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  1. Gday raiders. My 14yr old single axle gal roller trailer is on the verge of collapse from rust so its now time for a new one. My boat is a 5.5m fiberglass cuddycab with 115hp fs and i tow with a standard family car. I think boat size/weight wise i could probably move up to a dual axle trailer as an option. But i’d like your thoughts for pros/cons first - has anyone had similar situation? Also, what are your recommendations for a new trailer. Im based in the shire. Thanks crew!
  2. I try sit on 8 knots give or take. I get good fuel economy at that. I find those xrap rapalas can handle fast trolling and you need a quick troll to get the skirts throwing out a good smoke trail.
  3. Yeah i had one diver out and 2 skirts. One skirt short and the other long. Got hits on all 3. Thats all i can run on my boat. My gear aint fancy nor heavy but we had no trouble.
  4. Gday Raiders. Short report from couple days back. Trolled the inside and outside botany fads wednesday 4/1 out of botany hoping to hit a dolly or two. Neg result. Trolled the peak to 12 mile, marked nothing. Water temp gradually raised to 23.4 and we hit a few albacore a couple k's inside of the 12 mile. Best went 85cm / 11kgs. Took her on a rapala xrap 6m diver blue/green/red. But also hooked up smaller ones on black/red surface skirts. Conditions werent great for my 5.5m it was sloppy and my deckie ended up crook so we were back at the ramp by midday. Happy with our tuna, hope the big bulls come on soon!
  5. not too many out today it was a bit breezy early on but when your winding fish nothing much bothers you hey! yeah i will take undersize over nil catch anyday stanton! i reckon its prime time to take a kid fishing and get on to those trevs coz theres obviously plenty around
  6. Hi guys - just a quick report from me. I took the neighbours young bloke for a fish this morning to target trevally and we headed from the wonny out into botany bay and anchored in 9m water just to the western side of the tanker drums. We were fishing by 7.00am and we burlied up and were catching in 20min. The trevs came in thick and fast we would have brought at least 50 into the boat. Only problem was they were all this size.. Just couldnt find anything bigger than about 15cm. None the less we had a blast landing the fish. We fished light gear with no.1 hooks on a paternoster rig baited with prawns. Tried a few variations of bait, plastics, bigger hooks etc but thats what the fish wanted today. We fished an hour either side of the high tide and were home by 12. Had a ball. Goes to show you can have just as much fun catching goldfish as you can big fish. Its about being out there and having a go!
  7. Thanks guys for the feedback. I will let you know how it all goes once i commit!
  8. Thanks hooked up. I compared a minn kota today witha motorguide ix5 and im leaning toward the motor guide. These things arent cheap are they! Will take your advice re the batteries cheers!
  9. Hi guys im looking at getting myself a minn kota or similar bow mount. I have a 4.2m stacer seahorse tinny with centre console and 40hp yam 2stroke. what should I be looking at power wise to push my rig about? Do I need a dedicated battery for the elec outboard? Who would you guys recommend to see for purchase and fitting etc? Im in the sutho shire. Im pretty handy but I think id rather have the whole setup done by the pros so I know its right. love to hear some feedback or to point me in the right direction. cheers nads