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  1. kingie chaser

    Metre Plus Kayak Jewfish

    Grinners are winners. Nice fish 👍
  2. kingie chaser

    Shark Meshing: Is it Worth It?

    What is worth?? So is a single human life worth more or less than a shark or a certain number, is that the question?? Or is the question that we are in there domain so what right do we have to kill sharks to preserve human life where the danger wouldn't exist if we weren't there?? Plenty of ways to look at the subject & plenty of other related animal story's that impact OUR way of life & this is a highly politicalised subject. Regardless of the numbers on either side when it comes to conservation your either a green that thinks we don't deserve the right to impact any animals rights OR your on the pro human side. Ultimately we need to have an overall balance, where sharks are concerned yes net public areas & leave the rest. How do we achieve it? Well that's another question. Its not only a subject that is sea based as either, the way feral/introduced species & pest animals are impacting the man on the land & the country is huge but again the greens will side on the animal over our existence. FWIW if you want to talk about saving sharks then maybe look at this video & then you will see meshing has FA impact!! Not sure how the subject turned to monitors but just think ourselves lucky we don't have Komodo's on our shores! Not that we need another venomous killer here 😂
  3. kingie chaser

    Land based La Perouse Point

    It is more of a squid grounds area around there & I would not discount the occasional king cruising the area but I wouldn't say its a usual place for them. On any day they could be anywhere! Ive seen people catch nice whiting of Congwong beach but you have to dodge the swimmers as well. If you do some searching on here you will find lots of threads relating to BB that may help.
  4. kingie chaser

    Heavy spin rod advice

    Depending on your budget which you don't mention maybe something in the Daiwa Saltist Demon blood V2 range or in cheaper side the Saltist X spin range
  5. kingie chaser

    Watch out guys

    I hope there is a good outcome but not sure why people continually ignore weather warnings & don't put on life jackets, especially considering the vessel size & being in open water! Its just not worth it for a few fish!!
  6. kingie chaser


    A@sehol#s!! You need a better camera with a tele lens Rick so you can capture them in the act& get their faces on record. Name & same if possible! Still I would be reporting it to fisheries, at least they could do more patrols in the area & hopefully catch them in the act one day.
  7. kingie chaser

    Skipper Required

    Welcome to the forum & good luck when you get out there 👍
  8. King George whiting will be next!
  9. kingie chaser

    Gemfish at Browns

  10. kingie chaser

    Buying Garmin 5cv sounder from the US

    Should just be hddd.mmm.mmmm & WGS 84 shouldn't it?
  11. kingie chaser

    Buying Garmin 5cv sounder from the US

    Sorry 110V, you know their 2 pin round plug.
  12. kingie chaser

    Buying Garmin 5cv sounder from the US

    Its just a handheld for when out in the bush. Sometimes.I can be a fair way from the vehicle so carry the GPS & also a PLB. It stays in the one format, it just has the others in its memory depending what country your in. The other cool feature is you can take a picture & it records the exact position, I can then send it to another unit via wifi. If I hadn't already bought this I would have got one of the InReach models that is a topo gps & has inbuilt PLB feature but you do have to have a sim card & subscribe though you can do that for a short period. I guess the alternative is a sat phone.
  13. kingie chaser

    Buying Garmin 5cv sounder from the US

    Yes, on a shop USA Only difference is it came with US 110am plug which & just bought an adapter for. Didnt come with maps so I installed Australian Garmin topo maps via micro sd card.
  14. kingie chaser

    Recommendations for new rod/reel? (7ft 2pc, 4-8kg)

    They usually rate rods on lure weight not lure length! Seeing as you have a BG3000 how about a SALTIST-X 70M, this rod is probably more suited to the BG4000 though & would be a good combo imo. I recently got a SALTIST-X 762H & combined it with the BG4000 with 30lb J X8 braid, as a heavyish outfit. nice rods & reel combo though for $259 delivered! Pretty much got the reel & braid free in the deal from one of my favourite stores which I cant name 🤐
  15. kingie chaser

    Buying Garmin 5cv sounder from the US

    99.9% of GPS units have changeable formats. My Garmin 64sc has 42 different position formats