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  1. I use Mono all the time. Never used Braid. I have never had a reason to switch. When it ain't broke, don't try to fix it. Cheers.
  2. Hi, There is a Manual on Google that might help you,other wise ring GME. i have found them helpful.
  3. The ramp and the park were all updated during the winter. You shouldn't have any problems.
  4. Great report. Well done.
  5. It doesn't matter how much education you put out there, there are still some who don't listen. The amount of people who have died up here on the Coast in recent years is unbelieveable. I still go rock fishing and there are people with no lifejackets and wearing thongs. The signs are there but you cannot educate people
  6. Great work Zoran. Well done.
  7. Opposite the boat shed in the shallows. Bream and Flathead, or Nth Entrance beach or where the Chanel runs into the ocean. You can also fish from the jetty in the park but that also attracts the crowds. Expect the school holiday crowds. Cheers.
  8. That's not a boat. That is a Weapon. Cheers.
  9. There is a heap of people that do fibreglass. You will have to ring around. Cheers.
  10. Great report. Super photos. Well done.
  11. Great day out and Super photos.
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