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  1. For those who are looking at getting their licence I found these free radio operators handbooks online to study. I have seen these for sale online for $70. The only thing is these are not downloadable but is a great iewing version for PC However I did also find these slightly older PDF versions which you can print- Could be slightly different to the online versions above!! This one is the- MARINE RADIO OPERATORS HANDBOOK This one is the- MARINE VHF RADIO OPERATORS HANDBOOK, its missing the from page thouugh. Radio Handbook.pdf Enjoy & good luck.
  2. Thanks Jon. I've been trying to get onto tre MR site over the last week to check but every time it goes to an error page.
  3. Over regulation. Governments love it!!
  4. We use non commercial 80 channels of UHF unlicenced(even though amca want to change that to) freely and without cost so I don't get what the difference is. If it's not commercial why does it need to be licenced? Just another way government body trying to push agendas & make it more difficult for people to afford freedoms. I get why having the radio is a must & knowing how to use it but imo to say you can't use without doing a course & llicence @ $288 is ridiculous!! You can just read a manual & get the result for the required needs if the every day boater. There's enough unnecessary rules in the world, we don't need more! Won't be long & it will be a 50 point check before you get your boat off the trailer.
  5. Personally, I think $288 for a licence is BS!
  6. My appologies for not contacting you Atul, I am still keen to go out one day with you in the near future. I'll hold onto your number & give you a buzz as the weather warms up a bit.
  7. Nice, well done to you Mrs I got one in Botany bay back in February I think it was. Not as big as that one but still a good enough size to take home. Was pretty tasty. Seems like they are becoming more common up this way!
  8. East ot Towra, he is referring to the heads. Just be aware its classed as open water so you need to ensure you have all the gear you need, maratime will often do checks! 9f-botany-bay-lower-georges-cooks.pdf As mentioned there is a lot of info in here, people are often chasing them to use for Kingy bait so I'd look under both topics- Botany bay squid or Botany bay kings. E.g
  9. Dam sexy πŸ‘Œ. Those colours will absolutely make it go faster 😁
  10. Im new at it myself & watch as much footage as possible to get locations & a better idea of technique. And when I say footage thats both fishing shows & youtubes, whatever I can find. I look for familiar land marks & then go there & have a try, sometimes it works, sometimes you just have to move on & try another area. Also use the search tab on here to look at the past fishing reports. This was only put up by @jenno64 the other day, he's telling you where he was in this report! Squid will show up anywhere in the bay, Ive been fishing for flathead using SP's in the middle(actually almost all over the place) of the bay & had them follow my lure up. For that reason I have another rod rigged up with a jig, I leave the SP in th water & replace it with my jig. Not the most sporting way to pick them up but then again if they show up Im going to try & catch them. As Wesler is saying, those areas will produce. Sometimes it comes down to colour & rate of decent/weight. I have a jig bag with 6 2.5's, 6 3.0's & 6 3.5's of different colours & brands. As you can see from the report jenno64 used a couple of colours, maybe they went off the one colour so you have to be prepared to change it up You just have to persist. Good luck.
  11. If you scroll though it is there actually times zones in numeric numbers without names?? If so try +10 hours, thats the sydney time zone. I dont have much experience with Navionics but if you have it then i would try to load it. The main issue might be that if its protected it might ask for the product key?? Maybe not, just depends on the software licence agrrement.
  12. Nice work Yeh its annoying for sure, there are so many regularly caught fish noton that list & I think they should update it!
  13. Perfect eating size, nice work Rick
  14. It makes you warm & fuzzy inside when you see nature doing their thing & when you can capture it & have the memory its very rewarding!
  15. Absolutely 😁 How far away do you think?