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  1. @eastwood1980 we have already provided you with the right info. From here it is up to you to make the calls & do the work! No one here or over the internet is going to do it for you!!
  2. I go the other(western) side of molly for my yakkas, near the parked tug. The funny thing is that usually when the sun comes up they are a lot harder to catch?? Maybe extra berley needed then?? Its a pretty reliable spot though.
  3. Out there doing it & a feed. Nice result 👍
  4. Will keep an eye out for it, will be great to watch as I love anything DIY Not sure of the end purpose for it but I recon it could be a good little vessel to fish out of, even if its just for SP's inshore or jigging or trolling for kings just outside the heads!
  5. You have your work cut out for you in that project but hey anything like that is so rewarding when your riding around on it! With a 25hp it will be a blast
  6. For the OP. Have a look for the HIN plate, mine is on the back of the transom on the starboard side, if you don't have one at all you will have to go to someone who is on the boat code list- Even though the tinny I have now was registered when I got it it didn't have a plate as the original owner was not required to have one as he had had it so long, it was only on the transfer of the rego that the HIN plate was required. Good luck 👍
  7. There are always better days to be had Rick, otherwise we wouldn't make the effort at all. Out there giving it a bash in rough going anyway so kudos to you for that
  8. Nice work Jeff. The weather looks ominous but the swell & sea doesn't looks to bad
  9. It may not be a nursery but if you do this long enough almost anything could show up
  10. Fingers crossed for you Rick but its not looking to good for NSW coast right up to Qld. I had my fingers & toes crossed when the Nelson Bay meet was on but it didn't help any 😒 Hope you get to wet a line anyway.
  11. Not sure Id be fitting solar panels to a boat, unless you are spending multiple days at anchor or consuming hell of a lot of power on electronics while at anchor. If anything up the 2nd AGM battery amp hours. Still if one wanted to having a set up with an Anderson plug available wouldn't hurt. You could have a solar blanket you could fold out then need be! Not sure how a solar panel would stand up to the seas or the salt air??
  12. Welcome aboard. Are you also doing between the seats where you could stand & cast on a flat surface?? Everyone has their own ideas on how they want to do something like this so this is my experience. I used some cross members actually attached to the under edge side on marine ply(9 or 12mm,cant remember), that way I can actually pull the whole floor out in need be without anything attached to the interior of the boat I also used a couple of hardwood 2x4 attached to the floor(not pictured unfortunately) in the shaped of the hull along the centre part for support. It did add a bit of weight but I am 110kg so if I am going to stand on it it has to be pretty rugged & secure. I guess as FHL is asking, it all depends on if you want to stand on it or not??
  13. kingie chaser

    Outboard oil

    Cheap considering a re build or replacement motor. We can all make mistakes, hopefully only once!
  14. Nice report Bruce. Priceless times with the grandkids The fish are a bonus 😉