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  1. Well I cant give you an answer nor actual advice but just give you the melting temperature of lead which is 327.5*C give or take depending on other elements. Actually what I would say is that trying to melt lead in a lead pot wouldnt end well I dont think
  2. Great to see a Tassie devil doing the damage, the old favourites still bring it Sounds like a good result but your a better man that me releasing those tasty fish!
  3. Ok mate I'll have beef fillet & bearnaise sauce with my grilled lobster tail thanks, surf & turf.................... πŸ¦žπŸ„.......mmmmmmmm 🀣 Great stuff Brendan, I'd love to pull a couple of crays out of some crevaces only I have a fear..............................of the great white sharks that frequent PS! Can you get them in water up to your knees 🀣 Another great report & day for you on the water
  4. Nothing beats getting onto different types of boats to "feel" what is the difference is. But failing having the opertunity to do that I would be doing some research through sites like these to get some sort of understanding- https://discoverboating.com.au/get-involved/boat-buyers-guide/boat-types/ https://www.boatsales.com.au/editorial/details/trailerboating-choosing-a-vee-hull-115148/ Personally for bay/estuary , all you need is a 4m alloy like a quintrex or stacer etc with a 25PH tiller steer. BUT you need to establish how many peop
  5. Dan, you need to give more details when you post otherwise its very hard to give you the right information! Like- Land or boat based?? Intended types of target species?? Anyway mean time maybe have a look at some previos threads- https://www.fishraider.com.au/search/?q=norah&quick=1
  6. Nice work on the king, still a lot of fun at that size On the burley, I dont think it would hurt to have a log in a mesh bag attached to the kayak, is saying that there is also the chance it could attrack the occassional shark 😬 I mean you could also cube as well or maybe some mushed up pilchards in a bread slurry which could bring snapper along as well as the kings butit can easily drift away in current so its nice to also have a larger amount of scent that is drawing then towards you imo. But yes there are a number of ways you could approach this.
  7. @dan006, nothing wrong with Daiwa or any other brand really but it is all about your budget. Generally the quality of any reel increases with the budget but yes you do need to look at the specifications & the materials plus build quality of any brand, reel or rod. What is your interpitation of peer fishing & what is your intended target/s?? What is on offer at one peer does not mean all are the same. There have been quite a few examples on here to show how decent sized fish can be caught on cheap rod combo's. The main difference is do you want
  8. If anyone or group finds there local community is in the need of something that requires funding, like for instance improved fish cleaning tables/areas, access improvements & any other project then now is the time to apply for grants. Applications close 30th October! https://www.facebook.com/NSWDPIFisheries/ https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fishing/recreational/recreational-fishing-fee/licence-fees-at-work/apply-for-funds?fbclid=IwAR3721PLV6-iN0y_lUQ1GW2aQlXatMtKLV17UQJHUoVVPhOQRZRlDSmhIuY
  9. Yep, it's called practice! And should be done before you get to the ramp imo There are plenty of open spaces & large car parks you can take your trailer to practice!
  10. Welcome. Nice looking cat, should be a bit of fun
  11. Welcome aboard Snappa, my 1st suggestion to newbies is to use the search tab & have a look for existing info on any subject, including theis one. Infact if you throw Jervis bay fishing into google amongst the results you will more thatn likely from the FR site. Reading some of these other threads can give you more great information that you may not have been looking for! It can be a bit finicky so choose the word you use carefully Good luck- https://www.fishraider.com.au/search/?q=jervis&quick=1
  12. Just thought Id add a little footage of our only catch for the day. I must admit the anticipation was high the way the rod was bending & stopping the drag, its the feeling we all have I think no matter the type of fishing we are doing but when your using reasonably heavy gear I think the expectations go up a notch. Mind you it was my 1st experience at deep dropping & there was an element of excitment πŸ˜„ Also due to the motion of the boat you have to look for the "head shaking" πŸ˜‰ Still, gives you an idea about the electric reel action.
  13. Well never say never but I hope I am smart enough & had thought & dry practiced about the process enough to never have a situation like that when I get myself a larger boat. But its not that hard launching & retrieving a boat is??
  14. Yep, e.g. my mate got his nsw boat licence in 1 day with some company that does the qualification, never even got on a boat or attached a trailer. When I did mine I had go with someone licences, fill in a log book with a set number of hours & signed by the licence holder then I could sit the exam. Short cuts = short skilled!
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