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  1. Wow scratchie, that's an impressive line up of support for the young fella! Hope the recovery for Cruz and Mrs swordie is swift!
  2. What a tragic story and memories that will last forever.
  3. Great report Dave! Some cracking fish in there! Shame about the comp. But looks like you made the most of the weekend anyway!
  4. Congrats on the first fish on plastics! Good luck for the next 3 days. 😀
  5. Top Report mate. Looks a couple days of tough fishing. Well done on getting BN onto a few new species! Well done Big Neil!
  6. Top report mate!! Thats a cracker bass! Cant wait for your next trip!
  7. Rah

    More problems

    Hey Rebel, Do you have a link to this website? Cheers Rah
  8. Rah

    New COVID symptom

    Shave it... 🤣
  9. Rah

    New COVID symptom

    I've told the other half they can cut my hair over the weekend... 🤔
  10. Great post Crusher! For me. When I was 6 we took a family trip camping from Sydney to Cape York with my family and my aunty and uncle. My uncle was a mad fisho. He met us up the coast somewhere after getting off a trawler. He fished every chance he got and I followed along every chance I got. Catching tiny fish (we called them trumpet fish) off the wharf at Cook Town while no one else caught anything except a bike wheel and a boot. Apparently even caught a small barra along the way but unfortunately can't remember that one. Cheers Rah
  11. Good luck in the comp mate. Sounds like your doing everything right already!! If you haven't already, use the search function at the top to see if there are some different techniques you can try to get you onto those bigger models. Cheers Rah
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