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  1. Great story well told. My uncle caught the biggest snapper of his life on a live pike many years ago in close to Lion Island at the mouth of the Hawkesbury. I recall it went 20lb. I've heard pike fillets are also good snapper bait - haven't tried it myself. Cheers Fil
  2. Congrats on the pb a good looking fish. Sounds like a great trip with plenty of fish. The pics look like the stretch around Willawarin or Bellbrook. Were they taking surface lures yet? cheers Fil
  3. The only problem with being retired is you never get a day off😬
  4. Good mixed bag and one of those whiting is a real cracker! Cheers Fil
  5. Yeah I've got the 9' Penn Prevail and I love it - you can cast a 40-60gm lure all day with minimal effort, it casts a mile and when you hook a fish it's got plenty of grunt in the lower half - perfect with 8-10kg line for tailor, salmon and bonito and even small kings Fil
  6. Great write up and a nice pic of the jewie - well done! Did you get a measure on it before the release? Fil
  7. From reading many of your reports over the years I think that girl of yours could catch fish in a puddle😄. Cheers Fil
  8. Great report and top pics - congratulations ! Fil
  9. Congratulations Scratchie, that's a trophy fish in anyone's book. Interesting that the big fella (and all the others in the pic) doesn't have the big snapper bump on its head? Well done. Fil
  10. Thanks for all that detail. Also interesting to hear you were able to launch off the beach at Minnie - well done doing it solo! Cheers
  11. Great report and pics - like the one of your rig on the beach. Did you get the longtails on lures or livies? Cheers Fil
  12. Congratulations to you, and the new Mum and Dad! And as usual a great catch of reddies... Cheers Fil
  13. That's a nice EP at 42! Just shows you have to be flexible when the usual isn't working, try different lures, techniques etc and sometimes you are rewarded. Well done, and nice pics by the way. Not after your spot but what general part of the river were you - looks a bit like the river around Wisemans or Spencer? Cheers Fil
  14. Lucky to get out before this cold snap. I notice you caught the flatties on half pilchard, have you had any success lately on plastics or just the bait? Cheers Fil
  15. I came cross this newspaper cutting from the Manly Daily fishing reports when doing a big cleanup lately - how else do we occupy ourselves at the moment. It's ancient history - I think around 1985 and not a fish I caught, but I was the driver, gaff man and supporter over the four hour battle. It was Steve's first marlin and the only one he's kept - all his subsequent captures were tagged and released. I've never managed one. That year there were heaps of small blacks so we thought we'd have a try off the shelf east of Barrenjoey. The pic is pretty fuzzy - sorry about that, but at l
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