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  1. Rah

    i may have overdone it a bit

    Be sure to let us know how it goes.
  2. Rah

    Port Stephens- Brut snapper!

    Awesome morning out!!
  3. Rah

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Welcome to fishraider Cobb333. Im sure there will be some keen fishos that would like to go out with you. Put up a post in the fishing trips section and im sure there will be some takers. Look forward to some reports of your trips. Cheers Rah
  4. Rah

    more fish

    Top winter session before work mate. Well done. Cheers Rah
  5. Rah

    Easy FG knot video

    That looks pretty good. Will have to give it a go. Cheers Rah
  6. Rah

    Blue Spot Flathead

    Top feed there!!
  7. Rah

    Coconut lime poached fish

    Looks Delish, will have to give it a try. Cheers Rah
  8. Rah

    A first for everything...

    Nice one!! Sure does make up for the donuts on the others. Cheers Rah
  9. Rah

    An unusual catch??

    Shame about the first lure mate. I wouldn't be getting in the water to retrieve it either!! Bring on the warmer weather ehy.. Cheers
  10. Rah

    Flatties on the Flats

    Top way to start the holidays mate. Well done. Cheers Rah
  11. Rah

    Bellambi Reds #2

    Nice mate. Will have to give that sauce a try too.
  12. Rah

    Port Stephens- winter reds

    Shame about the kingie. Good day out regardless.
  13. Rah

    First barra of trip

    Looks like a great trip! Well done on the barra
  14. Rah

    Fast zander catch before work

    Nice catch Jani, how did it turn out in the smoker?