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  1. kingie chaser

    Members Boats.

    I love twin hull boats, very nice!
  2. kingie chaser

    Members Boats.

    Very nice!!
  3. kingie chaser

    Just in case you were wondering where I had gone...

    Probably the only time a soccer player wasn't faking it 🤣 A speedy recover to you, but you can wear a moon boot & fish, just saying 🙄
  4. kingie chaser

    Tackle for Boat Fishing

    Nice, that will get you to some decent places! Sounds like you live down the road from me @Baysic Im in Randwick! I agree with @GoingFishing its not one thing for me its having gear that you may not necessarily need but might come in handy when a situation arises. I only generally fish Botany & Port hacking but I still have some gear that you would normally carry when outside like poppers & smallish jigs, an array of soft plastics. As for being prepared I normally have 5 rods all pre rigged for different applications, one light set up with some sort of metal incase I see some surface action, 2 light set ups with a 2 different SP ready, slightly heavier rod with 15=20lb braid & paternoster, one heavier 10-15kg rod with 30lb braid set up for trolling & can quickly change to a popper or metal jig is I see something like a king on the sounder or see them around a fad. If I am fishing outside I have a different kit with different lures like octopus jigs lures, knife jigs, skirted lures etc. Cant say there is 1 thing 1 carry more important than the other. Probably say ya nipper pump is a good thing to have!
  5. kingie chaser

    Tackle for Boat Fishing

    Experience & knowledge. The rest is just throwing expensive stuff into the drink & hoping for the best 😊 There's no right or wrong answer, its what works for you at a particular location/time of day/time of moon phase/barometric pressure etc. You need to play with a number of approaches for a species & see what works. No magic pill which is what most people ask for!
  6. kingie chaser

    Nelson Bay Easter Weekend

    Welcome aboard. Nice catch & report
  7. kingie chaser

    Nice surprise Dollies 1st fad botany

    Sounds like a cracker of a day out with the boys 👍
  8. kingie chaser

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    Id be keen if someone is willing to offer me a berth on their vessel. As a trade off for the trip & fuel I could offer free basic share accommodation at my family's 2bdr unit at dutchies. I get the double you get the single bunks 😁 Have all my own gear & will bring burley/bait although I prefer to use lures & SP's or get live bait. Would be great to meet up with you blokes for starters 😊
  9. kingie chaser

    Garie Beach

    Nice work @Coswecanfly Ive only fished Garie once & found the same thing with the current, gave it an hour then gave up Looks like your change of tactics & persistence paid off so kudo's to you 👍
  10. kingie chaser

    Terez rod, rust?

    I think your on the money 😉
  11. kingie chaser

    I broke my Bollard... what do i do now ???

    That's not good ojay. Cant help as I don't know enough about the subject but looking at it it looks like its cast to me, I would have though a stainless version would be the choice for such a piece of apparatus that takes a fair bit of weight, then again it may react with the hull? Im sure someone will chime in soon with the right answer.
  12. kingie chaser

    Port Stephens Trip 2019

    So all taking & no giving?? How about you introduce yourself to the forum 1st as a good will gesture & try to be part of the community before you try to get all the secrets & 'good spots' !! Imo pretty rude to be asking members for all the goss with giving nothing in return!
  13. kingie chaser

    Bream fishing - ourimbah creek

    Thanks for the tip Toby, I might have to grab some & give them a flick 👍 Ive actually just bought 2 Atomic hardz bream cranks & havent even tried them yet but looking forward to the next trip to give them a shot. Tight lines 😊
  14. kingie chaser

    Bream fishing - ourimbah creek

    Some stonkers there, great work
  15. kingie chaser

    Long Range headlamp with two modes flood and focus

    Head torches/lamps aren't generally really designed to give '300 meters' of beam, there may be something out there but the size of the bezel that would be required wouldn't fit on your head or would be to cumbersome. Also the amount of lumens to get their needs to be pretty high. I have 4 or so headlamps & probably the best for the price is the Duracell 315 lumen, gets out to around 85 mtrs. For less than $30 from Bunnings its a good lamp for the price To get out to 300mtrs you would need something like 500 to 750 lumens, Ive never heard of a headlamp that can produce that. I do have 3 torches, 1 wolfeyes seal 750lm, 1 Olight 750lm & 1 Olight 1000lm, even though the Weyes & 750lm Olight are the same lunens the Olight has a larger bezel & give a much brighter & longer throw. The 1000lm Olight gets me out to 500mtrs. There is a forum called candlepower that could have some ideas for you on the headlamp. Not sure what you application purpose is but if its for your boat maybe something like a lightforce HID lamp mounted somewhere would do the job, you could then probably see out to 800mtrs or more!