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  1. Ripper fish mate.. You deserve it
  2. Just got home a few hours ago @woodsy.. How is the new location change? You should come down sometime soon for a snapper sesh and a few beers with Jeff and I...
  3. It doesn't happen often but when it does it makes them fishless trips worth it.. All about persevering and patience
  4. He thought it was a kingfish at first ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. Haha it is.. I see why scratchie enjoys putting his mates onto a new style of fishing. Don't think the old man will used bait again ๐Ÿ˜‚ you only need to be showed once by someone experienced and its all it takes
  6. Didn't think I had to as the drag was that tight but I'll try next time.. Even the second fish was hooked in the membrain skin at the top of the mouth didn't peirce the lip
  7. Not sure but it was a thick fish
  8. Defiantly one for the memory banks.. Fingers crossed for more moments like that as fisherman we get many doughnut days. Good luck to you aswell
  9. Cheers Its what keeps us coming back for more
  10. Headed out this morning with the old man to have a snapper sesh on soft plastics out at Broughton Island. As it was his first time he was a bit pessimistic about catching fish on plastics and after Jeff's tuition and a couple of outings I was fairly confident I could deliver, and didnt my old man change his mind quick smart.. We arrived to our first spot and collect seven pannies over six drifts. With a good feed in hand we decided to target another reef where bigger snapper seem to frequent. Put on a gulp nemises blue pepper neon and casted up current and on the sink..bang I was on big time. It ran so hard the drag was screaming and I felt a bit powerless to stop it as I was pushing my 20lb outfit to the limit. After a few hairy runs managed to turn its head then half way up the water coloum it snaps.. After a few profanities I wind in to see what went wrong... The snapper had worn the uni knot right on the jidhead. Lickng my wounds got back to business and 10mins later hooked another solid fish but this time everything stayed together. What a great day it was and to share it with the old man made it even better
  11. Congrats on the pb, Jeff is a generous bloke when it comes to locations.. But couldn't help reading gulp coconut Ice... Lol Is it not a z man?? Or I could be mistaken with a new colour range??
  12. Fisharaider yes but more so your generousity and knowledge on your part Jeff, not to many fisherman like yourself๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ฏ
  13. Unlucky mate.. Some how I think you'll crack the meter someday soon! Thanks Jeff for the hook up, had a ball with @Peter Nelson top bloke, will do it again for sure. We managed a feed with a couple of 50s.