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  1. quintrex52

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Great day out mate, we’ll have to do it again theres always more room for more drag lmao ( excitement got the better of me haha) top bloke ,great teacher can’t wait to do it again im hooked!
  2. quintrex52

    Port Stephens-Snapper Fishraider record

    leave some for October Jeff haha your slaying the snapper of late, must of got lost on the way to Arno bay SA ?
  3. quintrex52

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    Mate what a fish!
  4. quintrex52

    Port Stephens- Snapping good fun!

    Good to see the results for tracking that far out?
  5. quintrex52

    Port Stephens- winter reds

    Great work Jeff as always
  6. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Double

    Definatly, even saw them busting up at shoal bay in 2m of gin clear water while squidding
  7. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Double

    That would be some fight,I really over killed my catch with 50lb braid and 60lb leader, dont know if id wanna go lighter though. Thats alot of work and pain lol
  8. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Double

    No we didnt downrig just motored ahead of the surface action and drifted in the path.. Very important i thought to turn the engine off as they spook very easily with the other 10 boats trying to get a metals into them One under a ballon, the other free swimming with no weight
  9. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Double

    Yes both were caught inside the heads only a couple of kms apart, west of the rock wall marina. Ive heard upto as late as June
  10. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Double

    Yeah it would be nice to finish up with a Lotto hat trick lol Cheers
  11. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Double

    Thanks Jeff, big thanks for sharing posts which lead me to fish those areas Your a wealth of local knowledge
  12. quintrex52

    Port Stephens Double

    After reading and researching about longtail tuna in Port Stephens I decided to give them a crack and see if i could catch my very first longtail. After sourcing some slimies at the heads headed to where i thought they might show up. Needless to say locating them was very easy with information out on the internet but seeing them bust up all around you for hours and not get a hook up was very frustrating, due to the fact they were chasing very small bait fish. But persistence paid off as the rod buckled over and after a couple of nice 30m runs and about 10mins of back/arm breaking circling under the boat I finally manged to get it onto the deck. Its measured 107cm to the fork. High fives every where After burning my arms out decided to do some more laid back fishing and chase some Jewfish on the tide change. Dropped the livies down and 20mins in the rod bend over and after 10mins on 20lbs trace pulled up this jewie just shy of a meter. Couldn't believe my luck. Fishing its a funny thing....many days for doughnuts but its day like these that make it well worth it
  13. quintrex52


    Because of blow back. You might drop you DR to 100ft but in reality your fishing maybe 80ft, putting you out of the stike zone
  14. quintrex52


    Im downrigging in 25m+ over inshore reefs but my current setup isnt getting down well enough unless the current and wind are on the low side.. Logic would say heavier bomb and lighter braid on the downrigger eqauls better vertical positining and less lift in the water coloum. I currently run 200lbs braid with 8lb bomb but it isnt working on those stong current. The coastline and the harbour downrigging its fine. Think im just gonna have to trial and error
  15. quintrex52


    Has anyone had any experiance in running 100lbs braid on there downrigger whilst using 8-10lbs bombs? Besides snagging the bottom and increasing the chance of a lost bomb can anyone else see other issues?