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  1. Good catch Zoran, you wouldn't want to come across that 30km off the coast! Not sure about your definition of a pin hole though, to me that just looks like hole, I don't think it would stop if I put a pin in it πŸ€¨πŸ˜… Thanks a heads up on that material, I use Devcon liquid steel for a metal repairs & once it hardens it is literally is like steel but not sure how exposure to fuel would affect it?
  2. Its funny how a person(not referring to your wife specifically fragmeister!) can know so much about microbiology & yet are willing to French kiss another human πŸ€¨πŸ˜‚ Yeh its the touching of surfaces that other people have come into contact with that worries me the most, especially since I am a self professed recovering germaphobe No doubt this is why the health authorities are saying if you don't have anything essential to do then avoid going out into a public place. If people scroll down to 'how long does Covid 19 last on a surface' I think a lot of people will be surprised by the answer. If I have to go out I am taking anti bacterial wipes with me to sanitise my hands after touching a lot of commonly used/touched areas like hand rails etc. Went to Coles today(still no toilet paper πŸ˜₯) & it was good to see them being responsible with only allowing a certain number of people in the store & making a line up with signs asking for people to stay 1.5mtrs from the next person. I just hope it will be over sooner rather than later but I don't think we are going to see that anytime soon.
  3. It sure is noel, even a drawing can help along with the description
  4. Interesting, but I am finding it difficult picturing what your saying with this set up?
  5. @bluefin!!!!!! What part of what I am saying is complete rubbish???? Ok, while yellow is daylight low light situations like overcast conditions yellow will help give more definition & at night time reduce glare but they wont help you if there is no light. What part of what I am saying is rubbish???? Sounds like your the self acclaimed professor when it comes tonight vision. Maybe you should be working for the military πŸ™„
  6. Sometime you also just want to measure a fish to see if you have beaten your PB as well frank, well that's if you care about that sort of thing I guess 😏
  7. Most of the time I use the paternoster when drifting, even inshore. If I was stationary the possibly a running sinker to swivel. I find if you use a running sinker while drifting it just fouls up the line/leader. In some cases yeh I do use the sinker to the hook if drifting but not very often. Just my preference to use the paternoster, usually lose less gear that way lifting just off the bottom where as if your running the sinker to the hook. Water depth & type of bottom makes a difference as well so that also determines rig for me! Be interesting to hear others opinions on it & reasons why for sure.
  8. Looking at it frank 250 is huge, I get it that's its for bigger fish but I recon 150/200 would still do the job for most.
  9. You might be right there, I'd eat orange roughy any day & that's another perch species. And that's dog ugly as well
  10. I saw that tool when I was doing my research but wasn't really impressed with how the knot is formed by simply winding down & up then finishing. I mean it might bind but I personally like the way when using the Daiichiseko tool you actually weave the leader through the braid. But I do incorporate the uni he is doing at the end of your video to finish of my FG after I have done a couple of alternate twisting half hitches each way.
  11. That's good to here Baz, they would have to provide PPE's under duty of care WH&S regs, how they are used even more important. Being in the food industry we use a lot of gloves as well in just the normal operations but something I have to remind people constantly at work is they have to be changed in between every single job otherwise cross contamination will occur. I myself can go through a 100 pack in a day depending on what I am doing. Social distancing isn't a person choice its law, fishing is ok as they have allowed it but social distancing laws still apply. I'll say that word again 'law' Something its taking a long while for some people to understand. Police have the powers to impose fines & the courts jail penalties for people who flout the laws. Re the police scanning # plates, will that happens by every single highway patrol car. Ever since the rego labels were done away with every single car they pass is scanned to ensure the car in registered, they can then see the address of the owner on their computer in their vehicle. It is totally probable that what your suggesting is happening & will be ramped up over Easter.
  12. I have off break walls & from inside bays etc but not so much off open water rock but I done see why not. Some of the issues would be what the bottom is like at a location, if it rocky or really weedy then your going to lose gear. If the wind is in your face that your cast distance will be significantly reduced. The way I see it is if your not getting a bite using a particular method then changing things up could make the difference between going home empty handed or not.
  13. I have quite a few boxes of same/similar vintage hooks I got from dads gear. I don't think I will ever use the as most of the fish I target are bigger than a tadpole 😁 Still I think the boxes are cool
  14. Exactly πŸ˜‰ Its been interesting looking at all the comments on FB pages like the NSW DPI or NSW Maritime People trying to rationalise the difference between going for fish compared to a run 🀨 Its just good common sense I think, who would want to risk going out to do something that is non essential & potentially bringing the virus home to the rest of the family? I don't think being an RN helped it was more likely the fact that you posses a higher amount of intelligence than the average person helped! I hope you & all the family stay safe during this time Donna, people of the front lines like yourself & your daughter are taking the biggest risk & deserve all our praise. I imagine seeing people take the piss & flout the rules must make you so angry, I know I would be! True but total lockdowns are occurring in other countries of the world & they are coping, yes essential services need to remain open but that's its. Things like groceries can be ordered online or by phone & delivered stopping crowds/contact & also reduce panic buying. Not sure how they ae doing it in the rest of the world but put it this way, the incubation period for Covid is 1-14 days & the contagious period is 1 o 4 weeks, so if we had a total shutdown for 6 weeks(I think China did 8 weeks) then kept the international borders closed we should all be able to go back to lives in a somewhat normal fashions including restaurant, clubs, pubs, retail & other sectors being able to reopen. Even 8 weeks sounds better to me than 6 months! I guess this is what I was referring to in my 1st sentence, you only have to look at what happened at Bondi only the day after the restrictions started to realise a reasonably percentage of people are halfwits that that literally stick their heads in the sand & don't think anything will ever happen to them. And we are still seeing it, Sco Mo says "People should not be going away for Easter holidays," he said. "People should not be getting in their cars and going to other places." & no sooner said police start pulling people over travelling to holiday destinations. People just don't listen! The decision should not be a personal one & that has created the unrest amongst people where they are trying to rationalize how one restriction is different to another. I actually feel for people who have to be out there at the moment, working & dealing with public in a retail setting, exactly as you are saying with people coughing & sneezing & then handing you money. I hope your company is supplying you with masks, gloves & sanitizer Baz. I have only gone out 3 times in the last couple of weeks to get some supplies & my skin is crawling by the time I get home just thinking about what I have touched, then basically wash my hands etc. This whole thing has made me a bit paranoid about anyone or anything I come into contact with BUT in saying that this is pretty much what the health authorities are telling us to be. Vigilant or paranoid, I cant tell the difference at the moment 😏 Stay safe Baz.
  15. The underlying issue here is that Australians in general do not like to be told what they can do & give them an inch they will take a ft. I think some of you & the keyboard hero's on social media need a reality check so here are some figures for you from just yesterday 4.4.2020 - USA 975 dead Spain 749 dead Italy 686 dead Germany 153 dead France 1053 dead UK 708 dead The world wide total is currently 64, 546 people dead...………………...the reason the count is so high in some counties is they did not put the measures we have in place soon enough or to the same level! Everyone just needs to sit tight or else we will start seeing figures like this, that could be your father, brother, mother, sister, child!! I don't like this as much as the next person but the alternative is people will die! If those figures don't give you any concern & don't think it will happen here then think again! Personally I am actually surprised that we are still not in total lockdown, I think this whole thing would be over a lot quicker if Australia just shut down entirely for 2 weeks & we could all go back to our normal lives much quicker which includes the things we all love to do outdoors.