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  1. Hang on it is all packed ready to go. Two days later, I forgot something. I will have to go back. Comments from the kids. Move over we are driving and we are not going back. True story. Cheers.
  2. Rebel

    Tabs vs Famosa

    I miss my Crestcuter. Great boat with all the compy bits.
  3. Daiwa are the pits, be warned.
  4. Rebel

    Burrill lake

    Great photo and catch.
  5. Super report. Great read. Better luck next time
  6. As they say shop around. I do it on all my Insurances. Cheers.
  7. Great report and a great day.
  8. Great report and super photos.
  9. Great report. There is always next time.
  10. Great haul. Well done.
  11. You are not on your own.