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  1. Hi all had the day off so decided to hit the Northside for a change got to the ramp around 11am trolled from the ramp all the way to the heads with no hits decided to bottom bash around the heads with only baby snappers so after one hour decided to hit our favourite spot around Newport within 5 mins of our first drop my mate hooked on something big using half pilly on a two hook sliding sinker rig After a couple of minutes we had our first keeper on the boat a 42cm snapper Biggest legal snapper we got this year hi fives all round and was a very good start that was followed by more than a dozen baby snapper up to 25cm all went back to grow more also got 1 legal Trev at 33cm with half a dozen going back to also grow more also got about half a dozen yakkas which we use for live bait but no takers we were using Pillys chicken strips and yakkas for bait went quiet around 4pm so decided to head back closer to the ramp before the sunlight disappear tried a spot near the ramp and the bridge but the current was too fast and can’t touch bottom we were using 4oz snapper sinkers decided to head back to the ramp around 630pm took home 1 snapper 1 Trev 3 yakkas Home around 830pm asleep by 10pm was a quiet day in the water today thanks for reading sorry no pics
  2. Just sold my pathfinder r52 had gearbox replaced last October and gearbox started to play up again so decided to get rid of it cost to replace a gearbox is $15k and only comes with 1yr or 20000kms wont ever buy a Nissan again better off buying a Toyota or Mitsubishi
  3. Caught kingys on chicken strips just plain chicken thighs cut into strips also u can buy frozen Cali squid cut into strips frozen pillys cut in cubes fresh is best but u can still catch kingys on any bait depends on how hungry the kingys goodluck
  4. we usually put 2 live yakkas while we bottom bash we put the live yakkas around 15m to 20m from the boat in different depths always put the live yakkas on either side of the boat so they dont get tangle up
  5. we put live yakka on float around 3m to 5m drop
  6. Thanks mate the esky is 47L length around 68cm
  7. hi raiders one of my bff got a new boat (surtees workmate 495 with 60hp) and he asked me if i can show him some fishing spots. finished work around 130am packed my fishing gear and got to my mate around 4am. got to the ramp around 5am and decided to catch some bait at clifton. spent around 30mins trying to catch some bait but with no success so decided to troll north head. trolled for around 2hrs for 1 bonito and 2 mac tuna. bonito was caught on the mackbait redhead and 2 mac tuna on the banana mack. decided to go to balmoral and try catch some bait. spent around 1hr at balmoral catching baby snapper bream flattys and 1 kingy(60cm) on chicken strips and pilly cubes. wind started to pick up around midday so decided to head back to the ramp at drummoyne. took a while to come back to the ramp and had to wait at the ramp for a while because a boathire company left 1 boat at the ramp while he got another boat. got home around 6pm. went to bed around 8pm. its a very long day but worth it. the new boat was excellent. hoping to go outside the heads again soon. thanks for reading. btw, one of my bff went trolling last friday 22/3/19 at north head and caught 5 bonito and 3 mac tuna. 2 of my bff went fishing botany bay 23/3/19 and caught 2 legal kingys around molli point. still plenty of rats at the bay atm.
  8. Flattys and reds very nice haul mate well done
  9. Good luck mate always better if you can catch livebait we always make sure we got livebait just in case we get lucky with a hoody one day
  10. We’ve been catching salmon lately on livebait around molli pt salmon is an excellent sports fish they go really hard like the kingys and you can keep them all the time for a feed caught one on my daiwa 2000 combo and took awhile to bring it in on 10lb size 4 circle hook I need to use at least 20lb trace next time we go fishing to decrease the bust offs the salmon we caught were around the 2-3kg the kids love eating salmon fillets just pan fried