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  1. LuckyFil

    Winter Fatty

    Congratulations after all the effort! I'm keen to give the soft vibes a go for jewies after discovering how good they are on the flathead. Fil
  2. LuckyFil

    Port Stephens-Back on the Water

    Great report and good to see your persistence paid off. Its nice getting a fish or two in a spot you know produces but I really enjoy prospecting new areas that just look like they should hold fish - a bit more of the hunting aspect I guess and seeing whether your instincts are right Fil
  3. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    The earlier pics were taken with a Canon 6D and a 24-105 lens. We used the auto setting most of the time as its simpler when shooting in a boat under less than perfect conditions and also took plenty of shots of each fish to increase the chances of getting a good one
  4. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    but all the previous pics were from my sons big SLR. I'll ask him what it is. I know he's also got a very good lens worth as much as the camera
  5. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    Surprisingly these last ones were from my old iPhone 5!
  6. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    A few more pics from the trip
  7. LuckyFil

    Central Coast Flatties

    Had a couple of days up the central coast this week. Took the old Quintrex out in the bay around the Rip Bridge and Hardys Bay and had a flick for flathead. Wasn't feeling too optimistic given the cold weather, although the water temp is still not too bad - around 19 degrees I'd say. Put in lots of casts with the soft plastic wriggler tail and soft vibe for nothing. Eventually got weight on a long cast I'd sent out into deeper water using the vibe. It turned out to be a 55cm flattie which was quite pale colour as he'd come off the sand. That was it for the day. Went out again 2 days later - the boss said it was too nice to stay in doors so encouraged me to have another go. Tried around half tide rocks (inshore side) for zip. Went back to same place where I'd scored a couple of days before and picked up 1 in very shallow water at 47cm (maybe the water's a bit warmer there?) , drifted a bit further along that edge and scored another one that took me all over the bay before I netted it. This one was 55cm. Both fish much darker as they came off the weed edges. Caught them both on the wriggler tail this time and both swallowed it deep so I was lucky to get them on the 8lb leader, but I did back the drag off quite bit and played them as gently as I could in the strong current. No pics of these 2 as it was damn cold and I wanted to get back home ASAP. So pleased to see there were still a few around despite the cold weather. Cheers Fil
  8. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    Thanks for all the positive comments. This was our eleventh year in a row up there. I first heard of the houseboat operation in Weipa from Fishraider members (Hookerbruce and others) who generously shared plenty of information about fishing up there , so its become a ritual to post a report after each trip to recount our adventure each year in case other's want to do the same. Fil
  9. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    Yeah he was pretty stoked especially as he was solo in the tender that day so had to fight then net it himself. I caught a big one on a prawn bait a few years ago and I was using heavy bottom fishing gear. It nearly pulled me out of the boat- so it would have been a real challenge on fly gear!
  10. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    sorry about that - problem with the links
  11. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    deleted these links - didn't work!
  12. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    A few more pics
  13. LuckyFil

    Weipa 2019

    Just back a week now from the annual trip to Weipa on the houseboat and tenders. The weather was strangely cool for up there due to the cold front that swept across the whole country - had to wear a T shirt under the long sleeve shirt for the dawn outings a couple of times! Worse was the bloody wind that didn't stop for the whole week and while not strong (10-20 knots) it caused a large ground swell from lower in the Gulf that meant off shore fishing more than 1 km was not possible. Despite this we managed some good fish with plenty of queenies (a few over the meter mark), various trevally (golden, gold spot, tea leaf, diamond, small GT), a cracker Blue Bastard (unique fish to the area like morwong) caught by the fly fisherman in our crew, heaps of grey mackerel (broad bar?) a few spanish, coral trout, mangrove jack and tusk fish. As usual some of the best fish were lost to sharks, but being confined to inshore fishing these weren't as bad as when you're offshore chasing the bluefin. The good thing about fishing in shore is we often used the light gear, which really made the drag sing on my Daiwa Sol 2500 when playing a metre plus queenfish in shallow water! A great bunch of guys onboard meant we had a lot of fun apart from the fishing. A few pics below Cheers Fil
  14. LuckyFil

    Long weekend Lake Mac, PB bycatch

    Very entertaining report and great pics - love the socks and thongs!! Congrats on the jewie that's quite a feat on the light set up - well done. Fil
  15. LuckyFil

    A pleasant plan B from the stones

    Sounds like a top session! Sent you a PM Cheers Fil