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  1. Awesome start to the season!!!
  2. That's true mate. I didn't see any reference to carp when I had a look. When you give it a crack let me know what you come across. 😁 Cheese Rah
  3. Great day out fellas! Awesome pics there too!
  4. Congrats on the 3PB'S!!! Great report and effort to land them both solo!
  5. Some great winter fish mate! Cheers Rah
  6. Rah

    boat license

    @Plethora What you have posted is exactly what @JonD Said, to my understanding. I think that its fair to say that the OP's question has now been answered. Cheers Rah
  7. Any info to add to this mate? Cheers Rah
  8. A quick google search produced this Six native fish species live in the freshwater section of Wolli Creek and can sometimes be seen above the Henderson Street weir. These are: Empire Gudgeon (Hypseleotris compressa), Flathead Gudgeon (Philypnodon grandiceps), Striped Gudgeon (Gobiomorphus australis), Firetail Gudgeon (Hypseleotris galii), Common Galaxia (Galaxis maculatus) and Long-Finned Eel (Anguilla reinhardtii). Cheers Rah
  9. Rah

    New kayak fisher

    Very nice! looking forward to some reports of your yak adventures. Cheers Rah
  10. Rah

    Boat Law

    Check out the links that the fellas have posted for you. Safety first. Cheers Rah
  11. Check out 1st mate mobile marine. They are a Site sponsor! Cheers Rah
  12. Top Report Dave. Great pics and awesome on the Fingermark. Tick off the bucket list ey. Looks like a great trip for you and Amy. Cheers Tara
  13. What a day fellas!! Well done on the PB for Jnr.
  14. Try using the Search function Kyle. Top right hand corner. I'm sure you will find lots of posts on this topic with great information. A little more information in your post might be helpful as well. Eg: Land based or boat. Cheers Rah