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  1. Great stuff and lovely way to spend the late afternoon. Keep up the great work All the best Ian
  2. Robinsoi

    Walking my talk: Soft Plastics Jewie

    Great catch Witha and top report !! Nicely done and keep up the great work mate. All the best Ian
  3. Robinsoi

    Quick plastics flick weds.

    Great stuff Trevor. Nice report and top catch. It was good having a chat with you at the social yesterday, thanks mate. All the best Ian
  4. Robinsoi

    Report on Soft Plastic day - now with pics !

    Yet another enjoyable, informative and memorable Social !! Thank you so much Donna & Stewy for organising this wonderful event. A huge thank you also to everyone working behind the scenes to make it happen.... Geoff & Lyn, Swano, Dave, Tutors and anyone else who generously gave their time to not only make this day happen but to make it so successful. My youngsters and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was great to meet a few more Raiders and put a face to the Forum names. Thank you Pete for making your session so informative and engaging, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks also Royce for showing us a few things about fly fishing, you make it look so easy. All the best Ian & Kids
  5. Robinsoi

    Surface Trevs

    Tremendous stuff as always Stan!
  6. Well done and nice clip! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work. All the best Ian
  7. Robinsoi

    Fresh and Salt

    Brilliant work Stan and congratulations on the promotion Nice variety of fish on a selection of lures. Nicely done and keep up the tremendous work. All the best Ian
  8. Robinsoi

    micro jigging jewfish

    Great work and good on you for trying something new... it certainly paid off. Keep up the top work. All the best Ian
  9. Robinsoi

    squid sesh turned king sesh

    Tremendous work Krispy as always. Wonderful looking fish on such light gear around structure too!! Very well done and hope the next one is even bigger on lighter gear still. Keep up the great work. All the best Ian
  10. Robinsoi

    Parra River

    Great work Stan and well done on getting into some nice fish. I have the same chubby so might have to tie it on next time!! Thanks for sharing and have a top weekend. All the best Ian
  11. Robinsoi

    Quiet Morning

    Sensational stuff as usual Krispy Congratulations on a great catch!! I wouldn't call that a quite morning either. Thanks for sharing and keep up the top work. All the best Ian
  12. Great work Pete as always!! What a nice way to relax and unwind by walking the flats and throwing a few lures. That clear stickbait looks like a Shinku... great little versatile lure for that style of fishing. Wonderful effort and thanks for sharing Pete. All the best and keep up the fantastic work Ian
  13. Robinsoi

    Christening the new brag mat!

    Congratulations on a wonderful capture. Very well done and hope the next one is even bigger for you. All the best ian
  14. Robinsoi

    First fish for Felix

    Great work Felix and good on you Dad for taking your little boy out!! What a great way to spend quality time with your kids. You will now have a fishing buddy for life. Very well done Felix and keep up the top work. All the best Ian
  15. Robinsoi

    Port Hacking

    Very well done again Yowie. You went through your bag of tricks and you delivered... excellent stuff and another nice feed. Nicely done All the best Ian