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  1. You’ll know it when you do, they pull twice as hard as most other fish their size! But be careful drummer fishing is addictive 😀
  2. Yeah I’ve been there more than once and was a little surprised to get this one out. I suspect it wasn’t a proper cave he’d gone into
  3. As others have said yes they are top eating but essential to skin the fillets. I like to coat the pieces in egg and panko crumbs then fry till golden brown, but I'm sure there's other good ways to have them.
  4. Despite being limited to local rock fishing of late I haven't managed to catch many drummer this winter, a few outings with one or two and plenty with zero. A lot more fisho's on the rocks mid week this year I guess due to covid they can't travel and work hours are obviously flexible, so my local rocks have had more fishing pressure I reckon . Anyway I decided to have another go on Thursday arvo and it felt a bit weird going drummer fishing when the temp hit 30 degrees here - I'm used to cold winds and even colder water when chasing the pigs off the rocks. When I arrived I was disappointed to see two guys already on the wash I wanted to fish. The swell and tide were both low enough to try a wash that is usually unfishable so I thought may as well give it ago and see if the other blokes leave after a while (they didn't but that didn't matter as it turned out). It took a few casts to work out which way the wash moved the bait and where the shallow rocks were but after a while a got a few bites and sprang off a fish that could have been a drummer. I re-baited with a prawn and cast into the white water and quickly came up tight on what was obviously a drummer as he went straight down for the nearest overhang. He jammed himself in and I wasn't optimistic of getting him out but I lay the rod over in the opposite direction and kept steady pressure on as a few waves came through and must have dislodged him and he took off in another direction looking for the next hole. I knew this was my best chance and lent heavily on the rod and lifted and wound as hard as possible and just got him to the edge of the rock shelf in front of me. That's when I had my first glimpse of the fish and got really stressed as it was way bigger than I'd expected. I paused till the next wave came through that lifted him over the lip of the shelf and onto a long ledge below me with enough water to bring him back another 8 or 10 meters to where I could jump down and lift him up. If you've ever tried to pick up a wet cranky drummer you'll know how slippery they are. So it was a few tense moments till I could step back up to dry rocks while hugging the drummer in an effort not to drop him. It was a good length (measured later at just under 53cm) but ridiculously fat! I don't take scales with me but reckon it would have been 3-4 kg. I put my knife next to it to give some scale. I fished on for another hour catching one more smaller drummer that went around 38cm but the sweep had moved in and then the southerly buster came through so I called it quits but was very pleased to finally have a decent fish to bring home. Cheers Fil
  5. Good story with a happy ending. I love the double clutch but they are a bit exxy so I'm wary of using them in snaggy country. yeah I enjoy using the lighter line for casting and fishing the small lures and it makes for a challenge when you get a better fish! A 42" EP is very decent size!
  6. I learnt to fish with my old man using hand lines chasing snapper off the reefs from Broken Bay. I remember going to school the next day and proudly showing the line burns on my hands after a good day on the reds. Fil
  7. If the lockdown goes much longer you’ll be fishing in the bathtub 😀
  8. This is the sort of plastic I was talking about. I use a 1/8th or 1/6th jig head. You can't cast them very far unless you've got the wind behind you but they may work on the sambos. I use them in FNQ and the queenies luv 'em.
  9. Great story well told and 43cm is a cracker bream on any tackle but especially a surface popper. I agree with Jiggy, I reckon the salmon were zeroed in on 'eyes' and when that happens they are very frustrating. Sometimes the fly guys will have success but not much else works, although small (4-5 cm) white or clear SPs may tempt them.
  10. Well done Isaac, a win for you catching a few fish and a win for the neighbours! Trevs can't resist peeled prawn. Cheers Fil
  11. Nice catch - and good advice re sort of places and techniques to use. Cheers Fil
  12. I'm coming in a bit late on this so you may have already made your purchase. I have a Penn Prevail 9' heavy action and absolutely love it for rock spinning for tailor, salmon and bonito. I use a 4000 Daiwa Sol and 20lb line. You can throw a 60gm metal with this outfit all day with minimal effort and its got plenty of beef to handle the fish during the fight and lift them up the rocks. My son has the same rod (different reel) and has caught a few reasonable (legal) kings with it off the rocks . As another Raider said you won't find a single rod that is suited to both luderick and groper, but for rock spinning the Prevail is great. Cheers Fil
  13. I'm looking for recommendations from fellow Raiders for a sounder for my little tinny (12 foot) that I use in Brisbane Water, so its essentially a shallow water area apart from the odd spot like Rip Bridge which has a few massive holes. I mainly target flathead which I'm not expecting to see on the sounder but do want to search for bait schools where the flatties may hang around. That's apart from wanting to know about the bottom features - water depth, holes, drop off's, any structure e.g. rocks, snags etc. I've been reading up on the Lowrance base model (I think it's a Hook 4) and the Humminbird Helix 5 which is a step above in screen size and has dual beams so is more expensive. Do any Raiders have experience with either of these or recommendations for others? Cheers Fil
  14. One of my favourite ways to cook tailor is in a smoker if you have one. You need a few to make it worthwhile but the fillets come out super tender with a light tangy flavour. Got me thinking I must get down the beach and try to catch a few after dark! Fil
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