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  1. Rah

    My favourite fishing spots

    Great pics as always BN.
  2. Rah

    Squidding and kingfishing - live report

    i'm all set for a bass fish on Friday morning if the weather gods play nice!!
  3. Rah

    Squidding and kingfishing - live report

    Wishing i was out fishing instead of being behind a desk!! Hope Swordies being a good net boy!! 😝
  4. Rah

    Botany Bay Kings and Squid with Stewy

    What a top day out fellas!!
  5. Rah

    My Quintrex Build

    Looks the goods mate. Well done.
  6. Great report and pics Donna!
  7. Rah

    Estuary Perch or Bass?

    Both nice EP's mate. Well done!
  8. Rah

    Flattie Therapy

    Cheers BN. You sure can't. I don't even mind that they are small 😀
  9. Rah

    Weekend Shenanigans

    2 awesome fish there mate. What a bass!! Cheers Rah
  10. Rah


    Not a bad flattie there mate. Well done. Cheers Rah
  11. Rah

    Flattie Therapy

    G'day Raiders, After a week of bad luck with burning through a clutch and then the fly wheel melting, there was only 1 thing for it. Flattie therapy. They did not disappoint this morning. My usual spot down at shoalhaven heads before heading to work produced 9 small flatties in 2 hours. They are still on the smaller size from last year but better in numbers. Was a great way to relax and de stress after a s#%&ty week. All caught on a light diawa combo 1/8 jig head, zman minnow in bloodworm/a red colour that had leeched into it, run out tide. Good to see them back on in numbers. Cheers Rah
  12. Rah


    I have a $50 one sitting at home i haven't fired up yet.
  13. Welcome Oz, I live in the illawarra and never manage to get any. I usually head down to the shoalhaven. there must be fish in the lake somewhere though ?. Jump on google maps and find some spots that you can access and walk along to cast. The power station near dapto usually has people fishing there so might be a go, but have never caught anything there. Was getting good sized bream in mullet creek about 8 years ago but no go recently. i know people that often have success at Kanahooka point. There are also a few jetties along berkley that would be worth chucking some SP's off. Cheers Rah
  14. Rah


    Top report mate. and looks like an awesome couple of days.
  15. Rah

    What do you guys do on your days off?

    You could be right there Fab. ?