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  1. Thanks all for the Facebook advice. As much as I dislike Facebook I'll check them out. Camel, which Facebook selling page are you referring to above?
  2. Thanks all and yes I made a police report soon after the gear went missing.
  3. Also if anyone can suggest any other fishing forums to put this info on please do so
  4. Hi all, First time on here, I'm from south of the border, and visiting now to put a word out there about a significant amount of gear I and a mate had stolen from Narooma NSW on Easter Sunday. I've been visiting there for a number of years and the first night I've ever left gear out on the back veranda of the place we stay at it gets knocked off. Suffice to say I've learnt the hard way. I've got no insurance coverage (both boat and contents) unless there's been forced entry. Anyway the gear is: Innovator Nitro Viper Rod with Shimano Stradic Ci4 reel. Daiwa Monster Mesh med jig with Daiwa Capricorn 4500J reel. Black Magic tackle back pack with multiple trays full of mostly bream style lures, jigs, leader, etc. Shimano back pack style - multiple trays full of all sorts of lures, soft plastics, fillet knife and more. Plus one orange in colour battery charger (can't remember brand) that's pretty old - I guess they just grabbed that because it was there. This is obviously a long shot but if anyone gets offered or sees this sort of gear for sale I would greatly appreciate a private message through this forum. If any information leads to recovery of the gear I'll offer a $500 reward. Would love to locate the unsavoury characters that knocked it off. They ruined my fishing week!