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  1. And should still be just for non professional participants imo! Back in the day athletes had real jobs & did their sport on the side & they still did very well!!
  2. I was lucky enough to go to 2000 as well thanks to a generous boss. Went to the swimming day 1 & saw Thorpie & others win gold. Nothing like it
  3. I have been watching a fair bit of the the swimming & how amazing has Emma McKeon done, what an inspiring young women she is. The female team has outdone the bloke no doubt! And not to forget Logan Martin, 1st ever freestyle BMX & it goes to Australia I can remember doing some stupid things back in the day on my old BMX with the tuff wheels but those guys are pulling some serious manoeuvres A shame we didnt do as good in the female surfing in Sally but what a great result for Owen. Many more medal to mention & to come. Proud to be an Aussie, & its fantastic to see our representatives doing so well even in these tough times back here in Aus. No matter the results you have all done us proud Go Rohan Browning
  4. Been hearing how many transport/logistics companies employees are testing positive because they either dont have a covid safe plan or are not sticking to it, apparently 25 cases came out of just 1 company. This thing is so transmissible that it just take 1 to make it happen in a work place..................................................................................and I think people forget this all actually started from 1 limo driver! I got sent home from work with the rest of the workplace because we had workers that came form every corner of Sydney, just to dangerous. Thank fully this time around I am still getting paid..............but not sure how long for? I think there are $44,000 fines for businesses that remain open that arent essential/critical, I guess thats a very subjective subject.
  5. These places are where probably 90% of all transmissions, close & casual contact situations are arising here in Sydney & the probably the biggest issue is contact tracing is usually 2 days behind in notifying you or the business that you have been to one, there have been about 10+ bunnings stores where someone with covid has been & so many supermarkets. I look on the NSW health covid case location page everyday & any time I think I need to just go to the supermarket as you just dont know where you could get caught up in an outbreak or possibly have to isolate..................... even more than usual πŸ™„ https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/covid-19/Pages/case-locations-and-alerts.aspx I went to see my 94 year old dad in the nursing home the day after the Bondi outbreak started as I had a feeling the shit was going to hit the fan & for some unknown reason he was in the homes church with a lot of other residents so I left without seeing him, now I have missed the opportunity to see him for who knows how long but in the back of your mind you just hope that I will see him again. Then I find out while all the residents have all been vaccinated only 30% of the staff were not 🀬 And its in the Bankstown LGA! Its hard enough worrying about how secure your job is but yeh you feel pretty helpless. Then you see those halfwits protesting & putting everyone in danger & quite probably extending the lockdown, makes your blood boil They are going to find it hard to bring the numbers down I feel unless people just dont go out unless they absolutely have to πŸ˜’ As for vaccination, I've had mine, I was hesitant as I had a bad reaction to the flu vaccine but my industry has been hit so hard by this I know the only way out is for at least 70% of the community to get the jab. Top 10 case locations, no order or names included- Supermarkets Chemists Bakery/cafe's/restaurants Petrol stations Hardware's Post office Bottle shops Shopping centre's Bank's Public transport
  6. Those rods better not be rigged otherwise fisheries will need a second ticket book πŸ™„ 😁
  7. If you attempt to fix it & something does not go to plan or that is not the issue then you have void the warranty so I'd be inclined to send it to shimano for the warranty diagnosis & repair. I have previously looked up the schematic for the part number & rung shimano directly & got them to send me the part I needed. In saying that I knew the exact part I needed to fix the issue.
  8. Absolutely, we all have to look forward to something out of all this covid madness!
  9. No probs RRM, your right in saying its often ignored by Aussies, like lits of different fish/seafood I guess the more utilized Cephalopods here would be squid. Agree there are some good easily obtainable spice mixes & sauces around now which makes it quick to add flavour to dishes if you choose to. Generally speaking in a lot of cases I think less is more when it comes to seafood but as they say, variety is the spice of life!
  10. Nice work guys πŸ‘ Doing something like that looks like a pipe dream to many of us at the moment..................but someone's got to do it
  11. Hopefully Sydney wont be in lockdown by the time it gets to summer! But the way its going it might very well be 😭
  12. That's just for leaving Sydney & traveling more than 10km outside there LGA. Then they got fined $1000 for fishing in a sanctuary. Expensive life lesson but if the on the spot fine is all they got then they were lucky! Penalties for breaching public health orders Breach of orders made under the Public Health Act 2010 is a criminal offence and attracts heavy penalties. In the case of an individual, the maximum penalty is $11,000, or imprisonment for 6 months, or both and a further $5500 penalty may apply for each day the offence continues. The NSW Police may also issue on-the-spot fines to individuals of $1,000 for breach of a public health order $200 for failure to comply with a direction to wear a mask.
  13. Head gasket failure would be my guess.
  14. It is very hard BN, last time I went through this the after affects to my industry were no work for 10 months! Poor tradies whining about 2 week, they've got no idea! These are the same types that drive down the breakdown lane at the freeway when the traffic is stopped or zoom down the left lane stop at the lights in the left turn only lane then take off straight ahead to get in front of you & the rest of traffic traffic! They think the are the only people in the world, certainly the most important & special & rules dont apply to them 🀬 And apart form disrespecting those staying home doing the right thing, then to throw things at & assault police.................. I will always say we have the right to peaceful protest..............but in a Delta spawned lockdown its just idiocy! Throw the book at them!!!! No respect!!! Maggots!!
  15. I heard the Irish wanted to introduce 2 new sports but the IOC couldn't find another country that was playing heading the shot put or javelin catching..........................................πŸ₯΄.....................................πŸ˜‚
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