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  1. Rah

    New kayak fisher

    Very nice! looking forward to some reports of your yak adventures. Cheers Rah
  2. Rah

    Boat Law

    Check out the links that the fellas have posted for you. Safety first. Cheers Rah
  3. Rah

    Mobile outboard mechanics

    Check out 1st mate mobile marine. They are a Site sponsor! Cheers Rah
  4. Top Report Dave. Great pics and awesome on the Fingermark. Tick off the bucket list ey. Looks like a great trip for you and Amy. Cheers Tara
  5. Rah

    Port Stephens- Magic Day

    What a day fellas!! Well done on the PB for Jnr.
  6. Rah

    Crazy/Unbelievable Fishing Stories

    Love it.. Did you figure out how it got out?
  7. Rah

    JewFish in Pittwater

    Try using the Search function Kyle. Top right hand corner. I'm sure you will find lots of posts on this topic with great information. A little more information in your post might be helpful as well. Eg: Land based or boat. Cheers Rah
  8. Rah

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Welcome to FishRaider Adem, Looking forward to your reports and posts about the Wasp. Cheers Rah
  9. Rah

    Aus Geo finalist again

    Awesome!! Congrats to Tess
  10. Rah

    winter Breaming

    Great write up mate and some nice Bream there!
  11. Rah


    You bloody rippa!! awesome day out by the looks!
  12. Rah

    Landbased Yarra Bay ripper

    Great first report mate!! Keep em coming! Welcome to Fishraider! Cheers Rah
  13. Rah

    Botany tailor

    Nice report mate. you never know you might find an advert floating around with you bringing in a fish in the background..
  14. Rah

    My first jewie

    Top stuff mate!! 2 cracking catches!!!
  15. Rah

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Welcome @NovocastriPom Looking forward to your reports to come!! Cheers Rah