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  1. I'm heading out to LHI in March and was wondering if fellow Raiders had any tips on on either land based fishing options or which charters are worth a go? Any help welcome. Cheers Fil
  2. Excellent - you should be writing scripts for comedy! As previous responses have said its funny 'cause we've all done similar stuff, but not always got the lure back!! Might get myself a sugarpen - and find a place with no trees behind me to try it out.
  3. Ditto to Waza's comments. A very detailed and interesting report. A bit like the stories you hear of Barra feeding where run-off drains meet the main rivers following the wet season up north!
  4. They're nice Reddies out of an estuary.
  5. A great read on what sounds like the perfect day!
  6. Thanks Paddy and everyone else for your ideas on how to minimise weed and hopefully increase catches! Cheers Fil
  7. Thanks for those tips - the wire up the line sounds like an interesting trick! Fil
  8. Thanks - yes that makes sense I'll give it a go
  9. Hi Paddy sounds like you've got this flattie trolling sorted. I tried it recently in Brisbane Water on what looked like a fairly sandy bottom but spent most of the time stopping and removing weed from trebles - how do you minimise that? Cheers Fil
  10. Those blue swimmers will go down nicely!
  11. Wow that's a whopper brown! Fil
  12. YES! the black one at the top is the same as mine Fil
  13. I think its called a Knolls Native . Its about 40ml long fat body towards the back and dives to around 2 meters. If you need more info I'll take a pic and post it. Cheers Fil
  14. I know the Knolls lures haven't been available for many years but I find the old one I have very effective on bass and was wondering if anyone knows of any similar lure that is on the market? Thanks in advance for any info/suggestions. Fil
  15. Just had a weekend away with my son Pat chasing bass in the upper Hunter. It's hot and dry up there and the river was full of weed and algae so not ideal but we managed ten bass over the weekend, one yesterday arvo and the rest this morning. Casting at snags was proving unproductive so we turned to trolling which while not as much fun it got results. The fish were all fairly small averaging around 25-28cm with a couple of 30cm and a few tiddlers. They seemed to be in small groups and the very old and basic sounder on my punt proved invaluable locating the fish and we had hits and usually got fish whenever it showed a few around an area while many similar looking areas were devoid of fish. We travelled down to the brackish water for an afternoon session and while trolling from one side of the river to the other had a good hit on the little bass lure, but this was clearly no bass as it did some long runs and had plenty of weight (at least when you're using 8lb leader on a little 2500 Daiwa Sol!). I was expecting maybe a decent flathead as we were now in semi salt water, then after a slow patient fight through the muddy water came a nice Jewie! After a few nervous moments we got the head and shoulders of it into the small net we use for bass and lifted it over the gunnel. We didn't have a measure on board but guessed it was between 65-70cm. After a few quick pics I sent him back for someone else to catch (maybe me) when he's a bit bigger. Quite a by-catch when targeting bass. Cheers Fil
  16. Yeah "red bream", or for the real little guys "cockney", are terms for smaller snapper . You don't hear these names as much these days. That's a great pic of the big flattie that got too greedy. Which lake was it found in? Fil
  17. LuckyFil

    Red at last

    anyone can catch snapper and flathead, but it takes real class to get quality fish like banjo sharks and pike. I usually cap off such trips with more winners like sergeant baker and blue spot wirrah 😳 Fil
  18. Good story Bruce. I had the same thing happen years ago when I caught a small reddie in Pittwater, halfway up it suddenly grew. I slowly brought it up to the surface and big John Dory opened his mouth and let the cockney go - wasn't happy...
  19. So true - its a great site, not just because of the reports but all the info shared and good will from guys like you. Sounds like an exciting session but I'm sure there's some mixed feelings with those big bust offs. I'd be tempted to go a bit heavier with line and leader but I know you like the light stuff and it clearly pays dividends with top class fish.
  20. Cheers Neil I'll take you up on that offer at some stage even if it's just to get some tips. Thanks Fil
  21. You could take the grandkids to the trout farm at Harrietville, its a nice place for a picnic under the trees and the kids can't miss with the trout. Its free, you only pay for the fish you catch - all gear and bait is provided i.e. bamboo pole, fixed line and fish pellets. Not quite sport fishing but they'll have fun. Must make a point of chasing the cod soon - it looks exciting and there are some beasts in the Tumut dam!
  22. Thanks Bruce. Your right re the high country, I've been a saltwater fisherman all my life but the last couple of years done a trip into this area and apart from the fishing it's peaceful, often dramatic scenery and great for hikes and the cooler change in weather.
  23. Thanks Neil. I caught a small rainbow on this trip in the park next to the river at Porepunkah - I didn't realise cod were there as well! Had some follows from much better trout at the same spot so worth a try while you're there. The tackle shop guy in Tumut was complaining about the huge cod in Blowering dam eating all the Yellowbelly - ha. I also read a report in the local paper that fish breeders have relocated their big cod from western dams that are drying up into Blowering as its pretty well drought proof. Enjoy your trip to Bright it's a beautiful area. If you're chasing trout try up stream of Bright towards Smoko and Harrietville. I also went over the range to Mt Beauty and fished the Kiewa which had some good fish in it but they were too clever/shy for me to get any other than a coupe of tiddlers.
  24. Just back from a few weeks in the Victorian high country around Bright. Broke the trip with a few days at Tumut both on the way there and coming home. The trip wasn't all fishing as we were travelling with friends and did some hiking and cycling on the rail trails in these areas which are great activities when the weather is cool, which it was until the last few days when we had the warm nor' westerly winds that took the temps to the mid thirties. The campground in Tumut is right on the banks of the Tumut river (very pretty spot to spend a few days) so I had several sessions casting spinners into the very fast flowing river. Surprisingly I caught several trout both rainbow and brown right in the campground. Nothing huge but fun to catch and one was big enough to throw in the smoker. I also had a crack spinning up at Talbingo (just above Blowering Dam). It was a cold day and I didn't feel that inspired with no interest at all in my spinner until I was about to call it quits and got a strike right on the shore that resulted in my first ever yellow belly (Golden Perch I think is there correct name). It was fantastic eating next night but was the only one for the trip . There had been good snow falls above Bright and still plenty on the ground at Mt Hotham when we drove up there, resulting in good flows to the trout streams. I'd been to the same area last year and the fish were much more willing then and we caught a few fish in the 40s then. But this year it was tough going with only small fish around 20-25 cm and not many of them. On our last session we switched to an evening fish after sunset. I'd been working my way down the stream casting ahead of me and had a few hits and caught 2 fish , 1 brown around 20cm and a rainbow at 28. The water was mainly shallow fast runs but I worked any deeper water pretty hard until I found a good hole under a fallen tree. The strike came after just a few turns of the reel and a huge trout jumped clear of the water in front of me. I thought there's no chance I can get this in as I was only using 8lb leader and the fast flowing water was in its favour keeping it away from me even when not jumping. I managed to work it out of the main flow to my side of the river did the drag up half a turn and slowly got it back to me while trying to keep the rod tip low and reduce it's opportunities to jump. After an eternity I got it close to my waders and without a net somehow got a hand under it and threw it onto the bank and dropped to my knees to stop it sliding back into the water. Sorry for the long winded story but it was pretty tense and I fully expected a 'big one that got away' result, so I wanted to relay some of the details. It went 55cm and fed four adults with plenty left over for the next night - and tasted fantastic. It was well conditioned with plenty of muscle and had a fully belly with four large cicadas in it - there were thousands of them in the trees this year and the noise overpowering so I guess the bigger trout must have been taking advantage of them. So despite the lack of numbers this fish (and the yellow belly) made it a great trip. Cheers Fil
  25. Lots of helpful info there Paddy. Which waterway do you fish? cheers Fil