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  1. The Kowmung River trail (road) was closed when I looked in November. Long round trip from the Sutherland Shire to find it closed. Access to the river via the gauging station passes through and terminates in prohibited area as Centrepin mentioned. You can also access down Wheeney Whungee Creek, but you need to be able to abseil!
  2. I've found the Blackfish to be quiet in the Georges River this Winter
  3. My son and I were in the Hawkes Bay area at the same time and we experienced the same difficult water conditions; in fact, three of the four local government areas were on Stage 3 (of 4) water restrictions. This area is so different to Southland where we usually fish, but it had devastating floods only two weeks previous, so they had TOO much water for a while. Nonetheless, while we had some hard days, we also had several magic days when we found good water and obliging fish....a Partridge and Green worked wonders. Best fish was 5.50lb Rainbow and most Rainbows were in the 3 to 3.5lb clas
  4. Doesn't take much to pick up other people's rubbish and take it out. Yes, it does take some effort and yes, it does annoy us, but if we all put out head in the sand......
  5. You're lucky you caught 4 fish; two of us walked into the Royal National Park coast on Sunday expecting the Blackfish to be on the bite and we did not get a touch, despite a good tide, a good bump on the water and no wind. Unbelievable for this time of year.
  6. Conditions WERE extremely testing yesterday! Up the Georges River in the shade with a very cool Westerly blowing straight in the face and not a down to be had for love nor money.......
  7. Hi all, In my view the small hook "theory" is a myth - have a look at the mouth of a Blackfish, particularly the square mouth variety. They open up wide and are meant to open up wide because of the environment in which they feed. Have a look at them feeding on bridge piles and the like to get an idea. Buy a packet or two of Mustad 540 in size 6 - they are super strong and you won't believe the size range of fish that you will catch, everything from the biggest to the absolute smallest. Regards, Girella
  8. Paikea - IMHO, wouldn't...the further up you go and the closer you get to the needles, there are lots of large submerged rocks that are hard to see and are just at the right depth below the surface to rip off a prop.
  9. Boattart, I am a member (and President) of Illawarra Fly Fishers' Club (IFFC), to which MACKERAL refers. I have been a member of IFFC for almost 10 years now and I must say that despite not having been a “Club person” before joining, my decision to do so all those years ago was a good one. Having taken up fly fishing, I thought that the only way to increase my skill and knowledge base was to join a club and following some investigation on other clubs, I decided on IFFC, despite living in the Sutherland Shire. I have met some great people, made good friends and had the opportunity to fish in
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