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  1. Aero

    3 Kings from sydney

    Well Done Gents
  2. Crossing the bridge in peak hour traffic and I look over to the left and see you blokes making the most of an awesome morning, while im heading to work Good little session, well done ! Chris
  3. Aero

    Broadbill Swordfish Caught Last Night

    Inspirational stuff Silvo, Top job for everyone involved, and for turning a pipe dream into a reality within 5 hours of being on the water Just so you know, I will one day have that red button under my name Love your work ! Chris
  4. Jeff, I totally agree, and have raised my concerns directly with the site supervisor as to why the gentlemen on board the patrol vessels are not aware of the correct regulations. After my last run in with them it seems - they are aware of the regulations, but prefer to exagerate the distances to recreational boaters to make their perimiter patrols easier carry out, or carried out less frequently. Of course that's not good enough for me.
  5. Finin, Your correct, but in this instance the site is using the yellow marker to create a perimeter around the works.'these are roughly 100m away and give recreational boaters a good indication on how close the can be. Chris
  6. Hi Guys, I Thought I would post some information in regards the the Barge/Dredge working between Kurnell and La Perouse. This only really relevant to people that fish Watts Reef, the Middle grounds and Bare Island. Anyone thats been on the bay recently will have seen the barge, the yellow marker bouys surrounding it and of course the 2 construction (hired water taxi's) vessels that patrol the perimer of the barge. Now I've had numerous run ins with these construction vessels while fishing/navigating around the perimter of the barge. The Marine notice realating to the area can be found here : Now the issue I've come across with my run-ins with these construction vessels is they like to exaggerate the distance you acctually need to be away from the barge. No doubt by having us recreational boaters 500 metres from the barge instead of required 100 metres makes their jobs a whole lot easier and at the same time takes alot of legally fishable ground (especially around kurnell) away from recreational fishermen. Two weeks ago I raised this issue directly with Sydney electricity project manager and I've also been in contact with the onsite Supervisor who had told me that these issues have been now been addressed, and all staff manning the boats are well aware of the Marine notice issued, what it states, and proper manner of approaching vessels and speaking to recreational boaters. Unfortunatley This morning I had another run-in with an Ill-informed worker that was manning the construction vessel, again stating I needed to be 500m from the barge. I informed him that I was well aware of where I needed to be and he should check with his superiors. He then commenced back peddling and conceeded I was legally allowed to be 100m from the Barge. I've chased this up with his superior (Who again said he'll chase it up for me) and informed him that I will be making this information as available as I possibly can to other recreational boaters, as these areas are and will be heavily fished over the coming months. The regulations for the construction area taken from the link obove : GENERAL Persons operating vessels in the vicinity of the Special Event Area/Construction Zone are reminded of their obligation to: keep at least 30m from vessels and plant associated with the works; not cause wash which impacts on the works; maintain vessel speed at no more than 4 knots within 100 metres of floating plant or work in progress; and keep a proper lookout at all times. If anyone has issues with these guys over the coming months, feel free to contact Peter Leate on 1800 214 193, who will only be too happy to help. Its quite clear you can from the notice you can legally be 100m from the barge, if you are told otherwise please let Peter know. Sorry for the long winded write up, but these events can really put a downer on your day. Chris
  7. Aero

    Straitened Hook On The Mad Mullet

    Arman knows my lack of love for those hooks. I still have a dozen or so sitting in my glove box for him. Unlucky guys, murphy's law sucks ! Chris
  8. Aero

    Which Dolphin Fish Lure?

    Nsw north coast out wide
  9. Aero

    Which Dolphin Fish Lure?

    Im also a fan of purples, most of our fish have come of the colour called "stripy" including some monsters. Anything from 5 inches to 9 inches for bigger fish will do the job. This fish came on a stripy mouse in january this year :
  10. Aero

    Happy Birthday Swordie

    Happy birthday Mate Chris
  11. Aero

    Botany Bay Bream Ses.

    Nice job Steve Chris
  12. Guys, Heading to Port Douglas in a couple of weeks and an looking for landbased lure casting options from anyone thats been to the area? Prefer to fish for species not so plentiful down south so anthing half exotic will be just fine. All suggestions welcomed. Chris
  13. Aero

    Kingfish Mayhem 5 / 4 / 2010

    Well done John, Very solid fish ! Chris
  14. Aero

    Botany Kingfish, Arpril 3Rd Viva La Seriola

    Good job Mate, Metre jobs arnt too far away now ! Chris
  15. Aero

    Botany Kings

    Cheers guys fingers crossed this calibre of fish stick around a little big longer this year. Captin, large squid fished 15-20m around the bait schools in the middle of the bay will definatley increase your success rate. Mike, let me know when you wanna sell it back to me ! fishing hasnt been the same without it on board. Its acctually quite slender for its length. I've caught fish shorter than this that have weighed 3kg heavier. This one weighed 13kg. Chris