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  1. Black Magic KS in 01 or 02, good value in packs of 32, I seem to lose a few each session..... I like the heavy-ish gauge for little hooks, but still very sharp. Though once they've been in saltwater they rust quite quick, so basically a single use hook.
  2. They won't ever forget it, nice of you.
  3. I've got a 9' Starlo Stick Shorespin which balances to a 5000FJ Stradic pretty well and you can probably get one for about $100 if you sniff around. The rod is fine, I've used mine extensively over the last two years from the rocks, caught small jew, drummer, bream, salmon, bonnies on it but I'm not really in love with the thing. If you're happy to chuck pencil poppers and just skip them over the surface I'd actually go a 10' rod instead. Gives you some extra distance when hurling metal and it's easier to lift small pelagics with. If you want to throw big cup-faced poppers you'll need a second much heavier set-up, preferably even shorter than specified. Other options to look at are the Samaki Rods (Allure Surf/Zing). I've got a 10 footer which works well for the above species/applications and wasn't particularly expensive. Or some of the NS Seabass rods aren't super expensive and come in 9' models. Never fished one but they felt pretty good in the shop. Maybe figure out the 5 lures you think you'll use most and buy the rod based on their weight etc. Hope that doesn't confuse too much.
  4. Thanks Shakeel. Thanks Jeff. Been a fun couple of years of up-skilling, thanks mate. Cheers. Thanks Ian, pleasure.
  5. Thanks for the kind words, but the technique is quite an old one from what I understand. Those lures are pretty big and heavy, all 15-20cm long, the yellow one weighs about 55g, the blue and silver one about 85g and the greenish silver one also about 85g. Just pick an outfit that can cast them comfortably. Try to get past the wash-line and then roll them in as slow as you can without letting them float too high up in the water column. And you gotta fish pretty shallow spots with lots of foam, wash and my preference is for a little stirred-up sand as well. Hope that helps.
  6. Cheers Pete, worked hard for him as I'm sure you'd understand.
  7. Nice mixed bag from the wash.
  8. Thanks Prawns, super happy. Just fish hard and have fun, the results will come eventually.