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  1. SBAT

    Georges Jew

    Congratulations on a great effort. Persistence paid off.
  2. SBAT

    Sans Souci Park

    You’ve got the fishing bug. That fish you lost will make you come back for more cos it will always be a story to tell and it will be one of those things that stay in your mind.
  3. SBAT

    First king on plastics!

    Congratulations on the 2 PB’s and on the great read.
  4. SBAT

    Springtime Flatties and Drag Pullers

    It doesn’t matter what fish your targeting and even if your getting hits on your lure and there is no hook up. It is always good practice to check your leader before you have another cast because you don’t know when you hook up to that fish of a life time and you lose that fish cos of a nicked or frayed line due to being lazy. All in all it sounds like you had a couple of good sessions.
  5. SBAT

    Gymea Baths

    You should get on a charter in NZ and fish for kingys or snapper while you are over there. Your already there you might as well do it.
  6. SBAT

    beach mulloway

    Nice jewie mate. And a nice feed as well. Congrats.
  7. SBAT


    Congratulations on your catch recurve. What were you using for bait. Barracouta and pike make excellent bait for snapper. I've caught my biggest snapper on a piece of barracouta flesh.
  8. SBAT

    First Jewie

    A Jewy to tick off your bucket list. Congrats on your first jewy and plenty more to come.
  9. SBAT

    My first Jewfish

    Nice catch to the both of you. What did the Jews measure up to.