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  1. I have Black Pete 16ft they have a strong base, (Not Relax actually Black Pete), while traveling in big sea i store riggers down side of boat full lenght and strap to bow rail and rear tie off cleat , this saves stressing the bases and pole mounts, i have cracked and broken fitting at end of both poles while traveling with riggers up, And that goes for all riggers especially 16ft or up, their is too much strain on all items traveling while up. They are a great set up for a realistic price.
  2. I was out there today and spoke to the skipper on radio during the fight, the fish was on 37kg and was fought for a full 4.5 hours before coming up dead, Skipper said it was too big to get in boat, now i know why 361kg what a beast, hope to see pics.
  3. That is a Black marlin and in photo i have only estimated your height at 1.8m and if so fish is 2.2m from lower jaw to fork of tail and should of weighed at around 100kgs. Blacks are much heavier in length than a stripe as you will see in the girth behind head. Anyway well done on the catch. Cheers dave
  4. Team OFFTAP will be there, hopfully Tagging a few. Weather looking good. Good luck to everyone fishing the Tournie . Cheers Dave
  5. Hey Buddy im still waiting on that breakfast buddy LOL, Mate just decided today on fishing Botany Bill Heyward this weekend, then Jess Sams Ulladulla The week after then im off to port stephans a week afetr that then later the Interclub 2 weeks after, pretty hecktic scedule. How about you guys, whats your plans.
  6. Oh i forgot to add, biggest Game fish went to a junior angler and was a 154kg Blue Marlin .UNREAL, caught in 20.4 deg water i believe. How mad is that.
  7. Fished the tournie with Caige and Chris on OFFTAP, went 3-3-3 for the weekend, Raised and Tagged a stripe friday to Chris, then early Saturday Tagged another one to Caige then almost on the buzzer to stop fishing on saturday Raised another nice fish and Tagged with me on this time. Great Tournie, well run event, Great bunch of guys and Gals, Most Tag and Release marlin by boat was 6 over the weekend to Ultimate, Congratulations Boys. . Cheers Dave
  8. Hi Ross, It was amazing to see all the rest of the boats pull up lines and head south after the radio chatter, leaving only OnSite , me and one other boat to the productive water our selves,. The scatterd bait and small markings early in morning turned into nice bait balls later with Beakies being marked pestering the school. This was a 1 day trip for us (Long Day) so unfortunatley had to end fishing early for head home to Penrith and get cleaned up for New Years festivities. It was a great site for the newbys i had with me to watch Glenn backing down on the fish. Hoping to get back up soon, but will definately catch up at Interclub and a couple of weeks before. Cheers Dave
  9. Great work by Glenn, i fished next to him new years eve (Yesterday) on the Trench, how amazing is it that it fired for 2 days straight then yesterday, when i get there the Car Park boys also have an absolute blinder, I heard there were something like 40 boats there, with an absolute heap of fish caught even till late arvo. Thats why you got to love Port 2 great well fished spots to choose from and the trip between is often worth the short run. We did get 2 fish up and fought an absolute demon Black around 100kg that wouldnt play ball, chaffing through leader after 45 min, with spectacular jumps through out the chase. Another virgin beakie angler on my boat so i didnt call for the drag lever to go to full , but in the end we payed for it. Cheers and will see you and Glenn on water in Feb if not before. Dave
  10. offtap1


    Actually I believe there was a Stripe Marlin hooked and dropped off JB that sunday. Things usually pick up soon . Good luck
  11. Team OFFTAP will be there for our first Interclub, representing JBGFC, see you all there.
  12. Shocking Sea conditions 20-25kn Southerly all day, picked up Rat Albies and YFT west of browns, still a good day out in the end. Cheers Dave
  13. Mate no Problem anyone can give us a yell, gladly pass on any info while on water. Be good to catch up. Be sure to log on with Coastal Patrol or Coast Gaurd Sydney though for peace of mind. Cheers Dave
  14. Great Work Ross once again, Beakie this early is unreal, i heard about it earlier today, news like that travels fast, Got the crew on some good fish there, hope tommorrow is just as good for u and Glen, see u out there Cheers Dave