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  1. Not sure why you would spend anything at all?? If its a rental property then the landlord is responsible for the repairs. Myabe take some pictures & send to the landlord via the real estate agent.
  2. Crickey, you either have small arms or that's a of a cracker bream πŸ˜‚ Looking at the size & there growth rate must be around a 15 year old bream? Well done πŸ‘ Haven't been to wanda for ages, last time I was there got a nice salmon, much rather that jew bicatch for sure
  3. Must be large bream off Wanda to be taking 1/2 pilchards πŸ€” Regardless, nice jew
  4. Well done Jeff, great to see you back into them πŸ™‚ Here's hoping we can get another get together organised sometime in the near future now that we have a handle on the CV19 situation. Yep the top picture is a cracker
  5. No problem & good luck with the resto's Leo, I've had a charcoal weber for about 15 years & think they are a great bit of kit & you can do lots of different things with them when you get proficient on how they work. I was just throwing ideas out there, never had to try & repair one as they are pretty bullet proof but just suggesting things that came to mind
  6. Any day is a good day for fishing, as they say a bad days fishing is better than a good day at the office A Bad Day's Fishin' - YouTube As for the weather, well that's all about you own comfort level & safety of course. But know what is coming with the heat this weekend if it were me I'd be fishing the early morning preferably. Check out the reports area, it can give you an idea on where to head. Showing results for 'hacking'. - Fishraider
  7. Do that holeon the side go all the way though?? Those Webers are usually a porcelain finish which is quite difficult to replicate but it might be possible after sanding & preparing the area to use a porcelain repair paste like they use on sinks, baths & tiles? Just not sure how they would adhere to metal & how the heat would affect it?? The other option could be to just prepare the surface & use a high heat fire place putty & paint with high heat paint?? Selleys 850g Ready To Use Fireproof Cement | Bunnings Warehouse Possibly a
  8. Awesome work FMF, a metery King in SH is a great fish
  9. Atlantic - Boat Winch 2000LB Electric w/ Cord Remote (arnoldsboatshop.com.au) There is a 3000lb version as well. Dont know if anyone has seen that motorised track trailer the guys on big angry fish have but if a had a larger boats Id be getting one
  10. Nice, looks like she's motoring now
  11. No problem. Another tip is to also use the search tab & look for other threads that might give you some more info https://www.fishraider.com.au/search/?&q=Motorguide&search_and_or=or You might find someone else in another thread who is more active that can give some advice
  12. Still, I would be surprised that as long as the rod still had the tags on it & obviously not used that a business wouldn't allow a customer to exchange in a timely manner for a different line class or even say store credit. It's in their best interest if they want the continuing custom. Sure, if you've used it & there is no manufacturer fault then you bought it.
  13. LoL, I guess you could say its either a fetish or a sickness ...................either way as long as it brings you enjoyment without getting you devorced it all good 🀣 Then again I dont have to explain anything to another half so looks like I am lagging behind in the rod department, but as I dont have a boat to get me into offshore I dont need a lot of that gear..............for nowπŸ˜‰
  14. Just a tip, if you either quote the OP or link them in on your post by using @ in front of their name like @Trinity Fishing then they will get a notification. Alternatively send them a PM by hovering the cursor over the posters avitar. The OP of this thread has not been on the site since August this year!
  15. Great report & trip Dieter, sounds like the weather cooperated this time around, 28*c & light to no wind sound ideal for Jindy, no need for the ski jacket & gloves
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