ....and maybe some Hydro Electric Turbines on the down side to power the pumps moving the water up the mountains and then lots of water for fish and farmers and the ailing river systems. Our west could well become the food bowl of The World!! Just need some polititions with some forsight and some !@#$ to get the job done. I dare say there is plenty of Chinese and Oil money that could be shovelled in this direction for such an obvious infrastructure jugonaut Jim...
  15. jot

    Energy Bills

    Don't get too comfortable with the same energy company long term....always good to remind them to keep on being competitive.....I have been with AGL for a long while now but they needed prompting a couple of times to stay in the game... Regards Jim