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  1. kingie chaser

    Port Stephens- Pre fish

    Could it come into play with a low tide expected for 5.45am & also how many of us are going to be putting in at the same time Baz? Or will the low tide play in its favour? Just throwing it out there. Mate I think that sized board is good for slicing bread & making a sandwich on 😀 I have found that just serving food up to people without them knowing what it actually is then are getting you get an honest reaction! I once served up my brother who swore he would touch anything other than lamb/beef/pork or chicken & was a very basic meat & 3 veg eater a Malaysian Nyonya curried goat that I had recently 'sourced' myself. At the end of the bowl I asked him how it was & he replied this is amazing. I then told him what it was & saw his eyes open wide, then I asked if he would like another bowl to which the response was 'hell yeh' The morel of the story is- don't tell em what it is until they have tried it & then their mind wont play tricks on their taste buds 😂
  2. kingie chaser

    Sydney Kings crazy this late in the season

    That's awesome for this time of year! Well done
  3. kingie chaser

    My first jewie

    2 crackers, awesome work mate
  4. kingie chaser

    Crazy Hook Up On Salmon

    When it first appeared it did look like it had a yellow tail so I also thought king. Nice unexpected fish with a great fight. Well done
  5. kingie chaser

    Long weekend Lake Mac, PB bycatch

    😂 At least you wont get your Ugg boots wet ðŸĪŠ Top stuff guys, great looking day, out there & having a good time with some tight lines & some cracking fish. Thanks for sharing
  6. kingie chaser

    Port Stephens- Pre fish

    Id call that for more than fair ðŸĪðŸ˜Š
  7. kingie chaser

    Port Stephens- Pre fish

    Is a photographers trick Gabm, you just push them snapper closer to the lens to make them look bigger 😁😂 They are really 30cm estuary squire ðŸĪŠ 1 week out & good to see we are still in with a chance of a great fish like that, fingers crossed, toes crossed, rabbits foot/4 leaf clover/rosery beads packed & not eating any bananas after Sunday
  8. kingie chaser

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    There you go then, I always thought they were used to slow your drift! The straightening just being the result of the effect of the shute
  9. kingie chaser

    Botany Bay Sunday

    Still some entertainment & more important quality time with the kids which is the main thing! Thanks for the report.
  10. kingie chaser

    Lures - Newbie Questions

    To add to Dave's great advice, are you using a Rapala/loop knot on the lure? If not I would, it accentuates the action of the lure.
  11. kingie chaser

    Successful first visit to St Georges Basin

    Not a local but spent a bit of time down there as a teen/early 20's after my mother moved there. Summer brings a lot of prawns into the basin so I would say that would increase the bite.
  12. kingie chaser

    Port Hacking - slowing down

    You do know how to produce the goods in your area Yowie. Well done.
  13. kingie chaser

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Welcome to the forum Kev. Look forward to hearing about your endeavours.
  14. kingie chaser

    Anchoring at long reef - advice please!

    I think it depends on the type of sea anchor but I have a model designed for a 20ft vessel on my 13ft tinny & it struggles to do much in 15kph winds. I am temped to go double but I think if it did as it was supposed to do & I was standing the sudden jerk could throw me out of the tinny. One of the electric motors makes sense but I suspect it wont hold a larger boat in moderate winds? Both together would be pretty effective I recon.
  15. kingie chaser

    Successful first visit to St Georges Basin

    Looks like you had a great day which is the main thing They get some stonker bream & flathead in St.G basin. Keep at it & do some research on gear, it will pay off eventually.