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  1. A great haul Pickles and at a time of year when many think the estuary flathead have gone into a winter slumber. Did you happen to notice the water temp? Did you try sp's or just bait - hard to justify a change when you're getting results with a technique. Cheers Fil
  2. Can't say I've seen them consistently anywhere but I have noticed them at times around the wharf and boat ramp at Pretty Beach
  3. After a very tough summer and autumn on the flathead in Brisbane Waters I had a blinder yesterday. I was flicking SPs and a soft vibe and it started off slow, actually dead, for the first hour and half. I began fishing the inlets around St Huberts Island on the last couple of hours of the run out. I figured I'd start up there and then follow the run out to other spots around Hardys Bay and Ettalong. After zero hits around the island I realised I better get moving to catch the last of the tide so moved downstream of The Rip to the edge of a weedbed that sometimes produces a fish or two. After
  4. Some great pics and a good story well told. Thanks for sharing Fil
  5. As everyone has already said that's a trophy bream, especially on a lure! I was thinking of doing a quick EP/Bass outing before the closed season starts on Saturday - will have to pull the finger out now. Also interesting to see great fish being caught within the built up areas, just shows they're still around us if you look and put in the hours. Well done Fil
  6. can be ok but when it changes its a nasty bar that "goes on forever" The ramp at Hat Head creek is usually ok but only in the top half of the time. Haven't seen it since the recent floods though. Glad you made it back without injury Fil
  7. Great video and very encouraging to see so many Murray Cod - and to see them going back so fit and healthy! Cheers Fil
  8. Wow now that's a story. Cant wait for the video. Congrats on the capture (50cm is a big red devil) and more for the release! I've caught a few average sized ones in Weipa but that's a cracker. There's been whispered stories over the years of them being in Queensie lagoon but I've never seen this verified, so great to hear there is at least one in Sydney 😲. Well done Fil
  9. Yeah you typically hear of them in winter but I have caught odd ones in Pittwater in the warmer months when targeting other fish. They are strange fish and not much is known about them. Fil
  10. that's a cracker Murray Cod !!
  11. Yes you've had quite a year - congrats on becoming a grandad by the way - did get a measure on her? ha. Be assured your posts have made a crappy year much more bearable and unlike many successful fishermen you are happy to share your knowledge - a wonderful attribute and you deserve the notoriety. I also enjoyed your podcast which has led me to listening to many more of that series! Happy New Year to you and all Fishraiders! Fil
  12. I was keen to get out of the house this arvo for a little exercise and change of scenery after another dull weather day (luckily fishing is allowed). So I grabbed the flick stick, a few SPs and headed to my side of the lake (south side). As another Raider said a couple of days ago (Whiting and more whiting) the lake is now open following the heavy rain we had a few nights back and the water looks like a strong cup of coffee, but as soon as I started wading out to knee deep water there were plenty of small mullet moving about ahead of me which I took as a good sign. After half a dozen cast
  13. Yep looks like the bride brought the good luck as well as the coffee. Congrats on the pb - all the sweeter when it was looking like a dud outing, fishwise at least. Interested in how you catch the poddies, I've had little or no success with a trap? Cheers Fil
  14. An update to this post. Firstly thanks to all the Raiders for your responses and information. Interesting to hear that others thought the Knols Native were such a good lure. And unfortunately there seems to be no-one selling any these days. So plan B was to try to make my own copies based on the ones I had. I found a website that gives some guidance on making your own wooden lures and using those techniques and the size and scale of the existing ones I had a go. Given all the mucking around involved with carving the wood, making hook hangers, inserting a weight, painting and att
  15. Great story well told. My uncle caught the biggest snapper of his life on a live pike many years ago in close to Lion Island at the mouth of the Hawkesbury. I recall it went 20lb. I've heard pike fillets are also good snapper bait - haven't tried it myself. Cheers Fil
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