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  1. never defrost your pillies, you want to keep them frozen for as long as possible. and really sharp hooks should solve your bait snapping issues. if its still a problem try adding salt to you old pillies they wont freeze but will stay nice and stiff and easy to bait up. good luck!
  2. I know the guys that busted him. they were sickend.
  3. rikkigilbey


    hit bondi beach, south end 200 yards up the beach. where abouts in west sydney do you live?
  4. Dude, If you want to, send us a pm, I have a few a couple spots that I have been getting them from but would like to find somewhere more consistent, if you wana join forces to seek out places/I can show you mine im all for it. Gilbs
  5. Had a great summer of catching LB bonito and developed quite a taste for them, just wandering if they are still around and or when the season usually starts again or them. cheers Gilbey
  6. awesome fish dud! insanely jealous. what area were fishing?
  7. Sinker on the bottom with an 8 inch trace about 2 ft Up from the sinker. And ganged 5/0 hooks.
  8. So having had some success from the beach in the recent low swells with flathead, i decided to try again in the bigger swells to see what difference it made. so i up my gear to heavy star sinkers, and armed with a few salted pilchards i set up base on the beach and waited for the surfers to leave. at dusk my first line got wet and it was a steady stream of fish of from there on in . with a lot of non hook ups and rig changing, to find the most efficient, I landed 7 legal flathead smallest being 41cm. the last of which gave a little knock, so i paused waited, and waited....and then boom! it shot off on a short but sharp initial run, im think ahh nice salmon. so i turn its head and it swims fast at me, im like ahhhh nice flat head, then stops turns and takes another few runs and even comes to the surface, so im thinking what??? if this is a flathead its going to be a pb for sure! and sure enough after an awesome fight in the surf this whopping 68cm croc rocks up at my feet! im stoked! i never expected to get my pb flathead off the beach! so pleased with recent success ive been having with the flathead, im developing quite a taste for them!
  9. So after a after a couple weeks where the tide hadnt been in my favor, i finally managed to get down to the beach for night time session with the incoming tide. the swell was extremely low at Bondi, but there was just enough to spot where the gutters were. rigged up with whole pilchards intending to catch salmon and tailor as usual, but this time around each bite was tap tap tap...tap tap boom, flathead! in 2 years of fishing eastern suburb beaches ive never caught a legal flathead from the beach, plenty of undersized ones but never legal. and last night i bagged 4 beauties! biggest approx. approx. 55cm. And the fact that it wasnt just one random or 2 coincidental legal flatties but 4, i reckon the clam conditions coupled with the full moon brought them in. an i aint complaining, happy days
  10. may i ask which beach you ended up at? great catch by the way a beach jew is definatly in my bucket list.
  11. Definatly a samson fish, i had a one at 44cm the other day, damn they taste good.
  12. What an effort! congrats, ive been trying for a legal king this year with metals and fresh caught squid strips, but biggest ive had was 58. i have issues trying to find an area close to my spot to get livies! how deep under the float to you sit your livey and what did you burley up with? cheers gilbey