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  1. ddaniel

    Quintrex 420 renegade SC

    Thanks Noelm and burleyguts for your input. I wouldn't really call Forster much of a bar crossing it has a bit of depth and break walls, well not like the northern rivers( Macleay,Richmond,tweed) knowing your swell and tides help. It'll take a couple of trips in the boat to get confident with its capabilities.
  2. ddaniel

    Quintrex 420 renegade SC

    Would you take it outside? I own one but am reluctant to venture offshore from Home town of Forster.
  3. ddaniel

    Fish ID please (Milkfish)

    We used to get them in the cast net too, I've been told they are a mud herring? Great livie for jack! Caught around the lights at night in similar spots where you get poddys up the creeks.
  4. ddaniel

    what is this? (Little Weed-Whiting)

    When I first saw it I thought weed whiting, could be wrong though?
  5. ddaniel

    How's Forster Fishing?

    Hi adsy91, hit the leases for bream with plastics and the wall for Jew, tuncurry side of the bridge next to the bridge there is a hole where you can get Yakkas from on the run out tide and off the main point is prime position, it creates a big eddy there. Hour either side of the tide hi/low for most species. Remember low tide on the wall has a three hour delay. A few Jew have been caught recently, just look for the scales. Flatties in Breckenridge channel as well as blackfish.
  6. ddaniel

    Crowdy Head

    I thought it was around the 20 mark, cheers mate.
  7. ddaniel

    Changing tactics

    Yakkas fished the same way off the rocks, works well
  8. ddaniel

    Crowdy Head

    Good to see you got a few, can I ask what the water temp was? The salmon are starting to invade!
  9. ddaniel

    Quick plastics flick weds.

    Weather was perfect, it was a good short session.
  10. ddaniel

    Rocks spinfishing report

    it is sharky, but the tailor with that famous headshake there hard to keep connected.
  11. ddaniel

    Rocks spinfishing report

    Agree with you yowie, I've been getting 50/50 hook up and thrown hook rate using singles on tailor especially last 1/3 rd of the fight. Tuna hook up rate the same but once the single finds its mark it usually will stick, only straightened one 2/O decoy so far. That was my fault too much pressure!
  12. ddaniel

    unusual bycatch in the harbour.

    Trev I think it's a blue barred parrot fish, a more tropical species and an algae eater.
  13. ddaniel

    quick flick

    Good going Trev, I had to help the old man out this arvo, otherwise I would of had the reel singing too.
  14. ddaniel

    Fish id (MILF/Painted Sweetlip)

    I'm pretty sure it's known as a blackall or mother in law as we used to call em. Usually found in warmer waters, northern nsw and up.
  15. ddaniel


    up the bunnies!