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  1. Some people do use release weights to get fish back to the depths they came from quickly. https://www.fishingworld.com.au/how-to/diy-release-weight
  2. Thanks for the recipe scratchie, simple & works........love it! The only problem with beer batters is they usually give me a headache........................... because I have to buy a case of beer just to put 1/2 a cup in the batter πŸ˜‚ If I can add, there are so many people now that have diet specific needs, for example gluten free. You can adapt recipes if you do have something like celiac disease by using a GF beer which are available now & a variety of GF flours like rice flour, tapioca flour & besan flour & there are plenty more. You just have to play around with the ratio's Another great batter is Tempura, a well known Japanese batter. For me fried fish is a sometimes food as I have high cholesterol these days which is why I try to promote other forms of fish cooking. But hey you still have to enjoy the simple things in life sometime right & after the drinking the rest of the case of beer I usually crave a burger & fries
  3. Great fish Max, well done. Looks like a cracker of a day to be on the water.
  4. The reel could be over spooled or it was not spooled under enough tension?
  5. They are not actually a site sponsor, as far as I am aware the site has no site sponsors. But as a member you do get free postage & not sure about the 10% either as they are no longer associated with the site any more??
  6. Sometimes fishing is putting in 100 cast for 1 fish, that makes it all the more rewarding when you catch one! Imo have a look at as many YT's & watch an many fishing shows as you can on the down time. You will always get something out of watching them, whether is something about technique or even rig set up.
  7. Nice report mate, well done on the king. Nothing like a fight like that to get the heart pumping
  8. Great to hear from you Waza Best wishes in your recovery mate πŸ™‚
  9. You know me Jeff, always the kidder πŸ˜› But you absolutely have to have some "match fitness" with fishing or anything physical really & even more so if your going to be doing a few days in a row! I recently did a 2 day a week over 4 weeks stint helping my company out during lockdown out of my normal role working with security & really didnt know how much they did but after working 2 x 12 hour days walking on average 33000 steps a day & not doing anything for 3 months because of lockdown after the 1st 2 days I couldnt walk! I recon going deepsea fishing for half that time can be even harder & more physical in the rough!
  10. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Another hard to take day for you Jeff, looks like a mill pond day, the suns out & you have to go fishing...................again ✌️ Thats a great looking batter there to
  11. People troll with spinning gear for fish such as Marlin etc alot these day. If I am limited to the number of rods I can take on a trip then I will even use my Daiwa monster mesh with a sealine bull 6000hi reel for trolling, then use the same rod to jig for kings. Otherwise if able to I would take my Penn 10-15kg steeltip with my Penn GT330(USA made) at it has bigger line capacity.
  12. kingie chaser


    Have you ever put a nylon tap on a jerry can & the grabbed a hold of it & pulled it up as hard as you can by hand?? 9 times out of 10 it will just pop out of the threads. Being in such a prominent spot on the hull/transom & extended it would only have to kiss something solid & then there's a 20mm opening at the back of your boat. Even a pin %%%%% of a hole on the hull will let in a decent amount of water over time as its under pressure, being forced down onto the water. Most bungs also have a retainer as well so cant be fully removed so no forgetting that at home. My tinny just has a simple solid plastic bung which is inside from the inside & I always keep a spare on board.
  13. Thanks Neil, I think its been a very hard time for so many people in many different ways recently & also seeing other people being able to enjoy themselves when you cant does play on your mind a bit & at times can cause a bit of angst. I think the overall message is to not take the simple things in life for granted & take every opportunity when you can to get out there & do the things you love to do. Its one thing Covid has accentuated!
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