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  1. Not familiar with the area myself but quite a few guys on here are & there is already a fair bit of info that can be found in here using the search tab. Just type in the area you want to look into like middle harbor, Sydney harbor ets& have a look through the results. There is also a dedicated kayak section here as well. Also search for sydney dpi fishing guides as well.
  2. Well that sounds like a win even if EZ tow wiped their hands with you. I had a look on the ECTBS website & it looks like those SS calipers are like $750 each πŸ™‚
  3. Your lucky, the honest fair dinkum ones are very hard to find these days!
  4. They look interesting Ben, almost looks like steel wool. Good luck with them Just have to get let out of the cage first 😏
  5. Its still pains me to remember that near 1mtr flathead I had half of in my enviro net before it fell out & spat my SP. I dont class that as landed as it never got into the boat, never able to be measured, never to be able to be come my new PB 😭 I can understand large gamefish like a Marlin, sword or a shark not being brought on board & would call a fish along side the boat & held if possible(marlin or sword of course) as "landed" regardless if holding the leader means its officially caught. As far as Im concerned if you haven't brought it on board or on terra firma & actually measured it(if worth measuring) then its not landed.
  6. Yep, & the salt & briny is our church 😁 Or if your a freshy as well then that's your place of worship to πŸ™‚
  7. Geez, I wonder how animals will be slaughtered now for halal or Kosher food if this bill passes?? Oh yeh, religion will be a genuine reason for allowing live animals to have their throats cut while alive to be bled out We just need to turn fishing & hunting into a religion & then all will be acceptable. Some may say that fishing is a religion....................................... as we do it religiously 😜
  8. Sounds like even feral & introduced species will be protected if this new animal welfare bill passes! Then wait & see the parties that made it happen start passing the buck the their decisions heavily impact all native species & the man on the land!!
  9. Better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick Baz πŸ˜‰ Just getting picked was a prize in itself
  10. Yep, that comes under the common sense clause, we all know some people have very limited amounts πŸ˜… I even think a front wheel drive vehicle could be more of an advantage over rear wheel drive in deploying & retrieving in most cases but that would also depend on the ball weight, if it is an under matched vehicle to boat weight then it could be worse if unweighting the front?
  11. Not sure what single cab vs dual cab has anything to do with towing a boat or for deploying & retrieving? Any vehicle for towing needs to be suitably powered & rated to tow the weight, have decent tyre's & suspension as well. All ramps are different & some a quite steep, then throw in a low tide & some algae into the equation & thats how cars end up in the drink. People need to get out & have a look at the ramp before backing up, even more so if its a ramp they have never used or have not used for a while. Also does not hurt to have some wheel chocks in the car either. Is having a 4x4 an advantage..................................absolutely but 4x4's also end up in the drink as well so its more about having common sense imo! https://www.onscenebondi.com.au/index.php/207-car-plunges-underwater-after-losing-traction-at-botany-boat-ramp https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3510209/Driver-watches-4WD-slide-boat-ramp-water-Yowie-Bay.html https://www.reddit.com/r/sydney/comments/ikuqwv/botany_bay_his_first_time/ Make sure your trailer is in good condition as well! I think the publisher of this vid got the title all wrong, dodgy trailer more like it!!
  12. Did you have a close look around the motor? There should also be a plate attached with model/ serial # & other details like HP etc.
  13. Signed. The SSAA are also urging members to do the same.
  14. Well done Baz, I saw your 2 pics, the snapper & the kingie. Hopefully it's someone worth while & not just a stubble holder & bumper sticker. Still something is better than nothing right πŸ˜‰
  15. Yes but you need the specs/advertisement from 2017
  16. I never though I would use it but I seem to be using the term "back in the day" much more since I turned 50 🀣 For me it normally refers some some sort of activity I used to think was easy 20 years ago or when I used to be able to sleep all night without getting out of bed for a peeπŸ‘΄ 2017 is not back in the day
  17. It's good you got a response from both but still it does not make sense. That's a good offer from Easytow but will be interesting to see what Deemax.come back to you with. What was the quote for the 4 anyway?
  18. Nomad Chug Norris πŸ™‚
  19. So they can sting you some something because the rest will last 20 times longer 😏. Your right it doesn't make sense but if they make stuff that lasts forever they aren't going to get any parts sales? Id be asking the manufacturer as well as the distributor!
  20. Smaller inline fuses are good to protect individual appliances & as a secondary defense but if you had have had a circuit breaker between say the main battery to a bus board then you wont fry your individual appliances(or wiring) if a surge occurs. CB's are alot cheaper than a shunt diode but I might be missing something on what the diode can do that the CBV cant?? I thought a shunts measures the current, maybe its the diode that cuts the circuit if the current is to high?
  21. Max image size total per post is 9.77mb as written at the bottom when you make your reply to the thread. Nice pics by the way
  22. All things come down to budget, you can easily spend 1K on a jigging rod down to $200 & reels from $400 to 1K so having an idea of budget will determine suggestions. As for the Saragosa, well it has a 15kg drag & a decent line capacity for 50lb braid at over 300mtrs but maybe what lets it down is the gear ratio, usually for jigging the reels traditionally used are a higher ration like 6.2:1 or higher. But if you are on a tight budget your Saragosa should do the job. Some guys like to use overhead set up to which could be worth looking at, again if its within the budget.
  23. Again its items like this that you have to buy for the travel buddy that come standard on other brands, same goes for the merit plug having to be changed to an Anderson plug on most occasions I just bought a Kickass for $50 less than the travel buddy, already has an insulated door, door latch, Anderson plug as standard(fused) & Anderson to merit plug adapter. Travel buddy would be losing less sales to other brands if they actually took notice of what potential customers had to say about their product & made the improvements needed at no extra cost!
  24. Ask for all the service history/reports is the 1st thing I would be doing. How many hours run time #2 At minimum even if you cant get to a waterway they need to start it, check how it runs, nice solid flow from the telltale, no oil leaks anywhere. Take the cowling off & have a good look around after it has been run, check hydraulics, well greased where it should be. You can usually tell if someone has looked after a motor, on the outside at least.
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