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  1. So what Volts is your main starter battery getting? Should be around 14 volts. How far away are the batteries from one another? If they are some distance apart then there will be a voltage loss, in 4x4 terms this is one reason why people use DC-DC chargers over VSR's.
  2. Your mate beat you to it
  3. Blue spotted upside down fish 😜 Sorry had to throw that in. No idea, looked at all the charts & I cant find it. Interesting!
  4. There is no such thing as 'best' Its what you can afford & what does the job for the price! You can but waterproof pants & jackets for as little as $25 each, will they suit what you want? Cold weather you need lined or have layers, hot weather you need a shell. There is no 1 answer!
  5. kingie chaser

    15hp mariner

    Correct πŸ‘ Tohatsu also made motors with Evinrude badging which I believe was from 2011 onwards on 15hp & lower, that year & size is your Evinrude?
  6. kingie chaser

    15hp mariner

    Actually I don't thing that is quite right? I believe 30hp & less Mariner & mercury's were both made by Tohatsu Japan in that era & re badged. @Djw88, find a Schematic of the wiring & go from there.
  7. Lol I think you should post that top bit in here & blame being tired 😜
  8. Did you work out the marine paint for it?
  9. Nice work Neil, I like your live tank set up πŸ‘ Is that your own DIY?
  10. Great recipe Frank, I recon if you haven't already done so put this in the cooking section for all to see πŸ‘ Yeh that was a great tip Dieter passed onto me as I had no idea with that species about the gut lining, I knew of others like Luderick being similar & these are the tips that make all the difference! Nice πŸ‘ You could also add it to a fritto misto di mare 😁 You could also turn the whole fish into so many things like a fish head soup, use the flesh added last minutes into a thai coconut curry sauce served with some steamed jasmin rice a bit of fried shallots, coriander & bam 🀜 At worst could pretty much turn any fish, as long as I can remove the bones into something like thai fish cakes. Who doesn't like those with some sweet chilli sauce right This is what I guess I am trying to get across in the end regarding trying to open up the mindsπŸ˜€
  11. Thanks for the ideas frank. This time out Im going to hot smoke the Taylor & make a rillette out of it, serve it with some garlic croutons & caper crΓ¨me fraiche. I'll do it a few different ways over time. The Mowie not sure yet. Challenge accepted 😁 I have only heard bad things about them, mainly about the bones but you would be surprised what you can give a chef & what we can turn out of it. That's actually what I did 1st thing this morning, didn't even scale it! Took the fillets off around the ribs & skinned it with the scales on, no gutting or scaling required πŸ˜‰ Your ears must have been burning shortly after I pulled it in πŸ˜‚ Cheers. Dam, its in the freezer, didn't have an option as I am working nights for the next few days & wanted to freeze it fresh. Will see how it goes? That's a good way to think James. I think we are spoilt for choice here in Australia & if you look at many other countries fish like slimy mackerel & similar are a staple but 9 out of 10 aussies would say they are bait! Getting the knowledge on how to treat then is the key, things you pick up from others goes a long way to getting a better end product. Will have time next week to make some dishes out of both fish so stay tuned Yes it was, & hopefully the stars will align again soon, but just not after a night shift though 😏. I fish on my own so much its great to get out with someone & have good conversation & I appreciate all the tips & knowledge passed on to. Although not big that mowie pulled dam hard, the best fun with a fish I've had in a while! Thanks again & talk soon.
  12. Had been trying to catch up with @61 crusher for a fish up at the central coast for a few months but either work or the weather wasn't playing the game & finally the opportunity yesterday. Never fished the area before so anticipation was high. Headed out about 6.30am to a coupe of marks around the 60mtr mark to find there was no run & not much happening although it was comfortable with little swell was light & pretty glassy out there. Came in a bit closer & caught a few small flathead, rock cod, wrasse etc then around the 35mtr mark I got a nice hit & had a good fight going on a light 3-5kg rod running 8lb braid/12lb leader. Wasn't sure what it was & was hoping for a decent snapper, ended up being a 47cm Morwong which I brought home as I wanted to give it a try because Id never eaten it before, Ive read some people like it & some hate it so I will judge it for myself. Shortly after that Dieter had a nice hit as well & pulled in a nice 45cm pinky, when I saw that come in I though here we go but we didn't get even a squire after that. On the way back trolled along the cliff faces near the white wash for a couple of rat kings around 50/55cm mark which was a bit of fun. Also spotted some birds working & had a flick for what ended up being some Taylor, again I brought a few home as I have never cooked Taylor before & want to try it in various ways. I know lot of people snub their noses to a lot of fish so being a chef its my mission this year to try & turn as many so called 'rubbish' fish into tasty offerings. Back at the ramp around 6pm & although not overly fruitful day I still had a ball just being out there & fishing on a great boat like the 520 bar crusher is a real treat for me. I look forward to the next trip, thanks for a great day out 61 crusher 😊 Cheers Adrian
  13. Great effort Jenno, the georges seems to producing better than the bay atm!