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  1. I just had a look at the map and it says no anchoring in the area for those marks? Do you drift in this area? Thanks Troy
  2. Well done, not sure if you know it but you are now an addict. You will be casting those SPs day and night to get that buzz again
  3. Well done especially with your light outfit! I also saw a similar size hairy laded yesterday. So we might see some more reports
  4. Thanks for the advice test lab. Especially re the neutral switch, you can never be to safe when boating I will keep you posted
  5. It is a late 80s Evinrude 25hp I have a the fly wheel and starter from a Evinrude roughly same age. I'm very confident they are the same part numbers. I just haven't taken the fly wheel off the old motor. I have seen some evinrudes same age that have the pull and electric start. I would like to keep the pull start if possible.
  6. Hi raiders I have a pull start outboard and would like to covert to electric. Has anyone done this before? Cheers CC
  7. cowan-cowboy


    I used to fish a part of Brisbane river Brisbane and I was always surprised by the tide changes/anomiles. I could never get it exactly right, but I did work out a hole where the fish used to lay regardless of the variances. I believe the fish used to lay here because these tidal anomilies over many years had created a formation, structure and or a hole. Maybe your spot might have a similar structure or formation caused by these strange tides. A honey hole just waiting to be discovered A local to the area may give you part of the formula to assist with the prediction for example a westerly wind blowing at 25 knts for 3 days straight may affect your location. I spoke to many people about these tides in the Brisbane river at this particular location and it wasn't until years after fishing the spot I happened across a guy that that gave a good explanation. The major factors at this location were the size of the tides, wind direction and strength, and rain fall. Good luck
  8. We bought a reel like that for both of my sons' last Christmas. They love them, just not quite the quality I need for that record breaking Jewie
  9. Hi All Thanks for all the comments. I wish it was due to all the big fish I have been catching , but it turns out one had some grease reducing the noise and the other one was just poor quality ratchet spring. The spring metal is not longer "springery"
  10. Well done. Now i have to Duck down to the servo for ten times over refrozen prawns an 4 servo special rods because my Terez is still catching soapies! Heart pumping, stuff. Good job
  11. I thing you might be on the money. I will check the reels out and get back to you.
  12. Hi I have a couple of small Diawa and Shimano 2500 reels. They are not expensive reels but they have served me well. The only thing I don't like is the ratchet isn't loud enough if I am on the boat at night so a fish can have a decent run before I relize what is going on. Has any one got any suggestions on how to make the rachet louder. I don't want to use bells on the rod as the drive me crazy Cheers CC
  13. Well done. I am yet to catch one, but felling lucky this season:)
  14. Heaps of bulls sharks in the creek.....that would be my guess
  15. Firstly thanks all for your contributions. I have read this thread numerous times and still enjoy it. I am looking at purchasing my first jewfish outfit I will be fishing Cowan creek, Juno point and the hawkesbury bridges. I have been speaking with one of the local takle stores and they have recommended a 10-15kg rod with a shimano 8000 oc bait runner. What are you thoughts?