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  1. Just returned from a week down at sussex . We rented a house on the canal which had a nice pontoon with a cleaning table and seating so I figured there must be something in there. Checked in at the tackle shop for a bit of lnfo. The waters to cold and clear but the bread and butter are normally about was the reply. I had my supply of salted pillies (home salted) , supermarket prawns and some leftover hawkesbury squid. I don't do any float fishing so purchased a pencil float and some tiny hooks. I read here about the difficulty in catching the big mullet but when you see them jumping about. Anyway I gave it a go. For the week on the float I picked up my first blackfish,not big but a first is a first. Ended up with a few of them all returned, Then there were the garfish that were in abundace all caught using fresh bread with about a metre drop with two little split shot for weight. NO MULLET A mixed bag on the other rod, 2\0 circle, on 20kg braid ( that's all I had ) and a lightish leader and smallest sinker I had was 1oz pearl ( home made ). The result was a few flatties, flounder, tailor all leagal and returned a puffer and a ray. Prawns and pillies did the job with the squid getting a 0. Cheers. Clive
  2. Hit Roseville ramp around 6.30am on Friday and first stop was Sugarloaf about 100m out from the steps. Dropped down four baits two single 2/0s with a small ball sinker and two double 2s. Bait was chicken gut, supermarket peeled prawns, (salted) imported squid, and salted pilly. Only five minutes and up comes a nice flounder 35cm on the chicken and single 2/0. Another 10 minutes the big hit comes with my first legal king, nearly 70cm. Did not figure a fish could fight like that. Chicken again. Water was 14.5. All quiet for the next hour. The weather is great with just a light breeze. Moved down to Quakers hat with no luck so moved on to the shallows between Chinaman's & Balmoral. A few slow drifts took a couple hours and three flatties on the double 2\0s and pillies Then round the corner at Grotto Point for an hour or so for 0. Water was around 16 there. Then it was off to one of the mornings at the spit. Fun and games started almost immediately. King after king on the squid. All under size but I had a ball. Time was getting on so moved up to Bantry Bay for the night. Hooked up to the mooring opposite the little waterfall and settled in for the night. No action at all so it was time for nap. I put down a butterflied chopper, a squid and a butterflied Yakka that I had jagged. All on a double slider rig with 6/0s All quiet until there's a hit around 11.30. Pulled up the rig with the tailor head, rigged another squid and back to the sleeping bag. Another hit at 3.30am and after a few minutes I put a 75cm Jew on the floor, Yakka did the damage.. Made breakfast and coffee at about 7.00am and then did some prospecting until around 10.30 and called it time. A great mixed bag and nice weather, doesn't get any better. Cheers. Clive
  3. Well that accounts for the car park. I did say to my brother the comp was coming up and thought it was later in the month and wasn't sure if there was another leave pass available. Happy for all the raiders that hooked up. I'm now thinking that you were the houseboat with what looked like an ACDC flag in the left hand corner. I'll def book in for next year and remind myself to double check the notices with a little more detail and read up on how to catch the damn things. Cheers Clive After being out for the last two weeks I'll also have to
  4. Just got back and thawed out. Spent Sat morning and arvo checking out ALL the little bay up to Patonga for 0. Then we went off to Smiths Creek entrance and drifted over the holes for an hour for 0. It was getting late so we pottered over to Waratah to hook up to a mooring lol, Chocker block don't know how many boats were there but it was cramped for space. Found a little spot and dropped anchor for the night. Lots of baby jew smashing the baits and only saw a couple of haries get pulled in. Half time in the Cronulla game we called it quits and put the head down. We left out one hairy rig, one big squid and a half of a pilly from last week. Woken up around 1.00am with a small jew sucking on my squid so re baited and went back under the covers. 2.30am the brothers rod screams and he pulls in an 85cm jew on the half pilly. No pics to bloody cold. Morning session was even dumber we went up to lion and did the drift to barrenjoey for 0. Called it a day around midday after drifting Smiths again. Water temp 14.5. Not sure on the temp but definitely colder than last week. Cheers
  5. plummo


    Finally got out on the water with the young bloke for a shot at the elusive hairtail last night. He told me of a secret spot his boss had told him about, So we put in at Akuna and of we trot to Waratah (secret 1). The wind was howling so we hook up to a mooring rather than anchor up. Secret no 2 chicken breast garlic spread and parmesan marinade. Shore enough he pulls up a nice flatty followed by a 30+ bream. I'm promptly told, see it works (yes son great idea). Meanwhile I get a few yakkas and a couple of nice tailor. It gets to around 9.00pm and I tell him my secret weapon is about to be released, (fillet of tailor on one rig and a butterflied yakka on the other). The reply is, your kidding you'll only attract bloody sharks. We finish listening to the footy and get into the sleeping bags. Hi tide around midnight and the sound in my dream is realised and panic stations as I try and get out to the action. A few minutes later up pops an 85cm piece of silver. One hairy after that and that was it for the night. We had both shared our secrets and I told the young bloke under no circumstances was he to tell anyone. The other lesson he learnt was that there really is BRASS MONKEY weather and I think he checked back at the ramp if he had left something back at Waratah.
  6. Hi Guy's, Went up the Hawksbury over weekend and thought it may be a good to let you know that the ramp at Parsley Bay will be closed from sometime in May to August for major upgrades. Cheers Clive
  7. plummo

    Another new boat

    What a top bloke. Could have taken the job (the Shire to western Sydney) made a few dollars and said thank you. Gave an opinion, and let me make a decision as to whether I still wanted the inspection. Thanks Hayden
  8. plummo

    Another new boat

    LOL. Sometimes you have to read the beginning of the book (site sponsors). I'll give Hayden a call in the morning. Thanks
  9. I'm looking at buying a new (2nd hand) boat and would like to get it checked out before handing over the cash. Does anyone know how/who I could contact. Cheers, plummoboy
  10. Wow not sure how big these guy's grow but this 41cm model certainly put a smile on my face.
  11. Thanks guy's. I'm far from being an expert as I mainly just prospect a bit here and there so guess it's mainly luck. Water was around16.5 from memory and I don't know anything about the kingy habits he just turned up. Tasted great and will go back looking for more. I have found a nice spot in middle harbour which produces just about everthing you want to catch and normaly plenty of yakkas, slimies and squid. Cheers Clive
  12. We get to middle habour around 6.00am friday and potter around all day for doughnuts so we head back to anchor up for the night. Drop in a couple fresh squid and pillies and sit back with a cuppa, nothing for a couple of hours. I'v got the whiting flasher rig down on a 2kg combo looking for a couple of livies to change our luck and then BANG goes livie rig, takes of at a hundred miles an hour. I look at my brother and you just have to laugh, around 25 mins later up comes the fish. WHAT the, I look at the bro and nearly fall over, you'v got to be kidding me, it's a kingie and whats more it's my first legal at 68cm. We stayed until around 10am sat when the wind started to get up. Yes I did keep it as I hadn't tasted one and I'm sorry to say I'll have to keep a couple more if & when I get another. And now the boss rechons it's allright to go out again.
  13. What a night, get to Roseville ramp around 3.30pm with light rain & light breeze15 mins later it's raining & winds getting up. Get to Sugarloaf and anchor up. Forcast for Fri, rain clearing light wind. Wrong Mr weather man, It's beltting down and blowing a gale. Well were here now so out goes the fresh squid and a couple of pilly cubes. Just after the high around 6.00 bang goes one of the pillies and up pops a little kingie 60cm but a first (does go back). Still blowing and belting down, 15 min later another pilly goes off the weather gods and the fish are against us it's 68cm and goes back and the bits go off. My brother picks up a couple of slimies and there are a couple of slabs straight in the drink. It's midnight aand a slimmie goes off and we break the duck, jewie goes 75 and I have a feed. Twenty min later the bro gets another 70+ on slimmie, he has a feed. Every thing goes quiet (except the bloody weather). Early morning we duck around the corner and pick up a couple of flatties and a bream. Trip gets cut short when a few lads motor packs up and we give them a run back to the ramp around 11.00am and guess what? IT'S STILL RAINING. LOL
  14. plummo

    Tilt & Trim

    Thanks guy's. Seems there is a small leak that I can't find at the moment but a little extra oil has fixed the prob. Cheers Clive
  15. plummo

    Tilt & Trim

    No, motor is going great just stops on the way up to locking for travel Cheers
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