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  1. kingie chaser

    Bought my first boat! Cant wait to hit the water!

    The thing is its a good base to add your own improvements to, a partial project boat! I did some mods when I inherited my fathers/family 1969 Quintrex sportsman, had to get a new motor but then set out making it more user friendly for me so floating deck in between both seats to make it easier to get around & for casting(but have to be careful now as its less stable underfoot!), marine carpet, seat cushions & rails for rod holders. Not overly pretty but it does the job
  2. kingie chaser

    Carp, Friend or Foe?

    If you dare 😝
  3. kingie chaser

    Bought my first boat! Cant wait to hit the water!

    Well done on the first trials MJ, small steps initially is a good idea. On the tiller extension, just be careful there, they do increase the danger of ending up in the drink & if the motor had a lanyard cut off switch then I would be wearing it while using the extension. I can also see some cushioning on the seats being needed at some point soon, once you get into a but of chop it can get a bit punishing on the buttocks πŸ€ͺ I went with this in mu tinny & used Velcro so I could take them off for cleaning but there is a multitude of choices out there. Enjoy & stay safe.
  4. kingie chaser

    Photography Course

    I was on their website yesterday & couldn't see anything related to a free course, will have another look. A link to the area could help us who are interested in it if you can?
  5. kingie chaser

    Photography Course

    Where is the free course available??
  6. kingie chaser

    port hacking trevally

    Miss read the whole thread then, my bad 😡 I have caught a few crabs & occy by hook but just lucky really. I would be interested to know his secret as he is doing well on line!
  7. kingie chaser

    port hacking trevally

    Wow, I wasn't even aware of that but just for my own knowledge I found this on the DPI website Cant see it on the RMS map though?? Stalwart, you are a very lucky man there were no fisheries officers around that day, it could be a $500 fine for each of those crabs!!!! Seriously! A word of advice, do thorough research of the area you intend to fish & know the rules & sanctuary zones etc. The dpi doesn't give warnings! I know as I have been fined $500 for fishing 20mtrs inside a sanctuary zone before where there were no visible markers but it was on the map, no excuse is good enough really!
  8. kingie chaser

    port hacking trevally

    Nice afternoon fishing with the grand kids, great memories. I bet the young bloke will never forget the way that Trev pulled, they take off like a shot & at 53cm is a great catch! Great work Stalwart
  9. kingie chaser

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Yes that's the one, I remember it well because I was there in my tinny only the day before & there were massive schools of slimmies & the resident dolphins feeding on that side & another massive school of garfish on the southern shoal bay side, the water was like glass with not even a ripple on top. I know what scratchie ie saying, the chances of being attacked are slim but the area has been well documented with whites in the area, one picture in the Sunday telegraph still comes to mind with a great white swimming only 20/30 mtrs off Hawke's nest beach, on boxing day I think it was some years ago. Besides that pretty much any waterway would have Bull's as well which are even more a worry. Call me paranoid but ever since I was 7 years old(43 years ago) & I had to leave the old soldiers point community hall theatre to be sick on the front steps because my father thought it was a good idea to take me to see Jaws I haven't spent to many occasions swimming in the salt 🀣 Then he expected me to go fishing in the bay with him the next day in our 13ft tinny...…………………………….which didn't happen 😏 True story though!
  10. kingie chaser

    Port Stephens- raider meet

    Well there was a great white attack inside the north head off Jimmy's beach about 5 years ago & theirs plenty of then hanging around outside. Wouldn't catch me there!
  11. kingie chaser

    Gymea Bay Baths for Landbased

    Gymea baths CAN produce a wide variety of fish but as usual with fishing you have to be there at the right time & be lucky. A mate went there & caught a nice salmon once & have read people have caught kings there. Usually you will just catch a heap of undersized squire & bream! Still, beats watching TV πŸ‘
  12. kingie chaser

    Bought my first boat! Cant wait to hit the water!

    Enjoy & be safe MJ ☺️
  13. kingie chaser

    Whats wrong with this flathead?

    .....................….It's not battered & doesn't have tartare sauce & chips with it πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£β€¦β€¦β€¦β€¦..πŸ€ͺ Sorry, I could help myself. A good question though & it pays to be safe! Ive never seen that before myself but then I don't use a keeper mesh bag, mine go straight in the eskie. Was the flesh red to??
  14. kingie chaser

    A new technique in Photoshop for me

    I like it!
  15. kingie chaser

    Where do you fish in the Hawkesbury?

    As a suggestion use the search bar & through old threads. In fact this one was posted the same day as you. This site it like a library resource!!