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  1. kingie chaser

    Who will ship to U.S. - Daiwa Demon Blood 17 962MH

    More damaged that a $3000 rifle scope might be? Still you would need special packaging so it does make it harder.
  2. kingie chaser

    Who will ship to U.S. - Daiwa Demon Blood 17 962MH

    Unfortunately David it a similar situation for us here when in comes to gear we can only get from the USA & gear that is way cheaper in the USA compared to here. One prime example is anything related to firearms/shooting/hunting, only even if we did want to import it many companies cannot send them due to ITAR laws & we have to apply to AU customs for special import permits. I find it hard to fathom that sellers wont export rods, they are not weapons related?? In saying that some larger companied also have their own loyal major distributors in foreign countries & they are not really inclined to sell items back to the country they came from for a cheaper rate than would be their wholesale price. As a suggestion if you find a good site & know exactly what you want try to email the company with your plight & suggest you are happy to pay international shipping & packaging etc. Like a lot of store when buying online there may not be an option on the site for international shipping but they may be willing to do it on request. I have bought heaps of gear from the USA, especially when the $AUD was at parity with the $USD, I don't mind paying $75 USD when I can save nearly 40-50% on what the price is here, IF you can get it that is!! But that is all going to change for us here to soon 😟 You really need to work out if its even worth the trouble taking all that into account. All I can say is keep trying & good luck.
  3. kingie chaser

    The biggest bloody pufferfish I've ever seen.

    That's not a puffa fish...…..............................…………...this is a puffa fish 🤣 Caught this one in Yowie bay about 3 years ago, weighed in just over 3kg on my manual scales. Its a good thing you didn't net yours, it was a bugger to get out when its the size of a basket ball 😅 Thanks for post & bringing back a similar funny memory
  4. kingie chaser

    New camera

    Great images & looks like an amazing camera for a non SLR. Very nice colour saturation & clarity on those pics mate. Is all that 600mm zoom optical or partially digital & did you take any images from the above at 600mm zoom?? Its been a while but digital zooms in the past just don't cut the mustard for quality. Definitely got me interested in this camera.
  5. kingie chaser

    Blackfish Weed & Cabbage Weed

    Sorry I cant help you for Sydney, dad used to get his week from Stockton beach somewhere on the way up to the bay. That Luderick fishing is definitely an art. Good luck on your quest.
  6. kingie chaser

    Boat Fishing from Botany Bay

    Hi Wazza, can I suggest you do a forum search & look at some old threads. This one is from 2013 but there are plenty more in there! This is where I got my info from. I also scoured the internet & read old fishing reports& articles to get ideas but of course they are nomadic & sometimes they are just not around, its a right place right time thing. In saying that I still have not caught one in 7 years of fishing the bay so there is a lot more to it than having an idea where they might be. Techniques & rigs, the right bait (whether they feel like live or not at the time), using a down rigger to troll with etc are things you need to pre think about & have a plan. Like in the thread above I had a plan & spent 5 hours out there on my last trip & came up with donuts, like I was saying its about being there when they are on & having a lot of luck on your side. Good luck
  7. kingie chaser

    Boat for Botany Bay[Boatsales]%26(Make%3D[QUINTREX]%26Model%3D[480 FREEDOM SPORT]))%26((SiloType%3D[Dealer used boats]|SiloType%3D[Private used boats])|SiloType%3D[Demo and near new boats]))&pso=0&pss=Premium
  8. kingie chaser

    Long weekend at Forster

    Good on ya Noldty, persistence pays off in the end. Great write up
  9. kingie chaser

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    Well done mate, I guess I work opposite to you as I would rather have a heavier leader that the main line. but each to their own. I caught my 80cm(3.5kg) model PB on 8lb braid & 12lb leader. To me it more about letting the fish thinks its not even hooked rather than trying to "pull it in" that's the key in most successful fishing. But whatever you are doing, keep doing it as it seem to be working for you
  10. kingie chaser

    Come meet BIGNEIL

    I tend to agree on that, while you all sound like nice folk I would rather meet in a public place & if we can have a cast & discuss techniques & tackle it would be even better imo
  11. kingie chaser

    5000 klm for a bream

    Caught a feed mate so have to be happy
  12. kingie chaser

    Where can i fish for Flathead best!

    Agree with scratchie there FHG, think about your questions more & give as much detail as possible, there are plenty of guys on here willing to part with their experience & knowledge but you have to make some effort by giving us the right information so we can then give you the right information back
  13. kingie chaser

    Botany bay with BigNeil

    Good on you for wanting to show the bloke around but you might have enjoyed a beer watching the water from Yarra bay sailing club more 😵 😀 If the forecast starts of by saying 15-20knt winds increasing during the day then I just stay home & do something else as I know I will not enjoy it in my 13ft tinny. My last trip out was fantastic from 7am to 10am then it blew in, I went home fish less but had a great time going flat out in between spots. Anyway unfortunate for you both but you cant change the weather.
  14. kingie chaser

    Drummer fishing - winter is coming

    Do you use a float with a stopper when fishing for drummer as you do with luderick?? Whats a good drummer set up please?
  15. kingie chaser

    reel storage/transportation

    Yeh they are a very good option as there is so much foam protection in them. There is 3 pieces of foam, 1 egg shell in the top, the part you cut into the shape of the reel & the under layer. Like I was saying they are just such good value imo.