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  1. nice day, nice action
  2. Great report, blackies are fun and tough fish. The above quote cracked me up.
  3. south from Bowen yes, bit of backwash from cliffs but some great little holes
  4. Had another JB weekend, becoming a nice habit this is. Lovely seas and not to many boats out, headed south towards Caves Beach this time, 5 Kings landed, 2 legal, smoked again by bigger ones. Surprised to get 3 big Sargeant Baker on knife jigs, they hit them very aggressively.
  5. Hey Squidmarks, yeh aware of it we were further up past Mermaid inlet. Just spectacular cliffs to look at getting up there.
  6. Been awhile since have posted, so thought about time. Bit long, but was fun morning, bear with me.. Have spent a fair bit of time down at Vincentia recently as a mate has moved there and only an hour from Shellharbour. Been years since used to fish around Currarong so first opportunity we headed out in his new boat to try some Kings. Magical morning, once we got past the 50 or so boats just inside Pt Perpendicular and started our way north around Beecroft we had it all to ourselves. Tried a few ways to locate them, both by using sounder and by trolling which found to be very effective. We'd troll some Xraps and Rapalas in 18-30m of water until get rats hit, then let rats go and drop the knife jigs. Every time we did this the Kings that would hit jigs were all 80-100cm size as opposed to the 60-80cm models that hit the trolled lures. As usual the big Beecroft Kings were very tough to get off bottom, but one double hookup later both my mate and I had their heads up and had moved them out to 50m depth and was just a matter of patience. Unfortunately at this point a huge Seal turned up and proceeded to firstly grab my mates fish, rip it apart, then throw the pieces in the air next to boat! I was desperately trying to get mine to boat while he was busy playing with the other one, but sure enough he then turned his attention to mine and smashed it, then did same Sea World throwing in the air trick. Though devastated we appreciated the show of nature and motored back to hook up spot and proceeded to hook another big King only for Mr Seal to come and grab it too, this time he just held it and took line. There was one funny moment where I saw him throw this fish and then saw the knife jig dislodge from fish and fly through air before plopping in water next to boat. - at least got the jig back. We then motored a few hundred metres away and picked up a couple of smaller Kings, 72 and 76cm respectively, which to be honest are my preferred eating size. Satisfied with the feed in store we headed back in. Skinned, boned and filleted, we divided fillets into some for Sashimi and some for BBQ that night. No better Sashimi on the planet than Kings. I'll be down there this weekend looking to get a metre version and avoiding Seals
  7. beautiful fish, very lucky well done- good to see such healthy big ones
  8. I used to use long shank for Flatties, be it from land or boat. Never wire leader also. Last year started using circles (only off boat) and no doubt hook up rate massively increased for me (maybe the angle from boat?), and 95% time they are hooked perfectly in corner of mouth for easy removal. My 2 bob. Cheers
  9. I actually saw a number of Bonefish when snorkelling of Waikiki and surrounds so they're there. Went gamefishing off Kona (big island), didn't wet a line on Oahu.
  10. Well done no better feeling and you described it beautifully
  11. Nice reds for Sydney. On plastic too by the look, well done what a feed.
  12. Good catch of Flounder, do you often get so many in a session? They're more like the odd by-catch for me.
  13. Nice, had a plan, stuck to it, and rewarded.