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  1. maveric0_3

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    yep - Thanks for correcting Baz
  2. maveric0_3

    Port Stephens Raiders Meet

    👍 Hi Scratchie we will be coming but can't get there till the Friday morning. Travelling from the central coast and plan to be at the boat ramp between 5-5:30. see everyone then - really excited about this and hopefully the weather improves a bit...or a lot Cheers Paul
  3. Just brilliant - what a day!!!
  4. maveric0_3

    Lake Mac snaps

    Thanks, yep top one is a ripper lake fish, 47cm, took us around the boat 3 times luckily being able to steer away from the anchor rope. best lake snapper we have caught. Usually go to the Basin for snapper and large flathead but lake Mac without the commercial fishing has turned into a real haven - on the right day :). we used fresh pillies down a burley trail and the three larger models were on fresh squid caught the same day earlier in the morning. just South of Pulbah Island - nowhere special just sounded the markers for drop offs and rises, anchored up, burleyed and waited for the action. We threw back probably 10 just under legal snapper, and heaps of smaller models, and a couple that were keepers but we won't keep snapper or bream until they hit they are 5cm over the legal size to ensure we get a good fillet. Basically didn't get a chance to sit down all morning always something happening. I think the weather on Sunday (and being at the right place at the right time) played a big part, very overcast with light drizzle - maybe the barometer changes and pressure had a part to play, not sure don't follow that too closely?? We started fishing at 5am but caught the good ones between 10:30 and 11:30. Bit of a southerly blowing but nothing like on Sat so not real choppy. We launch at Mannering Park so always keep an eye on the weather - have also had to deal with some crappy chop in a small tinny heading home - not fun
  5. maveric0_3

    Lake Mac snaps

    Finally got to try Rick and Scratchies snapper tactics they generously provided over a year ago - but in the lake rather than offshore. With work and kids that love water skiing don't get out fishing all that often so it's taken a while to give it a go It payed dividends today with some pretty good lake snapper on 4-6 lb bream gear - what a HOOT!! Just need to apply the same principles to the bigger models offshore. One bit of advice that Rick applied worked well today - let them run until they are worn out then wound them back in. We wouldn't have got any of these back if we tried to retrieve on their first run as we normally do offhsore. Will be applying this advice offshore when the chance arises. Thanks again for all the advice you guys happily give on fishraider much appreciated - fresh snapper, or bream or flathead for dinner - what a choice