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  1. cheers for the feedback - we usually have them knotted or snap swivelled. i'll try the loose loop - is this the one http://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/non-slip-loop-knot/
  2. Been trying to troll skirts and divers at the same time - a mixed bag to cover all options the divers are halco pro lasers or rapala magnums but usually everytime the divers get skipped across the water as the speed is too fast. any slower and the skirts don't do their bubble thing. usually going @ about 15kmh atleast. Is the trick to get some high speed trolling divers?
  3. agreed - nothing about possession in that PDF from DECEMBER 2014 then look here - http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/fisheries/recreational/regulations/sw/sw-bag-and-size nothing about possession either, yet has them for Australian bass and other fish. there is also NOTHING in the recent media releases. if this is a new law/amendment it wouldn't be in a PDF from 2014 and would be in the latest news from this link http://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/aboutus/news/all
  4. nothing is posted on the fisheries site. would like to know on what grounds this can be prosecuted without anything (law/rule amendment) in writing? ive seen nothing of 1 per person in possession for this fish, except this thread
  5. Yep RIPCHARTS are RIPOFFS They have instroduced the premium service and now the non premium shots are incomplete and covered in cloud. The good clear days are "premium" only. Thus you are forced to upgrade to get a good look at the temps. My expiry is up next month and I wont be renewing and will tell them why.
  6. looks like the temp break is coming in close beyond baitstation near broken bay shelf, however the latest chart feed was a bit patchy yesterday
  7. we have no idea on the weight, which has prompted us to buy scales for the boat, but she went 127cm to the fork of the tail
  8. Got to Botany Wide fad with livies picked up a few dollies, then we started trolling to the temp break towards browns and this bull decided to enquire our spread at about 150fathoms it was green at the boat and took off with our gaff for another run, in the end had to tail rope the golden bull
  9. Botany Wide FAD was missing last time out about 3-4 weeks ago - Does anybody know if this has been replaced? and if the same spot?
  10. kulch


    as long as you have good braid and leader i dont see why not. will be very hard in the shallows, but in deep water will be ok. as long as the kings cant find anything to cut you on, or you dont hook a huge hoodlem you will enjoy the fun with gomoku
  11. kulch


    i think he has an abu ambassedor. nothing wrong with the diawa as long as the good line if u are unsure head into the tackle shop and get a feel for the rod and bring your reel in to pair it up for balance checks
  12. kulch


    mine are spin, but my friend has the overhead - both are weapons
  13. kulch


    Ive got a blue and a red one On the blue ive got 30lb rainbow depth braid on a Stratic 5000 On the red ive got 15lb braid on a sedona 4000 On sunday it was a calm day so i was able to get 150-200gr jig down at 12mile - if there was any breeze i would have struggled not sure how the blue gomoku would handle 250gr jigs, but im gonna try it next time, because there is minimal jigging fatigue from these rods. but if i hooked a 1m+ hoodlem i'd be in all sorts of trouble i reckon
  14. kulch


    u can use them for anything. yesterday i got my slimeys on the blue one and then thru a jig on @ 12mile and picked up 2 kings going 85cm awesome fun
  15. brilliant app - its my main gps now. been out to browns and beyond, this app is a must