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  1. quintrex52

    ARTICLE - Snapper Tips and Fishing Spots by KenA

    Great article, just got into snapper fishing with Jeff up at Ports.. Gotta give Sydney snapper a try. Are plastic as sucesfull here as up there in your experiance
  2. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Sunday "ARVO" Snapper

    On ya boys.. Shame about the trailer
  3. Perfect article mate.. Just how you taught/showed me. Fish raider and its followers are blessed to have a bloke like yourself teaching the ways of snapper fishing on soft plastics . A wealth of local knowledge and experience that you would only normally get from a chartered trip you are the man, now let's smash some pbs in the coming weeks.. hopefully Paul's record fish haha
  4. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    Great video and great longtail ,scared me to lol gotta love it one the first drop
  5. quintrex52

    George's River Mulloway

    Nothing like Jew in your own backyard, even better on plastics 👌
  6. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Jewfish

    Thanks woodsy heard about your tuna loss. Devo!!
  7. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Jewfish

    Fingers crossed, can’t wait🤟
  8. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Jewfish

    Did our annual April trip to Port Stephens in anticipation of catching some jewfish, snapper and possible longtail tuna. We had failed the past two seasons with tuna due to the big down pours we had around the Easter break, so this year decided to go after the second week of the school holidays so history wouldn’t repeat. But what a bad decision it was with guys catching longtail left right and centre from the intel I got from Scratchie . Not all was lost though.. we did a jewfish session on Saturday up in the bay which resulted in two huge Jew which both went 120+cm a new PB for myself😋 both were captured on live slimies an hour either side of the tide change. With so much fish and the new jewfish bag limits we left them biting Then on Monday meet up with @Scratchie who was sick as a dog from a bad flu 🤧 but the good bloke he is he battled on and came out. The idea was to head to Broughton for some snapper action but the southerly 2.3m swell put a stop to that quick smart So plan B was to hide behind Fingal and try a few spot around there but there was an infestation of red weed. Then went back to shoal bay for a flathead flick on sp but after half and hour we agreed to go back up ramp and spend some time with the family as it was last days of school holidays also Jeff was in urgent need of some coldrals.  We then tried an evening Jew sesh but only got hassled by squid eat our livies along with tangles and wobigong shark.  Still a memorable trip and can’t wait till June for @Scratchie snapper meet with the raiders.  Till the next post tight line raiders
  9. quintrex52

    Port Stephens- Toona time!

    My favourite time of the year.. can’t wait.. very solid fish guys always producing the goods
  10. quintrex52

    first Port Stephens trip

    Congrats on on your first SP snapper.. how long did she go on the tape?? One of the best decisions I made was to go for a flick with Jeff ... On ya Jeff, a wealth of local knowledge and techniques as always... and not a bad bloke to keep spirits up between bites see you in the next couple of months 😎🤟
  11. quintrex52

    Port Stephens- just had to wet a line!

    Nice work fellas as always... any marlin trips in the near future?? @Woodsy and Jeff
  12. quintrex52

    Port Stephens- Big Day, Big Gear, Big Result

    That’s fishing sometimes.. but you can almost feel the marlin fishing will be going ballistic in the next few weeks. Snapper is never a bad back up 👌
  13. quintrex52

    Port Stephens- Rack em up!!!

    No mention off my potential raider record for puffer fish on SP lmao great day out as always.. thank you @Scratchie and @Woodsy
  14. quintrex52

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Great day out mate, we’ll have to do it again theres always more room for more drag lmao ( excitement got the better of me haha) top bloke ,great teacher can’t wait to do it again im hooked!