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  1. cheap charlie

    pigfish, have you caught one?

    I have been throwing these things back for years when chasing Snapper & Mowies. Looks like the next one I catch is going on the plate
  2. cheap charlie

    LIVE FISHING REPORT - Cremorne point

    The fellow goes by panfried, pilchard.
  3. cheap charlie

    Centre Console choices

    My thoughts after owning 2 later brooker's where cheap and nasty? If you did want a larger boat there's always the option of adding in a hinged drawbar.
  4. cheap charlie

    Very costly mistake.

    To answer your question Gazza, suggestions of a complete engine replacement based on a failed drive belt, overheated engine and the suggestion of a failed head gasket from the original poster. You suggested the replacement was Required due to a warped alloy head. There was no mention of make or model provided. How did you determine the engine was fitted with an alloy head? Gazza, I have read many a good post of yours in the past such as your drowned outboard repairs and your information has been great. As per my original post, I was pointing out the conclusions / diagnoses that where drawn with next to no information. Moving on I've said my piece, what a top bloke to stop and help a complete stranger out. Sounds like the old fellow was looked after as well as the repair cost sounds like genuine 1990's pricing to have the head gasket, water pump and drive belt resolved. Good on you.
  5. cheap charlie

    Very costly mistake.

    At the risk of offending people, I am astonded by some of the comments above. Jumping to conclusions with minimal information is of no benifit to any body involved. How was any of the conclusions below drawn from the following information?: - Stopped to help another stranded motorist today after seeing him on the side of the road with steam pouring out of his engine bay. - Image of a failed drive belt, head gasket failure due to overheating and a very expensive repair bill for this gentleman.
  6. cheap charlie

    Would weed on paternoster rig work for luderick?

    Thats ok we all have to start some where. You dont have to go out and by a dedicated combo to suit. A longer rod fishing from a ocean ledge certainly allows you to keep your line and float away from potential snags but is not 100% nessiary. At times I've duced down to ledges using a 6ft6 2-4kg grapite stick that also gets used for soft plastics etc. This is only really a possibility when the swell is right down and you can effectively stand right on the end of the ledge. Stick with the gear that is available to you but alter your approach. You really need to fish with the rod in your hand, keep in touch with your float and control your line. By doing the above and picking your location so as the swell and wind are not working against you you will rearly loose a float.
  7. cheap charlie

    Would weed on paternoster rig work for luderick?

    When you targeting blackies, how do you go about it? Do you chose a location based on the conditions? Eg chosing a ledge where the wind is not blowing your line / float back onto the ledge. Are you holding the road in your hand and managing the line keeping in contact with the float taking up slack and letting line out when required to suit the drift? Are you aware of the location your fishing and setting your floats to suit the depth of the area and retrieving your float when it leaves your predetmined drift? Are you using a rod of suitable length? I have spent considrable time fishing ocean ledges and very rearly do I ever loose a float. If your loosing floats and you really want to target blackies then you need to alter your approach. Prehaps consider aproaching one of the sites Blackfish mentors in regards to organising a trip.
  8. cheap charlie

    Looking for a plug?

    Sent you a PM
  9. cheap charlie

    yellow fin off ulladulla

    Nice work. If you find your self with an excess of fin, could I temp you with a trade of Abalone & Lobster?
  10. cheap charlie

    Would weed on paternoster rig work for luderick?

    Using a float when black fishing offers many advantages: - Adjustable to susspend at varying depths which is handy when the fish are there but you need to very depth to find where there feeding. - Allows your bait to drift thus targeting fish in a larger area. - Acts as a strike indicator, without which your baited vrs hookup rate will go to crap. - Stops you losing all your gear on the bottom. Liken it to riding a bike with no pedals. Sure it can be done but how sucessfull are you going to be without them.
  11. cheap charlie

    Would weed on paternoster rig work for luderick?

    Why? Your not a fan of convention methods of targeting blackfish?
  12. cheap charlie

    Fishing wide off Ulladulla

    In regards to Tabourie, never actually sounded the lake. In recent years have only fished it in recent years from a Hobie Kayak and the lake was closed at that point in time. Funny you mention the private property near the rock bar, it's owned by a friend of mine's grandparents. The property is a milking farm owned by the Anderson's.
  13. cheap charlie

    Fishing wide off Ulladulla

    Is'nt up the back of Narrawalle a magical spot! I guess it's remained that way as it's so hard to access. Most of the car tracks up to the back of the lake have been blocked off with the new estates going up. Tabourie Lake has been open for a while now and is worth a look if your after lakes to explore. There's a hidden boat ramp near the council caravan park on the northern side of the lake.
  14. cheap charlie

    Fishing wide off Ulladulla

    Paikea, do you hit the water often in Ulladulla? Based in Burrill Lake my self
  15. cheap charlie

    Down Rigging Suggestions

    Where from?