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  1. Top report mate! Well done on the blackies!!
  2. Cracker flatty! Good to see your back on the water. Cheers Rah
  3. Could have been much worse. 🤣 Good work on getting amongst a few.
  4. Nice work mate. I'm itching to go for a bass session! Maybe this weekend.
  5. Great report and pics Mike! Not a bad couple of days! Cheers Rah
  6. Top report mate. Some great pics there. Cheers
  7. Great video mate. Shame on the dusting on the first cast!
  8. Awesome start to the season!!!
  9. That's true mate. I didn't see any reference to carp when I had a look. When you give it a crack let me know what you come across. 😁 Cheese Rah
  10. Great day out fellas! Awesome pics there too!
  11. Congrats on the 3PB'S!!! Great report and effort to land them both solo!
  12. Some great winter fish mate! Cheers Rah
  13. Rah

    boat license

    @Plethora What you have posted is exactly what @JonD Said, to my understanding. I think that its fair to say that the OP's question has now been answered. Cheers Rah
  14. Any info to add to this mate? Cheers Rah