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  1. LuckyFil

    Brisbane waters mixed bag 15th sep

    Thanks yeah I like the white plastics too
  2. LuckyFil

    Brisbane waters mixed bag 15th sep

    Nice mixed bag - not easy when the water is cold and muddy. Did you catch the flattie on a plastic or bait? Cheers Fil
  3. Thanks Whisky that certainly looks like him!
  4. LuckyFil

    1 PB Squid = 2 PB Kings

    Landing a big fish on your own is a real challenge, but getting two at the same time now that's just showing off! 🤣 Congrats. Fil
  5. Yeah got that right. Ah well makes for good story if nothing else
  6. Just back from a van trip as far as 1770 in QLD and inland to Carnarvon Gorge. Did some rock and beach fishing at a few spots, mainly Hat Head, Broken Head and a kayak charter at 1770. The kayak charter at 1770 was fun using their peddle powered kayaks flicking plastics in the estuary for flathead. The fish were firing that morning and between the three customers we landed about 10 fish in the first hour from 65cm down to a couple at 35cm but most around 45. (no pics of these as hard to do in the kayak) Landed a nice 40cm bream and 47cm drummer off the rocks at Hat Head using cunje. There weren't a lot of fish around but what was there were good sized. At Broken Head (a bit south of Byron) there were plenty of bream off the rocks but lots of small ones amongst them. I did land an odd fish I've not seen before and hoping a Raider can help with an ID - see pic It was around 40cm long and weighed maybe a kilo. I caught it on a pipi on the edge of sand close to rocks . It looked like it could be edible but as I didn't recognise it I threw it back. Had a great session with some big tailor off the beach at Brunswick Heads one evening. Average size was 50cm with a couple at 52 mixed in with a few bream and tarwhine The tailor went down well in the smoker next night. Speaking of tailor I was spinning up a few off the rocks at HH and hooked what I thought must have been a better sized trevally or kingie, it hung deep and had plenty of weight. Finally got it to the surface in the wash and it was a monster tailor, never seen anything like it. It stuck its head and shoulders out of the water did a big shake and out flew my lure. I just stood there for a few moments , gutted. The guy in the tackle shop at Ballina had shown me a pic of a 10lb tailor he'd caught that week with a beer can beside it for scale. I reckon mine would have been close to that one. Ah well the one that got away... Back home now and hoping to get a drummer after the big swell drops later this week. Cheers Fil
  7. LuckyFil

    Holidays end

    Just left Brunswick Heads after a few days in the van. Saw a huge school of blackfish in the side creek near the van park. No one fishing for them (I’m not a blackie fisherman). Hopefully they’re in the other rivers now as well eg Macleay and you’ll get som at SWR
  8. LuckyFil

    Winter Fatty

    Congratulations after all the effort! I'm keen to give the soft vibes a go for jewies after discovering how good they are on the flathead. Fil
  9. LuckyFil

    Port Stephens-Back on the Water

    Great report and good to see your persistence paid off. Its nice getting a fish or two in a spot you know produces but I really enjoy prospecting new areas that just look like they should hold fish - a bit more of the hunting aspect I guess and seeing whether your instincts are right Fil
  10. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    The earlier pics were taken with a Canon 6D and a 24-105 lens. We used the auto setting most of the time as its simpler when shooting in a boat under less than perfect conditions and also took plenty of shots of each fish to increase the chances of getting a good one
  11. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    but all the previous pics were from my sons big SLR. I'll ask him what it is. I know he's also got a very good lens worth as much as the camera
  12. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    Surprisingly these last ones were from my old iPhone 5!
  13. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    A few more pics from the trip
  14. LuckyFil

    Central Coast Flatties

    Had a couple of days up the central coast this week. Took the old Quintrex out in the bay around the Rip Bridge and Hardys Bay and had a flick for flathead. Wasn't feeling too optimistic given the cold weather, although the water temp is still not too bad - around 19 degrees I'd say. Put in lots of casts with the soft plastic wriggler tail and soft vibe for nothing. Eventually got weight on a long cast I'd sent out into deeper water using the vibe. It turned out to be a 55cm flattie which was quite pale colour as he'd come off the sand. That was it for the day. Went out again 2 days later - the boss said it was too nice to stay in doors so encouraged me to have another go. Tried around half tide rocks (inshore side) for zip. Went back to same place where I'd scored a couple of days before and picked up 1 in very shallow water at 47cm (maybe the water's a bit warmer there?) , drifted a bit further along that edge and scored another one that took me all over the bay before I netted it. This one was 55cm. Both fish much darker as they came off the weed edges. Caught them both on the wriggler tail this time and both swallowed it deep so I was lucky to get them on the 8lb leader, but I did back the drag off quite bit and played them as gently as I could in the strong current. No pics of these 2 as it was damn cold and I wanted to get back home ASAP. So pleased to see there were still a few around despite the cold weather. Cheers Fil