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  1. @Denisfisho Make sure you clean your lures and dry the hooks so they don't rust. If you use scent on the lures, clean the lures with a toothbrush in warm water and let them dry. Put them in a snaplock bag. If you have Berkley plastics, you can buy Berkley Gulp to preserve them. Cheers.
  2. If you happen to buy a Dawia Seabass, take your reel with you. I bought one and the reel wouldn't fit. Don't know if the rod was faulty but I returned it for credit and bought a Prevail 2 10'6''. I am glad I did. Great rod on the rocks. I have a Jarvis Walker 6000 Boss reel on it with 15lb Exage Mono line. Jarvis Walker gave me the reel to try out. It is a light weight reel, smaller then your average 6000. Has 15kg drag. Great reel. Cheers.
  3. Try and go with somebody who knows fishing and learn the tricks. It won't take long. We have all been through it. Cheers.
  4. Great report. Good to see the kids involved in fishing.
  5. Great haul. Nice reddies. Super photos. Well done.
  6. Great haul as usual. Well done.
  7. For those interested the DPI has just released 1000 advanced Mulloway into Lake Macquarie.
  8. Welcome aboard and Great report.
  9. I have had a lot of success with ZMan Grubz 2.5 or 3.5 in Watermelon Red. Cheers.
  10. You will have to go out as far as Texas for Kings. Cheers.
  11. Welcome aboard. You can't go wrong with ZMan. keep at it. Just a tip. Do not mix lures with other lures, especially ZMan. Disaster. Cheers.
  12. Great Flattie.Well done. Great report.
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