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  1. Rebel

    Fishing with all this rain

    Hi Bobby.V Pretty Beach is a good spot. Also near where all the boats are moored at Woy Woy. Also under the Rip Bridge but you will need a boat. Also down the bottom of PT. Fredrick good for Bream. Take your pick as far as bait. Cheers.
  2. Hi All, Started with a Hammond ski boat as a teenager. Bought a Carribean Crestcutter with a 115 Johnson in 1978. Great boat & engine never had a problem. Moved on to a 5.2 metre Hinton with 115 Johnson.. Next came a 4.5 Hinton with an 80hp Johnson. Had a break for a couple of years then bought another 4.5 Hinton with a 70hp Evinrude all great boats and engines.Never had a problem with any of them. made sure the servicing was done. Most of the motors did 250 hours. All were half cabins. Now have a 4.5 tinny with 60hp fourstroke, different boat altogether to the others. Just a tip on misfiring. One of the motors had a misfire. I changed the plugs, still there. I added some Nulon fuel injector cleaner, no more misfire. I have a fourstroke lawn mower, developed a misfire three years ago added some Nulon, no misfire. Cheers.
  3. Rebel

    Boating in Tuggerah lakes

    Hi, Hill 373737, Thanks for the map. Always stayed clear of the lakes. Might give it a go. Cheers.
  4. Rebel

    Why you should always wear your sunnies

    Hi All, I am a bit late with my report. I had cataracts removed some years ago. I also have worn glasses most of my life. I decided to have lenses fitted at the same time. Best decision I ever made. Now have 20/20 vision. I had a favourite pair of sunglasses which I didn't want to part with, the doctor advised me to have glass lenses fitted to the frames. I use Tonic Rush sunnies with glass lenses when I am fishing. I was also advised to take Blackmores Macu- vision plus tablets which helps keeping my eyes healthy. I hope this report helps somebody. Cheers.
  5. Hi, While the NSW Government is trying to lock us out of fishing the NT is promoting it again. This is the fourth year of the $1 Million comp. Also Victoria are spending $649 Million on fishing in the next two years. As we know the NSW Government have lost the plot in more ways than none. Cheers.
  6. Rebel


    Berleyguts, Get better mate. Get out the rum and honey. You won't remember a thing and you will wake up brand new. Cheers.
  7. Rebel


    Hi All, Great news. The Minister was on 2gb this morning saying the lock out was off the table. I don't trust this NSW Government, they will be back. Cheers.
  8. Rebel

    Marine Park Concerns

    Hi All, We have till the 27th September 2018 to make our complaints to the renegade NSW Government. Go to the website and fill in the document, the more we complain the better. This NSW Government is so disliked on the Central Coast . Fishing is a way of life in NSW. It was here before the Government arrived and it will be here after this Government is gone. Cheers.
  9. Rebel

    Marine Park Concerns

    Well done Wazza, I also gave them heaps. I was on 2GB this week and didn't hold back on these scumbag polys who are trying to ruin our lives. Cheers.
  10. Hi All, I read your post on oils. Okuma advertise a pack which says. Okuma corrosion X and Cal's grease would this pack be ok to buy or should I keep looking. I found Blue Marine Grease and Cal's drag grease ( tan Colour ) as separate items. I would appreciate your advice. Cheers
  11. Rebel

    New Boat

    I didn't take a potshot at Etecs. I just did my homework and read what every body had to say and spoke to people at various boat ramps who had etecs and four strokes and went from there
  12. Rebel

    Beach Fishing Tackle

    Hi, I have several beach rods. My favourite is a Wilson MT 7144. Majic, with a Shimano Ultegra 14000 reel. I also use Ugly Stik rods 10' and 12'. Before you buy look up Dinga Fishing at Sandgate, he gives good deals and discounts to Raider members, he also delivers Australia wide for free. I also use Fin-Nor reels which are great especially the LT100. Good Luck. Cheers
  13. Rebel

    New Boat

    Hi Welster, Well said. I owned Taxis a long time ago. With drivers on seven days a week they would do 3000 ks a week plus. I used to service them every two weeks. When they had done 600,0000 ks I would buy a new car. Never had to change a motor ever. Service is the key to anything what ever it may be. Cheers
  14. Rebel

    New Boat

    Hi All, I just want to add, Paddy T nailed it when he said I am not going to sea with a motor ( etec ) that was serviced 299 hours ago. I know what you are going to say, I can get it serviced earlier, but the gurus say 300 hours. Great Forum & Great People. Cheers.
  15. Rebel

    New Boat

    Hi Everybody, Thank you all. The boat wasn't the problem, it was deciding on the motor. The input was great. Cheers.