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  1. After some research the Jury seems to be out on what type of octane fuel that can be used. 91 to 98 not EIO.
  2. Compression is ok. Keep the water seperator connected. Are the spark plugs ok ?
  3. You had better contact the Mod's and see if they will let you give your Tackle Shop a plug. Cheers.
  4. Great haul. Nice Reddies.
  5. Thanks fot the heads up @Waza. Dad had some old hand lines in a fishermans basket. I Have them some where, I will have to see if I can find them.
  6. 98 Octane fuel is a much cleaner fuel. I have been using 98 Octane since day one, never had a problem. Years ago I had a Hilux and the motor used to ping all the time. We tried everything to stop the problem. I put 98 Octane in the tank, problem solved.
  7. Do a compression check on the motor. From memory it should be 120 to 130. Also just to confuse you I use Nulon oil, just found it a better oil also always use 98 Octane fuel. Have you got a water seperator on your fuel tank ? Cheers.
  8. Great report. Well done. Nice Flatties.
  9. Welcome aboard. There is heaps of Info. on the Forum.
  10. I just thought you would be interested that the two stroke oil you use is on special at the moment. Because of the guide lines an policies on Fishraider I cannot name the shop.
  11. Good to see people out fishing. @motiondave Your favourite two stroke oil is on special at a well known fishing outlet. Cheers.
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