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  1. The yakka-knack - One in the crew will always have the magic touch catching yakkas, the others will struggle.
  2. Yep, everywhere on the coast at the moment. They were in at Ettalong the last few days, up the channel... Leadies with sandy toes is always fun
  3. LBG.

    Slimy mackrel

    They move around in schools, so don't expect them to be around all day every day. 10-20g metals will do it.
  4. Yet some old Bream fisho's swear by drowning bait in WD40... It's petroleum based
  5. Don't unwrap the gaff until you you have a fish at your feet. Then don't touch it until you have the next fish at your feet.
  6. Loyalty is only as deep as your pockets. Australia get's touched up price-wise for fishing gear and has been for a long time. If everyone started buying OS, maybe it would force retailers to get real about their pricing. I could name a few places, but it could possibly be against forum rules re: site sponsors, so I'll wait for the OK from a moderator first.
  7. Just remember that the Terez rods are designed for braid, so they seem a little soft, as if they have no backbone. Depending on how you pop and what poppers you use, you might not be able to get the right action to the popper via that rod.
  8. $50 and you can fish Avoca, where the only thing bigger than the fish, are the stories.
  9. Been there, done that. Still too much work for the average result. Easier just catching better tasting fish
  10. LBG.

    Record Tuna

    None, You'd mount it.
  11. many problems with that vid.... 1. See how frayed the cord was? You'd be better using a tea towel. 2. No response from operators, except a brief "oh s***" when they realised. 3. No safety boat/team in the water. 4. No netting/catch guard down stream - which leads to rocky rapids! (feet tied up too - She got lucky more than once) Was it really in Oz or was it an aussie tourist overseas? With Australia beeing such a nanny-state, I don't see how they'd be able to operate like that. Scary stuff all over. Edit - Just went to uteyoob and saw the news story, was in Zambia - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJUk_4stXis&feature=related
  12. The best way to ind success with lures is to ONLY take lures and work them, covering as much ground as you can. Soft plastics are the best and easiest to start with. Grab one of starlo's squidgie DVDs and listen to what he says about theem, then vary your technique from there. The DVD's come free with magazines sometimes....
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