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  1. Thanks for all the positive comments- it was a day to remember!
  2. Seabreeze forecast was perfect so headed off outside Ulladulla at the gentlemen’s hour of 7am... high tide was about 9:30am. For some reason the sounder wasn’t working so used ‘old school’ marks using local landmarks and dropped some salted pilchards down in about 70m of water. I think we hit them on the head! First drop a 64cm snapper and new record for the boat! The next half hour was incredible with my best mate and my godson landing five nice snapper- highlight was my godson landing a 60cm beast on his Shimano estuary combo. Landed a few other species and kept a nice pigfish and plate sized morwong. Took my 7 year old out a bit later and he nailed a nice 40cm flathead. Just finished a fresh fish feast - highlighted by the whole snapper Thai style on the BBQ! I am one proud and happy father, godfather, mate and skipper tonight.... Tight lines! Mutt
  3. Happy New Year! Managed to tear the young one away from the iPad for a quick session off the beach at Bateau Bay. Using live beach worms he managed a few throwbacks before landing this cracking whiting. He declared it better than ‘Fortnite!’ Tight lines for 2019!
  4. Have promised my 5 year old and godson a fish and after a lot of trailer repair work was great to get the boat in the water for a little fun. Launched about 3pm and battled the wind and showers to Towra Point. Drifted using prawns and nippers for countless undersize flathead, whiting and snapper with a shovel nose and ray thrown in for a bit of fun. Kids were having a ball! Finally my 5 year old brought one in with little fuss, thought it would be another undersize but looked down and saw a 46cm flathead, grabbed the net and made my son's year! His PB and would he shut up about catching the biggest fish in the boat!!!! Until, my mate brought one in fairly quietly, looked into the water and saw a great flathead. He's been trying for years with little luck to get a good size flathead and here it was. After a good fight close to the boat we landed it and we had two great fish and two PB's. His was fat and 59cm. Fish dinner tonight! Cheers! Mutt
  5. Thanks so much for your advice, this is simply the best website and I really appreciate everyone's advice and comments. As I'm going away soon I wanted to get them done asap, took the advice and called in a favour with a mate and all done! Tight lines!
  6. Thank you so much for your advice - looks like the pre wired lights are the way to go and a cheaper option than getting it done by an auto Electrican. Fab1 one of the lights is not working (have replaced bulb etc) and feel there may be corrosion or wiring issues - which is why I was looking at putting in LED lights. I really appreciate your comments and advice! Dave and Raging- thanks, looks like that will be the best option and sounds like a novice like me can do it! Cheers and tight lines!
  7. Happy New Year! So with a friend I totally revamped my trailer just before Christmas (repairs/rewelding/replace) - very happy with the work except we are both novices at anything electrical. I'd like to replace the lights with LED lights and to be honest am totally confused with what to buy / do / etc. We did position the lights higher as the number plate kept scraping. I have attached a photo of the old lights and wiring and looking on eBay etc have seen lights range from about $20 to $200+. I have also attached a picture of one of the 'thousands' of lights I thought would be ok from eBay. Went to a local trailer factor today who quoted $250 to install and supply new lights. My questions are: 1. What lights do I buy??? What are the main differences?? Do I get 12v etc? 2. Are they easy for a novice to replace? 3. Is it easier to just pay and get it done??? Any thoughts/advice greatly appreciated! Mutt
  8. Thanks Oz_Brett, will see the estimated cost and if it's pretty costly then I'll look at new. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks JD, I did try Google but no real 'new' trailers which is what I'm thinking I'm up for. I have had trailer repairs done here previously so might get them to have a look and their opinion as well. Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Hello! So after a great day on the water at Lake Conjola, trailer broke pulling it out. The final metal cross section snapped due to rust (see picture.) I'd say the trailer came with the boat I would say it is about 13 years old and there is some rust. I'm thinking I'm up for a new trailer so would appreciate any recommendations (please PM me) as I'm down at Ulladulla until Thursday and if can get it done here- would save a lot of hassle! Cheers! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Mutt

    Can I eat this?

    Thanks everyone....I always say this is the best website! So a quick report... Weather gods finally smiled on us down the coast and we headed out from Ulladulla harbour this morning at about 7am, a lot of boats going out. The bait shop was closed, luckily had some left over salted pilchards and prawns. Headed out in a medium swell to about the 45 metre mark, basically directly out from the harbour. The wives and kids wanted fresh flathead, so started a very slow drift. Nothing for about a half an hour or so, then the fish turned up with a bit more current and drift. All fish caught over the next hour or so and we left them biting! Headed back to a reef and tried for a snapper or 2 but no luck there. At the cleaning table there were some great fish being cleaned, some quality reds and a nice gummy as well as some great flathead. Beautiful morning on the water! Cheers! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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